A Man’s Secret Fear is an Overly Feaful Woman

A man has many fears, but his secret fear is an overly fearful woman and the perception he may not be able to solve the problem.

A Fearful Woman

As a son lies in bed fretting over the things that go bump in the night, there is a father not too far away, trembling over the thought of things not going bump between the sheets. However, men have more than just sex fears. We also fret over poor job performance, being a father, and how we rank according to Google (how many pages we show up on). The thing is, most of these are not exactly secrets, as most women understand that men are concerned with the legacy they will leave behind. What many women do not realize is that many of men’s fears are dependent on their own insecurities. In other words…

Men Fear a Fearful Woman

A man is biologically drawn to protect his nest. As a husband, his priorities become his wife and children. We can see the dynamics of this relationship in the animal kingdom. The male is primarily responsible for protecting the family. The female keeps them safe using her dynamic sense of sight and hearing, which is often superior to the male’s. All you have to do is spend an afternoon at the grocery store with your grandparents in order to verify this observation (just kidding—well, mostly). Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

In many animal species, the female warns the male of pending danger, to which he responds by taking the necessary steps to protect his pride (herd). In the human realm, this story is not really all that different. A woman’s fears are often a delight to men, as this gives him the opportunity to make himself her knight in shining armor. The problem is, in a modern society, barricading the door and puffing his chest will do little to reassure her of his health and job security. In other words, his armor will tarnish eventually. Are you stuck waiting for your knight in shining armor? He doesn’t exist! Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 can paint a more realistic picture of love for you!

How many women do you know who are fretting over something right now? How many of their men are balking at this, telling them to chill out? Women are the caretakers of a family, so it is only natural for them to keep an eye out for trouble. Unfortunately, some women are constantly in emergency mode, and this not only drains her energy, but also eats away at his. She dreams of a day when everything will fit in its place, and she will no longer feel anxious. However, this day will never come; not unless she lets it.

Something to Do

A woman’s fears weigh heavily on a man’s conscience. According to research, women embrace their fears, as it defines their femininity. Men take them head on, like a raging bull plowing through a field of daisies. When a man fails to conquer a fear, he removes himself from the source. This is why when a woman expresses fear, and her man is unable to help her; he becomes distant, frustrated, and angry. His biology is telling him to take a more aggressive stance towards defending his turf, but the only person he is really defending himself against is his partner, so she ends up taking the brunt of his aggression.

As Jules Masserman’s research suggests, feelings of helplessness are intensified by fear. Men are helpless when protecting a fearful woman, and she often feels like a victim because she is really helpless against herself. Women are taught by society to be a passive spectator to fear, meaning she feels like she has no control over what happens. Masserman suggested that one way out of this circle of fear is to blind this fear with action. In other words, “The feeling of helplessness intensifies fear, however, having something to do, reduces it.” Fear is not necessarily the enemy; not if we learn to control it. If you are having a hard time controlling your fear, you should give Psychic Dawn ext. 9777 a call. She has the tools you need to conquer your fears. 

Men are no longer just a provider and protector. And women, you are not responsible for all the wrongs in the world. Men need to turn to their partners during their greatest times of stress, and ask them what they need. Men need to understand that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Women need to release a portion of their responsibilities (worries) to their men, allowing them to feel useful. As long as men and women are actively taking action to guide themselves towards their destiny, there is little to fear.

24 thoughts on “A Man’s Secret Fear is an Overly Feaful Woman

  1. Eva

    I am sick of constant lectures and women concerning how to “attract” the man. Why dont we change our education and talk about man who has to learn how to be the man to attract women.

  2. c.wright.thru.u.

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to ALL WOMEN/GODDESSES, Always.

    Ever-increasing Gratitude, Appreciation, Joy, Love, Peace, Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness, Ascension, Healing, Freedom, Light, Respect, Honor, Praise, Success to ALL WOMEN/GODDESSES for with you this world/planet is a simply a dude-ranch-prison-tomb.


    P.S. – Males stop being ‘dicks’ and be real MEN/GODS!

  3. virgo

    As far as i am concerned there is no reason to fear your very own secrets wether male or female as i yself a lot of times just enjoy my very own company or ones own company so to speak as to have fear of ones own sexual desires is just ludicrous or imbicilic as we all have the one life so enjoy your own life for what you desire and for not what you think you desire and yes many people have fears but to me it is only a mental illness but to me i ave never ever believed in such a thing like if your soul is strong enough you can pull out of anything, like sure we all get hurt by something or someone but it is just lifes trials and errors because as adults we never ever stop learning about anything until the day that you pass ovr to the other side, well bye for now and god bless.

  4. Jessica

    I got engaged in January. I then felt we were falling apart. I felt that he needed to be sure that a maggiage is what he wanted..is why he kept disappearing. His mother is very controlling, she is in a bad marriage, and relies on him. His friends are pot heads and do not have jobs. I could see wonderful things in him. I did not give up for about 3 years. Something told me that I could not trust him. So I made a fake email address and acted as if I was someone eles, that would like to meet him at 9:00 on Friday night. He left here at 8:30 anticipating on meeting someone. My heart is broken…but at least I know now that he has not been loyal. I spent almost every dime I had on him. I did all of the house work, yard work ect. Sex whenever he wanted it. This still was nt good enough.

