He Loves Your Inner Bad Girl

Bring Out Your Inner Bad Girl. He’ll Love It!

Women are attracted to the bad boy type because he makes them feel alive and sexy. Bad girls have a similar effect over men. However, good girls have a certain advantage over the true bad girl, in that they can act the part, while still being the kind of girl he can bring home to mom. You see men may play with the bad girls, but they marry the good girls. The ideal woman could be a combination of saint and sinner, and here are her qualities:

She’s Exciting

Bad girls are fun to be around, because a guy just never knows what to expect. She can be a ball of energy and fire, and can bring any man out of his shell. She is full of ideas, and likes surprises, which challenges him to be on his toes and keep up with her.

She Recognizes the Boundaries of Her Body

To say a woman is beautiful just does not do her justice. Beauty describes such a variety of attributes that a woman can have. The only way to describe the amazing feeling that she can elicit in a man is to say that she knows the boundaries of her body and is not afraid to use them to their fullest capacity. Men love attractive women. However, men look for women who have the confidence to believe they are truly beautiful. And it’s not just beauty that men look for, but also the ego boost that goes along with her. Whether you exhibit the traditional look of beauty or not, you can always make a man feel great about himself, just by giving him attention, respect, and adoration.

“Attracting sex is simple. The hard part is when someone believes that sex and love are the same or that one will naturally lead to the other.” – Reed ext. 5105

She Understands the Importance of Sex

To say that a bad girl loves sex more than any other girl is false. The truth lies more in their understanding of the importance of sex to men, and using this knowledge to fulfill his dreams and fantasies.

She is Willing, But Hard to Bed

Guys love bad girls because of the promise of great sex that comes with their reputation. It’s this promise that drives him crazy with infatuation; especially when she takes her time with the delivery. A bad girl is not afraid to say no when the timing is not right. When it is right, she won’t hesitate to throw a saddle on him. Men often think that bad girls are best at sex. In reality, it is the stereotype that feeds this belief, convincing men that she’s better than she really is. A woman does not need to be an expert to satisfy a man; although, knowing the proper technique of oral sex will be seen as a bonus. Most guys don’t want a woman who is too experienced, as that can be intimidating. He wants one who is willing, yet innocent enough, so that he can still show her a few tricks.

“You don’t have to understand sex to enjoy it.” – Kelli ext. 5130

The Early Bird Gets the Worm… But the Worm Always Tastes Better After Letting it Squirm

Bad girls get their choice of men because they actively pursue the men they want. A man likes a woman who is attainable. However, the biggest difference between a desperate woman and a bad girl, is that the bad girl knows when to back off, and let the man pick up from where she left off. Men like the thrill of the chase, after all.

She’s a Challenge

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, as the old saying goes, and most guys truly believe this about their relationships. A bad girl enjoys many different activities, and her guy is only a portion of what she loves about her life. By having a lot of hobbies and interests, a guy will admire you and become curious about the time you spend away from him. Bad girls are not always available, and her man should never be at the center of her universe. If his jealousy occasionally leads to an argument, just make sure the makeup sex is mind-blowing, and he’ll keep coming back for more!

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33 thoughts on “He Loves Your Inner Bad Girl

  1. shirley

    Trust a man is a dog you can pull the whip,boots, sexy what ever out he is going to be a dog sooner or later it is a ego thing.

  2. vivian a

    Good of bad sexy or sweet mans are hard to understand they worse than a woman trust me they always got menopause lol

  3. Lido

    This means bad girls are not as bad as we may think, but rather full of excitement and energy, can create something from nowhere and to stop a man frm sulking at times

  4. Andra

    women are not bad or good, they are both, that is all woman,have both qualities not some bad and some good. Also relationships are not a game and women are not toys nor are men toys they are people each having their own special unique personality. You cannot put people in boxes, it is never this black and white. My great grand mother would have agreed with your interpretation but in 2013 people are much more intelligent than that.

  5. Debster

    Oh that is it! I’m dragging out the leather jacket and high heels, put some gel in my hair, and go for it! This was a fun article with great thinking points. See ya at the bar, girls, I’m gonna go shoot some pool.

