Your Money Horoscope for August 2013

Be S.M.A.R.T. With Your Money

Welcome to August’s Money Horoscope. It’s time to bust out of employee mode and find your own path to financial security. Don’t quit your day job (yet) if you have one, but do create something of your own. Think S.M.A.R.T.—Save Money and Re-investment Time. The New Moon energy and the Jupiter-Pluto energy together is an alchemic recipe for greatness, but you have to grab it and use it.

Stand-Out Days

A New Moon in Leo on the 6th is not only a great time to start a savings account with future comfort in mind, but when it’s mixed with a rare opposition of Jupiter and Pluto on the 7th, it’s time to dig deep and resurrect a former money-making idea. Jupiter not only has a lucky component to its personality, but it also brings financial savvy to the plate. Pluto is all about transformation with a “born-again” feel to it. Jupiter is in Cancer (who loves the past) and Pluto is in Capricorn (who loves tradition and history)—both are cardinal signs, and cardinal signs are great at starting things up.

August is also host to the second of two Full Moons in a row in the sign of Aquarius—this one on the 20th kicks off a financially mischievous week. Jupiter squares Uranus on the 21st, a good day to take a break from money dealings altogether. Venus enters Libra (a sign she rules) on the 16th and then soon after goes into a square with Pluto and an opposition with Uranus. Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus make the 21st through the weekend of the 24th a wonky time where money is concerned so just lay low. And let’s not forget Mercury, the captain of commerce, who will occupy three signs this month and feed your entrepreneurial spirit.

So here’s what’s in store for you and your money horoscope for August:


Venus in Virgo, your 6th house, from the 1st through the 15th and Mercury there from the 23rd on, means that work is going well and any special projects bring more responsibility and cash.


This month’s Full Moon falls in your career house and it’s a great time to be seen and heard at work and for gathering the group for an after-work event. Getting noticed gets you paid.

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Jupiter and Pluto are catalysts to profit for everyone, and that includes you. However, you must watch your business budget and avoid overspending—and definitely avoid lending.


You and/or your mate could wind up bringing in some extra cash in August. Your money horoscope also favors de-cluttering (for good Feng Shui) and profiting through selling your items.


While the month looks financially sound, use caution, don’t rush and be careful when using your secured financial information. Make sure that any sites you purchase from are reputable.


Both Venus and then Mercury in your sign this month are great news for your money horoscope. However, Uranus and Pluto could bring people looking for a handout. Be cautious.


Mars remains in your career house until August 26, (along with lucky Jupiter) and thanks to Venus in Libra from the 16th on it should also be a financially rewarding period ahead.

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Both a New Moon in Leo on the 6th and Mars in Leo on the 27th add lion-like stealth to your financial dealings while your scorpion sting closes the deal(s).


Both Venus in Virgo, through the 15th and Mars in Virgo from the 23rd on light up your 10th house, making your horoscope come alive through career efforts. Lay the ground for future success.


In your August money horoscope both the Full and New Moons lift your spirits about money, but you should still be budgeting. After the 16th Venus in Libra brings extra work and extra money.

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Venus and then Mercury in your 8th house of other people’s money (including money you share with a spouse) make August sparkle with financial favor. Just read all contracts before signing.


Pluto’s square and then Uranus’ opposition to Venus as well as a Uranus-Jupiter square mean that you shouldn’t rely on financial promises during the last two weeks of August, and also, watch your wallet.

6 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for August 2013

  1. Johanna Carpenter

    We are suppose to get final word on a condo, to move in by Sept 1st. will be shelling out a lot of saving, this has been my dream for a few years now, is it a good thing? I thought so, but you have placed doubt in my mind !!! This gives me a headache and a block !!! Not good…

  2. Psychic Makenna

    Great advice. Giving a step by step and practical solutions to increasing, or organizing financial matter is empowering and provides expectation. Thanks for writing this!

  3. Roseli

    I loved the “Your Money Horoscope for August 2013” article by LJ Innes. Very thoughtful, insightful and wise astrological reading for the transits.


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