Other Planetary Returns

We know about the “coming of age” that happens when we hit our Saturn return at the ages of 28-29 and 58-60. However, the other planets and the Sun also “come home” in your natal chart. All of their cycles mark exciting and important times in your life. Mars and Jupiter’s returns each offer a “birth” of a new you in their individual realms, as does Saturn’s. Even slow-moving Uranus can provide such a rebirth, as many of us are now living beyond 82-84. You can look forward to a new you on each of these returns:

Sun (Self-expression): The Solar (Sun) return always happens within a few days of your birthday. The planetary influences at that time set the tone for the upcoming year. It’s a great time to consult your locational astrologer to plan a fun vacation to where you can experience this annual rebirth of your self-expression and renewal of spirit and energy. No wonder we celebrate with our friends and family on this day!

Mars (Self-assertion, sexual drive and energy): Your first Mars return just after age two repeats through your life in slightly over two year cycles. The first return is often described as the “terrible twos.” This is when children first express independence and self-assertion through their often repeated, “no!”

As you grew and adapted to life, you learned to cooperate with others. Your regular Mars return reminds you of your ability to just say “no,” when necessary. These are highly energizing times, when you remember to focus on taking care of yourself and your goals. At the same time, the playfulness of a two-year-old can show up in fun and adult sexy ways. You may well find a revival of the excitement and enthusiasm you and your partner had for each other at your magical beginning.

Jupiter (Education, travel, expansion): This return happens approximately every twelve years. At the time of your twelfth birthday, the lessons of pre-adolescence were coming to an end and you were expanding your view of life. You were becoming aware of what you wanted to “grow up to be,” while becoming attracted to a wider group of people. When you reach age 23-24, you are finding financial independence. This is the phase when you begin seeking to fulfill your life’s calling.

By age 35-37, you are likely having the learning experiences of a career, responsible family life, or both, and may well be on your path. By age 47-49, you are further established in your life’s work. The next cycle brings you to 58-62. Children have likely left the home if your path has brought you a family, or you may seek a new direction in your career. This could bring the freedom to travel or study independently, for a new path in life. This stage, or any of the twelve-year stages beyond it, may finally bring you to your ultimate calling.

Saturn (Responsibility, the structures and form in our lives): At age 29, you’ve passed the second Jupiter learning cycle and are expected to put it into practice at this time. You are approaching the glaring age of 30 when there are expectations of being established in your career and possibly have started a family. While it has been described as difficult, it truly is a time of building an important structure for your middle life period. If your dreams haven’t come to fruition, keep an eye on that Jupiter return — it will arrive in five or six years.

By age 58-62, you have been producing on the job, through creativity, or at home — for some time. You are now also experiencing a Jupiter return within just a few years, so you may be considering whether you are truly fulfilled in your job, or are looking to build a new structure in life. Do you want to finally become a political activist, an artist, or find another creative venture? Now would be a great time to start.

At age 82-84, we experience a Uranus return. This offers the ultimate “freeing” experience. The joy we often see in the faces of people beyond this age appears to be a full acceptance of life, learned from a lifetime of these cycles.

Your planetary returns are wonderful reflections of the timetable to the ongoing rebirth of your life directions and dreams. Through them you can see your resilient spirit and the joy of fulfilling your life path. “Big wheel keep on turnin’!”

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