  6. Asla

    A bad girl understands
    “the importance of sex to men, and using this knowledge to fulfill his dreams and fantasies.”?
    You are only 50% correct, and are feeding a stereotype that is untrue. As a bad girl, I also, if not more, understand the importance of sex for ME (and fulfilling MY fantasies as well). That’s what guys love: a woman who loves giving and receiving utmost pleasure and who loves her body. I hear this all the time. Please stop propagating the silly idea that we do it for the guy.

  7. Real Woman

    F*ck men. They’re full of crap, they never know what the heck they want, and they’re hard to please. I’m a good woman and these fools will all be begging to get with me and I won’t have to do a darn thing to catch their attention. I will do this by living for me and not doing anything with them in mind. I’m doing me! Women do you and forget these men. Then watch their sorry triflin confused @sses come begging for you.

  8. Debi l danielson Carter

    This is refreshing to read. My boyfriend is truly a bad boy and yet he is loving, kind and gentle ,but like they say a little bad is really good it keeps you on your toes and keeps things exciting. Every word is true

  9. Andrea

    What i have found is that when I bring out my ” bad Girl” he gets incredibly timid, and sucks at sex.! And when I look at a “bad boy” he is full of disease or has disgusting habits, ! how come i never found the “bad boy” to go along with my ” bad girl? LOL
    It’s all in the mind of the parties involved , just having oral sex , may mean you are a BAD girl to some church-going man . While it may seem totally timid and boring to a wealthy man. I,m just saying , it is experience that will make you a bad girl, to the man of the month. and vice versa.

  10. notredom

    Can you reveal some good psyche on how a man and woman naturally love, establish a family and bring up good children that this world needs more? Instead of talking about good and bad girls, knowing there is a good bad and bad bad in everyone and we should use only the good bad may that would not be so bad? 🙂

    Bad woman make the good man run around and she would not have much time for him. Bad man plays tricks on good and bad woman.. where are we heading to?

    But, this is a good article about some bad ones.

  11. ritad123

    When I was younger I had a best friend who treated every man badly at first. How did these men respond? They showered her with gifts and virtually begged her to go out with them. I couldn’t bring myself to behave like her at the time and was amazed at how men responded. That was a long time ago, and when I need to, my own inner bad girl can come out (I think men respect women they have to work harder to get). Thanks for making me remember some important advice!

  12. jacques.

    i share your opinion because i enjoy gooood sex.I like the woman who takes the control of everything.but,..i am not intimidated my woman who is good at oral sex.I enjoy woman like that.I like eating and i lke being eaten.Make sure you are clean…no bad smell…plleeaase.
    Thank you.

  13. Sandy

    Really not only enjoyed reading the article but intend to inhale it, makes great sense. Thanks for the tip, points well taken.

  14. mercy grace carreon

    Hi!Is there’s a chance for me to find the love of my life before ill get 30?will ill get married with a good man?

  15. Ryan A.

    It’s refreshing 2 see this is extremely cool in truly enhancing and securing any relationship 4 having some spiciness 2 make it extremely healthy and extremely successfully equally 2gether itself! Yes, I was truly w8ting 2 see “the wilder and the wildest sides” of my girl friend in our relationship for a very long time! I did notice her “inner wild side” back in 1985-86, but I never actually seen how she much she has grown and matured over the years since our reunion with each other in June 2011! I do enjoy her “inner wildest side now,” as our relationship has truly blossomed in full force equally with, to, for, and onto for us now! Simply, I love my girl friend more from her other extremely fine qualities than just “her inner wildest side” qualities itself!

  16. Dale

    All of this is so true, bad girls can’t think about getting a good down to earth guy that goes to church, she well choose a bad boy.


  17. Pisces rising

    I’d like to hear astrological info included in these kind of articles.

    Also when it comes to sex – it’s the MUTUAL bad boy/girl actions coming out at the same time that create that big bang. HIS oral technique is equally as important as HERS.
    When both revel in each others bodies without inhibition but the good boy/girl showing it’s saved exclusively for each other – makes the physical AND emotional feelings SOAR to new heights. That’s the prize we try to achieve.

  18. Ryan A.

    My girlfriend truly personifies her ‘bad girl’ personality when necessary during our relationship! Yet, she is a wonderful, wholesome, and loving woman that I can be proud 2 have equally with her! Yes, she does know how 2 bring the ‘bad girl’ out from herself in sharing it equally with me 2! I love her 4 that itself!


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