How Do I Get My Groove Back?

Re-Finding Your Groove After a Relationship Ends

Whether you have been out of a relationship for a while, or newly out of one, how do you about moving forward with your life? After a relationship is over, meeting someone new can be daunting, exhilarating, terrifying and overwhelming all at the same time.

You may be very anxious to get back out there, and you can hardly wait to meet the person of your dreams. Or you could be thinking about your future life as the crazy cat lady on the corner or the hermit guy who never talks to anyone, not wanting to repeat the relationship and go though it all again. Where do you start? So lets first define your expectations; why are you dating? What are you wanting? Is it a long term commitment or an fun partner to get out and enjoy some companionship?

This will make a difference in how you approach dating. When looking for companionship what matters most is how well you get along, right off the get go. If you’re seeking a long term partner,you will want to know a person over more than one date. Most people are looking for a mixture of fun and commitment. It is important to know what you are wanting so that you can figure out if the other person is on the same page and wanting the same outcome.

Another important aspect is to find closure concerning your past relationship. Don’t bring your past on your date with you.

Even if it’s been a long time since you’ve been on a date, you can probably remember a date that went sour because of one or the other comparing, missing, and talking about the old relationship. People never totally forget past loves or hurts. This is all a part of who we have become, because of our experiences both good and bad. Put the old relationship away and put the thoughts on hold. Don’t bring them out when your getting to know someone new. Save your venting about your past relationships for your talks with your friends not with someone you are getting to know. Be able to spend an afternoon or evening in the the company of someone without constantly bringing up how much you miss or hate your ex. A new relationship should be exciting and full of promise and romance, not about your past.

Its important to rediscover what you enjoy doing. This may not be so simple for someone who has lived in the role of “wife,” “husband” or “partner” for years. It can be hard to even remember what you used to enjoy doing. Explore getting to know yourself first, so you have things to share.

Don’t try to move to fast. Take it one day at a time. Coming off a long-term relationship or marriage, it can be easy to fall into a familiar comfortable pattern. Remember that this is a new relationship, so keep yourself open to new possibilities.

Be upfront with people about what you’re looking for. Don’t blindside someone who thinks that they are the only person you’re dating. Be honest if you are looking to play the field. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a relationship, set your boundaries, this will help you avoid getting hurt.

To get out there and successfully find dates after a breakup you need to be social. This means going to places where you can meet other singles. If you don’t make yourself available, you will find it very difficult to meet someone whether it is after a break up or not. Take care of yourself, and spend time with friends and love ones.

Everyone in the middle of a crises needs to talk to someone objective to get clear answers to all the questions you may have.

When you are in a middle of changes its hard to know what to do or say. This is a perfect time to call a psychic adviser to talk it out and get some insights and answers. I have extensive experience dealing with relationship issues, and I’m sure I can help you find clarity and offer new detections and possibility.

5 thoughts on “How Do I Get My Groove Back?

  1. Psychic Glenna 5418

    Great article, Astrid!

    Thanks for the reminder to be mindful when dating, and the encouragement to move forward after experiencing hurt and/or disappointment.

    Your specific suggestions are great.

    Psychic Glenna 5418

  2. carol

    It is true leaving the past and moving on. I was hurt very bad I thought this guy was great and he cheated on me and hurt me.Now I am seeing someone. sTILL HAVING HARD TIME FOR GETTING THE OLD LOVE


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