Will You Meet Your Soulmate Again?

Are You About to Cross Paths With Your Soulmate Again? Now is the Time!

October 2013 through October 2015 is the perfect time to find your soulmate. The game-changing eclipses this October/November are compelling aspects that lift the veil between worlds, between our conscious/unconscious and between the spiritual/physical. What’s amazing is that in addition to the eclipses, other powerful aspects are unfolding between December 2013 and October of 2015 that all focus on our karma and eternal relationships.

To continue the momentum of the eclipses in October/November, Venus immediately enters the sign of commitment, Capricorn, for an unusual, extended stay. In December her eternal lover, Mars, also has a rare, extended visit—his being in Librathe sign of soulmates—where he learns the even his energy and heroism is humbled by the power of love.

Amazingly, the story continues. The Moon’s North Node enters Libra’s relationship sign on March 22, 2014, where it will stay until October 9, 2015. The Nodes are about karmic relationships—what we bring into life and what we are here to achieve. Each sign experiences this in different ways:


With Mars in its opposing sign of Libra through July 2014, along with the Moon’s karmic South Node in your sign between 2014 and 2015, you are learning about the challenges and joys of being one with another. Your soulmate will understand your painful struggle and know you are worthy of love so be patient with yourself and grow.


The solar eclipse in your sign on November 3 is a culmination of the recent years’ soulmate experiences. When Venus enters Capricorn, you’ll sense the true spiritual sense of your relationship as you work to bring things into “real life” form. The key is communication and shared ideals to really build that perfect bond.


The lunar eclipse of October 18 exposes how creative you are in the area of playful love-making and being a friend as well as a lover. This will be your role over the next two years. The Gemini twins are eternal soulmates and are represented by a pair of brothers or a pair of eternal lovers, so soulmate partnering is inherent to your nature.


Your career is being balanced with the core of your life—your home—as it is activated during this two-year, soulmate period. You may be shocked to meet your soulmate in your home environment or at work. Surprises will be everywhere, so go with the flow and you’ll love your life.


The eclipses of October/November shift your energies from career to spirituality and communications over the next two years. The founder of EST, Werner Erhard, said “Love is a function of communication.” You soulmate will know you when you speak your heart and spirit. You communicate your true self and receive pure love.


Your fundamental values are activated during the next two years. As you take action and make your most treasured ideals real, you find your soulmate sharing your purpose and goals. You’ll become the perfect team creating a better world together, and what joy that will bring!


With all of the pivotal changes taking place during this time that alter the course of history, it’s your sign in the spotlight. Soulmates need to come together during this time to build a loving, less-divisive way of life for everyone. Fight for what you love and your soulmate will be drawn to you very powerfully.


The solar eclipse of November 3 is a powerful expression of your Sun Sign. Careful and powerful communications bring you closer to your soulmate. The coming two years are a time for you to find the most passionate source within you to guide you to your soulmate. Embrace your depths and love appears.


Do you love your social networking and creative pursuits? This is the most likely place for you to meet your soulmate. Use your creations to make yourself know and use your networking to reach a wide audience and your lover will appear.


Your career has demanded your focus for some time, but you may want to look up from your plans and strategies long enough to notice those people around you. You soulmate is hidden among your co-workers or clients. Notice who is responding to your powerful passion and let the connection unfold.

“If you are not in a relationship with someone, then love yourself.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178


You are truly inspired about your future and the October/November eclipses have triggered a new phase in your life. Where is that soulmate of yours? Travel to that dream location or go back to studies. You’ll find someone who shares your passions and desires to create a future in these areas—your soulmate.


The deep, rich depths of your soul where that special someone can be seen is calling. So how do you bring this to a tangible reality? One approach is to attend art classes, workshops that teach you about life and healthy sexuality or engage in deep soul studies. Someone you find there could match your dreams.

Is your soulmate ready to meet you? Psychic Prinny ext. 5134 has the answer. 

14 thoughts on “Will You Meet Your Soulmate Again?

  1. chuckaho

    Bobbi Jean (Himes) Perez-Prado. Born 11/12/1983—-died 2/23/2012! Wonderful mother of 3 beautiful children 2 boys & 1 girl. Great daughter, sister, aunt! She is missed every single day!!! I still cannot belie e that she’s gone! believe that she’s

  2. Tunrayo

    Hello pls help,I’m seperated from my hubby for 3yrs now.ive tried goin into a relationship but didn’t wok n worried if I would get a man dat will make me happy n feel like a woman in my life.av 3 kids with my ex n av bn alone for long now without a man or sex,thou guy do come to m but don’t seem to like them or should say I’m somehow afraid of relationship again.

  3. Rose

    Been waiting 15+ yrs for my soulmate and no luck yet. I am still keeping the faith it will happen soon. I am retired,but working parttime to be around people. But would love to find my soulmate since I am getting older I have someone to enjoy life with. I enjoyed reading this .it gave me some hope .

  4. Delilah D.

    I am an Aquarius and what is says for me is true. I want to know where my soul mate is. For I feel lost.
    I’ve been separated from my husband for four months now. I left him when I caught him online trying to hook up with another woman. We live in seperate states now. We also have children. He claims he has changed and that he is sorry. Should I forgive him? Or set my heart free?And just wait to meet my soul mate someday.

  5. Byron Samuels

    I read the letter and I have reservations on this issue.My track record with the opposite sex has been cold for a long time that I buried myself with projects and keep pursuing my studies in massage therapy. The only intimate relationship I am in is with God. Give me some insight on this subject as I remain faithful to my relationship with God. Will I ever have an meangiful relationship with anyone or will I continue to be unattached as I have convince myself for years-and keep my heart reserved

  6. L. Yuvina

    Thank you. So far im so boring with what im Doing now. I dont Enjoy working now. And im thingking to stop it and the next step ‘ go back to the Profession that Makes my Life feel happy and Confidence. I read everyday CP , Thats bring Alot of positive Energy in to my Life. Thank you again.

  7. Julia

    I enjoyed reading this and the funny thing I have been with a Aquarius who has been difficult,however, two weeks ago told me he was going to make an effort in connecting better with me. Giving me more time and admitting he had been wrong. He knows I’m for his and wants me in his life. Reading about this was very helpful.


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