How To Use a Psychic as a Love Coach

Thinking about delving into your love life with a psychic, but not sure how to begin? If you want to get the most mileage out of a love reading, you’re not alone. Red, a veteran clairvoyant at, tells us how it’s done. Not surprisingly, she has some keen insight on the subject.

When to call
What is most important to an accurate, meaningful reading? For Red, it’s the level of the caller’s emotional investment in the questions. “It’s always better to call when there’s a true need,” she says. “When it’s important to you, it’s like a door is open.”

That’s not to say you have to be in the grip of a life-altering decision to benefit from a reading. Red encourages you to seek guidance when you’re confused, when you need an outside perspective or you’re just longing for insight. She can help you with both the big and small issues in your love life, but she’ll have the most to work with when you’re truly soul searching.

How often you call is also determined by individual circumstances. “I have people who call me daily,” Red explains. “With others, we’ll do the reading and agree to talk at another point.” Because your choices are always changing your life’s path, she encourages people to call when they reach significant milestones. “I’ll tell them: that’s going to change at that point forward, and we’re going to have to look at things again. Call me when that event happens.”

Choosing your questions
It may surprise you to learn that it doesn’t really matter how you frame your questions. Red encourages her callers to be as specific, or as general, as they like. If you want to throw out a few basic questions to test the waters, you’ll get no argument from her. “I encourage skepticism,” she says. “I worry about someone who doesn’t have any.”

As for the best issues to probe, that depends on you. According to Red, in love readings, the big topics are: finding love, keeping love, ending relationships, marriage, and infidelity. As long as your questions are important to you, they’re fair game.

What to expect
A good reading will give you clarity, insight and certainty. It may not give you what you expect or even what you want. When you turn to a psychic for help, or to anyone for that matter, you’ll get the most out of it if you are open to what they have to say. Be willing to look at yourself from a different perspective. Ultimately, that’s what will be most empowering.

Red firmly believes that “a person must be willing to take action as well as responsibility for both the good and bad in their relationships.” She’s the first to admit: she’s no diplomat. Some truths are hard to hear, and it can be difficult to take the next step, even when it’s the right one. But that’s often exactly what’s necessary after you achieve a certain degree of clarity. As Red puts it: “with understanding comes the need for action.”

Are you ready to find love?

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