  5. markMark

    Angie : If you feel your carrying the full-load, as you say, then, ask him, your partner, to carry half . You should both put in 50-50 of responceibility, and maintance of the relationship. Maintnance meaning all aspects of the relationship . Not just the financial, but the work, health, and fun, of the relationship. I think, a lot of couples get too caught up in work, and makeing sure to bring home enouph, to pay the bills. So involved, that they forget why, they started the relationship, in the first place. Mainly, because you two really had fun together, you talked, joked, you actually had fun with eachother. So, go out, go danceing two weekends a month, go play pool, go to the beach, or lake, or pool. Relax . If you really can’t go anywhere, stay home, and play game’s. like cards, chess, checkers, Trivial-Persuit, ect… Make it a pizza night, too. Breathe, relax, have fun. Ask him, to go to a car-show, just to get out, with him. You and him . Go danceing . Go bowling . Go skateing . Have fun . That, is what life , is all about. Not earning a massive check, each week . Though, it takes a little money, to do the things I suggested, so, start saveing $ 5.00 dollars a week, till you have enouph, to go do something, FUN . Good;uck to you all. Put the FUN , back in your relationships.

  6. Janie


    You sound like a wonderful lady, If the man your of dreams doesn’t see this in you and know you are the Lady for him…There is only one thing too do….
    Live your life HAPPY …There is one man that will see your light and love you with all his heart.

    My sister Susie and Gary met and talked for 4 hours on their first date. They just had their 22Th Wedding Anniversary…Love does work with the right person.

  7. Linda

    I just found someone who I though was wonderfully but I found out he wants to do its get drunk and try to play someone I keep trying to make him a better person now am tried…,,Love hurts I tried of Beening hurt!!!!l. Lonely …..LO

  8. Debbie

    This was a very good article and it is so true.
    I heard a long time ago when men are face with a problem they do one of three things..
    Fix it, fight it or F–k. it. Very true. Thank you for your most helpful articles.

  9. Alexandra

    Randy, you seem like a great man and person…may God guide you and give you
    strength and courage as well as those around you to help you through this challenge.
    May God bless and heal you and your wife….



  11. Faith

    To Randy,

    I’m sincerely sorry to read that you’ve experienced such turmoil in your relationship. God does answer prayers, so please dont throw in the towel…turn to him, he’s waiting to accept you right where you are.

    Wishing you love and light

  12. Angie

    Men need to be open to communicate. Sometimes we as women fear because the entire load is on our shoulder and we are expressing it to them and they choose not to listen. Togehter we stand and divided we will fall. This is a fact and where there is unity there is strength. When a man loves a women it will ahow in all he does and likewise the women. We women just wants to be loved, appreciated and most of all respected! We know dont mind doing our part!

    IJS (im just saying!)

  13. Randy

    You know Eric this a very good subject. When I married the secound time I found myself in a unusal situtation to start with. My wife was perfect specimen of health when we first marred and then the walls came down around her like a lead ballon. She was a at rist teacher at school and strepthrot came around and she took her attibotics like she was suppoed to. Took every one of them. Well she began to hurt in her upper stomack and the doctors thought she was bacteria infected and the last time I took her to the emergency room she stopped breathng I could here them teling her to breath well I was not going to just sit there I went through the doors and saw her turning blue. The nurses was saying breath I said out loud give her oxygen. Well the doctor bust through the other door wanting to know why I was even in there. I said look at her she is blue and needs oxygen. He told the nurses to give her oxygen. Then he told me to step outside with him. He start to tell me to let them do there job so I told him get her able to go to a place fo some real help. Well I took her to the best of the best. The doctor told me and her he thought he new the prolem from the get go. well the test came back and he was wrong and said we got this and said I know now she had been in terible pain. SO they made some special meds for her and told her the germ had moved down into her inner organs and to rest and let the meds work she could not even go to the bathroom by herself or sleep lying down. I would pull the couch up to her and lay down beside her and have someone there when I had to work. Well she did get better. She went back to school even felling bad so sh went back for more test. They told her she was then a diabectic. I takes a whle to get this under control and to this day still takes insulin. Well time pssed we had some wanderful years. Then the worst happened I was treated for Mytral Valve for years, and now I was diagnoised with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) Restrictions was I could be active for 2hr a day not drive much. SO after about a yr. of this fighting for dibility y marrig of 12yrs 9 mounths was over. My situtation is still getting worse. No longer could afford insurance money gone. Doctors say without this they cannot help anymore my case was lost because condition said MCI meaning I should be able to do anything. Memory getting worse I’m taking my famiy down with me I got desperate and found a nurse said she could see me through some help.My thing with this is it was no problem to take care of her get back on her feet oh I gave her the SUV the house and all paid for and I in my shape have to start all over again and people say I robbed her? Oh come on realy. I will have a good retirement when my SSI start but I will not put anyone through the life I have to live. Like asking the same question several times and try to remember to take meds on time. Plan to spend time with friends go to church and live with what ever else and look forward to be called home to Jesus.

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ex.500

    ” Men are no longer just a provider and protector. And women, you are not responsible for all the wrongs in the world. Men need to turn to their partners during their greatest times of stress, and ask them what they need. Men need to understand that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. ”

    The quote from the above article is so true ! Good advice, Eric !

  15. RosemaryPoche

    My boyfriend no longer calls or emails me. I decided to leave him be,But I e him more than anone I;ve gone out with.Any suggestions.

  16. Mary

    Thank you for this article, it is so good. Unfortunately as I read this article my heart is hurting for my dear friend whose husband just took his own life away yesterday leaving her devastated and feeling totally unprotected in this world.

  17. nathan

    I have a fear witch is the feeling I have is she has cheated in jun and up till now and she acts funny in the bed room aso watch her come home and watch her go straight in the house and head down stair and wash her pantys only then come up stairsl



  19. Cassandra

    Hello, I’m in love with the man of my dreams but I’m so confused on how he truly feels about me? Please help me.


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