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Understanding The Meaning Behind The Next Blue Moon

A rare experience is often described as happening only once in a Blue Moon. You will soon have a chance to witness such a special phenomenon with a seasonal Blue Moon on May 18, 2019, at 2:11 PM, PDT. It will be a Scorpio Full Moon in the time of Taurus. These signs are powerful, and when they oppose one another as they will during this lunar event, cosmic sparks are sure to fly. Now is the time to begin preparing how you want to direct these strong energies in your life.

There’s more than one kind of Blue Moon. One definition is having two Full Moons in one month, or like this one in May, the third of four Full Moons in a season. What is a season? It is the time between solstices and equinoxes, and vice versa. While they may not literally be blue, seasonal Blue Moons come around about once every 2.7 years, increasing their rarity. Every Full Moon has power, but a Blue Moon doubles its impact. Think of it as the Full Moon amplified.

Scorpio and Taurus Oppose Each Other and Why

Scorpio and Taurus opposing each other at that time will lend extra tension to the energy, but opposites also attract. Because this Blue Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, it will help create transformation at the deepest levels within you. It will be a time of releasing that which no longer serves you and your good, so you can embrace the new people and events coming into your life.

How can you use this energy to create great things for yourself? Start by refocusing your positive intention on drawing in what you desire. Prepare for it by writing down anything you want to let go of, and what you want to come into your life now. Expect some real blessings, because this is a lucky moon. You will see your hard work pay off in many areas. Things will happen that could only occur once in a Blue Moon.

Avoid the Negative, Embrace The Positive Blue Moon Energy

Because this energy will supercharge everything, be sure to avoid focusing on what is negative in your life, for that can bring results you don’t like! A Blue Moon brings you the blessing of seeing your life and the decisions and choices you’ve made with clarity. Your intuition will be clear, and your emotional strength will be increased. You will be able to see yourself unfiltered, without any avoidance or inner defense mechanisms. View what you see with loving kindness and compassion. Allow yourself this new beginning to move away from that which hurts you and toward that which fills you with a renewed love for yourself. You will reap the harvest of your efforts and at the same time plant seeds for the next chapter of your personal adventure.

Some see the Blue Moon as sacred and magical, for it is spiritually empowering. It is also a healing time, one that creates balance in your being. Everyone has aspects of the feminine and masculine within them, so even though the moon is traditionally viewed as feminine, and the sun as masculine, both sexes can benefit by internalizing the powerful energies of each great Light.

The Blue Moon’s Original Name

Long ago, Native Americans named this moon the Full Flower Moon. They also called it the Full Corn Planting Moon and the Milk Moon. This is because it comes in the spring when flowers bloom in beautiful abundance, many baby animals are born, and crops are planted.

This Blue Moon is special in that it brings fruition and fulfillment of your prior efforts. It illuminates you from within. It is cleansing, purifying, and rewarding. It is also an ideal time to say yes to that marriage proposal.

If you want to find where Scorpio is in your birth chart, our gifted astrologers can help you. They can show you where in your life this Blue Moon will most affect you personally, as well as guide you on how to prepare for it and reap the benefits therein.

If you can, go outside on this evening in May and gaze at this beautiful shining orb in the dark, starlit sky. Drink in its moonlight like a night blooming flower. Draw its energy into your soul and allow it to empower you. It has a rare ability to rejuvenate you. Let spring’s Blue Moon energize you with love, clarity, optimism, hope, strength, and joy.

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