Your Neptune at Opposition Horoscope

Your Neptune at Opposition Horoscope

Attention, Self-Awareness, and Creative Efforts

Neptune is happily at home in Pisces—now halfway through its time there (2011 – 2025), so this transit is especially potent. Artists flourish brilliantly under the influence of this transit and those in search of accuracy are challenged to dig for a deeper truth. Along the way, many of your old beliefs and ways of life will dissolve.

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September is the month when this enormously powerful experience is most important. The sun opposes Neptune along with Mercury. Your sense of self (sun) and your communications (Mercury) will impact your life during this time. Pay attention, be self-aware, and promote any creative or spiritual effort. If you do, you’ll begin a new life, benefiting from the beautiful, blue planet Neptune.

Neptune Partners With Pluto

Watery, nebulous Neptune partners with his underworld brother, Pluto, in Capricorn during this period. The pair promises dramatic changes in your sense of self and the foundations of your life. Water is beautiful, but it also overwhelms (floods/hurricanes/emotions), so don’t underestimate this cosmic force. Body language has true influence during this time too. Here’s how Neptune at opposition impacts each sun sign:

Neptune at Opposition and Aries

You’re so used to charging ahead and September offers you a new form of heroism. This period focuses on your inner self and what you’ll discover through self-examination. You’ll find a new type of courage by being willing to share your vulnerabilities. Others relate and are healed by your revelations.

Neptune at Opposition and Taurus

There is a spotlight on creativity and your social life during September. You may feel the urge to go to your creative place while also wanting to enjoy friends. Just let your spiritual heart be your guide. Friends can even contribute to your creative efforts, allowing for new discoveries. Find a way to make this time personal and fun.

Neptune at Opposition and Gemini

Your public and personal lives demand your attention during September. You’re inspired during waking and sleeping and you want to put your ideas out into the world. However, you should begin by letting these ideas gestate and then refining them. You can speak with power mid-month too. Just be prepared for push back and you’ll prevail.

Neptune at Opposition and Cancer

Your natural instinct is to listen to your inner voice and September is the month to do it. Give yourself quiet time each day. Once you’ve clarified your thoughts, you’ll do well speaking up. Take care and listen to others’ deepest needs and speak to them. You’ll be healing them and taking charge of your future in no time.

Neptune at Opposition and Leo

Invest in yourself during September. Finances are certainly on your mind and how to guarantee your future seems confusing. Remember that your energy and charisma are your greatest assets. Therefore, support them with careful spending, but never forget what you have to offer in life. You’ll work hard, but you should also enjoy the gains.

Neptune at Opposition and Virgo

September is your month and you’re on stage. You’ll be dealing with many people who may or may not understand your concerns and your commitments. Just be patient. They’re probably confused, yet pouring on the charm. Compassion serves you when reaching past the nonsense to help them.

Neptune at Opposition and Libra

Your work life can be a challenge, but you also have the goods in the toolkit of your inner self to beat the confusion. Your natural empathy for others serves you well through the first half of September. Use the last half to serve your finances. Surprising changes in your investments can work in your favor.

Neptune at Opposition and Scorpio

Your creative efforts succeed through your mastery of the mysteries within people. You also shine from the depths of your soul if you’re willing to share your personal spirit. The secret places you hold dear offer real treasures. While you may feel reluctant, sharing your heart makes the difference in love and career.

Neptune at Opposition and Sagittarius

If you’re a musician, spiritual leader or tour guide, this time can be great for you as a natural star in the midst of others. However, if you’re still developing your talents or examining how you can best serve humanity, September is a time to take action regarding your dreams and commitments. You’ll be blossoming over the next year.

Neptune at Opposition and Capricorn

You’ve always been the fact finder and the serious speaker of what’s real in life. Yet, the past several years have softened your views to include what speaks to the hearts of others. This has certainly been a fabulous journey that will build your future into something that serves your finances and your spirit too.

Neptune at Opposition and Aquarius

You’re feeling ambitious during September, including when it comes to financial and relationship demands. Passions are strong, and you’re great at hearing others out. However, listen to your inner voice too. The balance is intense but manageable. Just speak to the sensitivities of others and the responses will be wonderful.

Neptune at Opposition and Pisces

September is a great time to express yourself as long as you keep both feet on the ground. You have a magical touch as long as others hear and see what you’re offering. Your inner beauty needs to reach out too. Be patient, respond to others’ reactions, and this month will be a pivotal point for your success.

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