Gemini and Aries Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Gemini and Aries

When Gemini and Aries come together for love, it’s a meeting of the minds, which suits Gemini to a tee. What draws Gemini’s attention is the energy and passion that Aries emanates. What keeps Gemini interested are the long chats, sassy texts and non-stop activities. These two are adventure seekers who enjoy endless conversations and many escapades in bed. Cardinal signs beginning the seasons like Aries, tend to take the lead which, for the most part, suits the mutable and adaptable Gemini just fine.

One thing that Gemini and Aries both dislike is boredom; most likely not a problem for these two. Both are action-oriented individuals who are goal driven; this can be a motivating factor in this relationship. Each will feel as if they’ve met their match and that they have found someone who can keep up with their energy level. However, it can also become a power struggle between the two. Therefore, even though Aries will naturally want to assume the lead, sharing the power will promote lasting happiness. Instinctively, Gemini and Aries seem to know what the other needs and do their best to provide it.

Love by Element: Air an Fire

Gemini and Aries mix the elements of Air and Fire.  Fire needs air to keep burning, and heat is what creates the currents that keep air moving; they feed nicely on each other’s elemental energies.  As an Air sign, Gemini is a thinker.  Aries is a doer, always fired-up and ready to go.  Together, there is no shortage of adventure, action and there is always something to do.

There will perhaps be times when Gemini and Aries disagree.  That’s when this elemental match must take care.  Gemini will seek solutions in a practical, matter-of-fact way and action-oriented Aries can find this frustrating and lose patience.  In nature, air and fire can fuel the flames of passion, but too much fire and too much wind can also be destructive.  As long as Gemini and Aries balance their strengths, their bond is passionate and energetic.

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