New Moon Initiatives

There are events in life that are undeniably new beginnings – the birth of a child, starting a job, moving into a new home, ending a relationship or becoming involved in an exciting new one. There are also the humble, though no less important, new beginnings like the start of another day and the intake of a new breath.

Sometimes, the best new beginnings are the ones we conscientiously give to ourselves. When there is a New Moon, you have the perfect opportunity to start fresh on your goals with the Moon as your aid and inspiration.

The Moon is new when it moves into perfect alignment between the Sun and Earth. When this happens, the illuminated side of the Moon faces the Sun. The other side of the Moon, as seen from Earth, is dark. In simple terms, the Moon is new when it can’t be seen. As ominous as this dark Moon sounds, you couldn’t ask for a more ideal time to get started on a new venture!

To figure out what you want to accomplish at this time of new beginnings, try writing down your top ten wishes. The average full cycle of the Moon, about 29.5 days, is most likely not enough time to begin working on all ten wishes, so begin eliminating (just for the time being) two wishes at a time. Continue in twos until only your top two wishes remain. You’ve just figured out two of things that you want the most!

Now begin thinking about ways in which you can direct your energies toward making those wishes come true. You can even use all eight phases of the moon to help move you along. When you look up at the moon in the sky, she’ll be your marker and encouragement:

New Moon
Think deeply about what you want, make your list of ten wishes and then narrow it down to your top two.

Waxing Crescent
Tell a close friend or loved one about your top two wishes. Sharing this information with a sympathetic friend can be an empowering experience, and you might just get some helpful suggestions!

First Quarter (half full and increasing)
Begin thinking about and researching the kinds of things you can do to make your wishes come true.

Waxing Gibbous (more than half full and increasing)
Prepare to take action.

Full Moon
Perform the action.

Waning Gibbous (more than half full and decreasing)
Gently evaluate your action.

Last Quarter (half full and decreasing)
Revisit your wishes and consider the next step.

Waning Crescent
Congratulate yourself on the effort you have made this lunar month and get ready for a brand new New Moon!

You can begin the exercise again with the next New Moon and slowly, but surely make your wishes come true!

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