Embracing Opportunities with the Help of Tarot

Embracing Opportunities with the Help of Tarot | California Psychics

Understanding the Page of Cups in Tarot

A symbol of a new experience entering a client’s life, and one of my favorite cards in the tarot deck, is the Page of Cups. Depending on the reading I am giving and the context, this card has many meanings. In a relationship reading for example, the Page of Cups suggests that there are new romantic possibilities on the horizon. In a reading about work, or for someone looking for a new job, I am thrilled to reassure them that my guides are revealing to me that new opportunities are on the way.

I then examine the cards that surround the Page card to gain greater insight. The Queen of Wands beside the Page indicates that there is probably someone familiar to the client who is attached to this new opportunity. The Four of Swords may mean travel is involved. I then use my intuition to focus on a helpful characteristic so they may identify this person: hair color, a style of dress, or in some cases, a specific name. The important thing is to be clear that the trapped energy or the challenging situation the client has been facing for a long time is going to shift and something new is taking its place. For anyone who has been going through a challenging time, the possibility of positive change is always good news.

How Tarot Reveals Opportunity

The Page of Cups has the energetic feeling of a child opening a present on his birthday or a holiday, eager to see what is inside the box. There is a great innocence associated with this card. Innocence, in this context, means that we are open to all possibilities, and we let go of our control. We are ready for the Universe to surprise us. When I see this card, and someone asks about getting back together with their ex, I have to ask them, “Are you open to seeing other people, because the cards are showing me that there are new opportunities that may be available to you.”

Sometimes this question is welcome, and sometimes it isn’t. I never force it. The same is true about career readings. A client asked me what my guides had to offer her about a work situation that she found impossible to cope with. Her boss was a bully and she was frustrated every day the alarm clock went off. She wanted out or a transfer. The Page of Cups and several other cards suggested that there were some wonderful possibilities awaiting her if she would take a chance and look elsewhere.

Mind you, a conversation about new possibilities isn’t saying, “Hey, step off a cliff tomorrow without a plan.” In other words, my guides weren’t telling her to walk into work and say, “I hate it here and I’m leaving”. In her situation, the Page of Cups was suggesting she tell her friends and business acquaintances that she’s decided she’s ready to move on and start looking elsewhere. The actual move to a new job might take months, but the process of acknowledging to herself that she eventually planned to leave would have made a big difference in her life and attracted even more abundance. A friend, according to my guides, was more than willing to help, and had been encouraging her to leave for years.

I learned a lot from this reading, because in the end we were unable to have that conversation. Despite the fact that she was very unhappy, the Page of Cups and the Page of Wands, emphasizing new possibility and change, were just too threatened. Instead we discussed ways to deal with the unhealthy work environment she was going to power through. There is never any judgement in situations like this, but I regretted that she wouldn’t know the opportunities that awaited her; opportunities that may have been possible if she’d chosen to make one or two phone calls.

How Tarot Reveals the New

It probably feels right to have a conversation about new experiences at this time of year; the Spring corresponds to the cardinal sign Aries, which rules the first house and comes at the beginning of the astrological chart. In its best moment, Aries is a symbol of independence, of a baby’s first shouts when born, telling all the world, “I’m here!” We don’t have to be babies to have our “Aries” moment. And we don’t have to wait until the spring to begin a period of regrowth or to open ourselves to new and exciting opportunities. What we will need is surrender, to be willing to let go and trust that the Universe supports us and that whatever is coming will be for our greater good.

This can be scary sometimes, especially with relationship readings with clients who have been hurt before. “Why should I open myself up again? All I do is get hurt. How do I know I’m going to choose the right person this time?”

It’s a very important question and sometimes the answers aren’t easy. What I suggest is that, again, we allow the Universe to guide us. Sometimes a new experience means that we have to open ourselves up to new ways of thinking. Before we choose the next partner, we take a workshop on self-esteem, we schedule a therapy appointment, we do the affirmations that encourage a loving relationship. Sometimes the best way to have a new experience with someone else is to begin by having a new experience with ourselves.

Embracing New Experiences Through Tarot

One of my favorite aspects about reading for clients is informing someone that a new experience is on the way. This experience is almost always the result of work they have done to usher change into their lives. While they may feel a little afraid of the unknown, I try and reassure them that what they may be feeling is the anticipation that their lives are changing for the better.

A client of mine had the courage to go on a date with someone who asked her out from work; this was after her ex had broken up with her for the second time. It took great courage for her to break a pattern with her ex and say yes to someone new because it was what she was most familiar with. I was delighted when she shared what a wonderful time she had on the date. It was an important turning point in her life. She’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be treated well.

A psychic reading isn’t just about focusing on the future, but also considering the new. If we are open and listening, our guides will instruct us towards a life that may be even better than anything we could have imagined. Take a chance!

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