Your Astrology Guide to the Moon

The Moon in Each Sign: Your Emotional Life by the Stars

It’s no coincidence the Moon affects the tides. It’s also the celestial being that holds sway over our moods and feelings, which can ebb and flow just as readily. Where your Moon falls tells you about how you experience and express your emotions. It’s not what we show to the world (that’s a combination of our Sun and rising signs), but rather, what we keep to ourselves. To discover your Moon sign, give an astrologer your date of birth.

Here’s a little bit about what the Moon means in each of the signs:


Passionate, impatient and coming straight from the heart in their approach to life, people with an Aries Moon tend to take things very personally. They also deal with problems as soon as they arise and aren’t afraid to engage in confrontation.


Not inclined to deal with difficult situations, lunar Taureans tend to be self-reliant and avoid arguments. Safety is key. However, while they can be stubborn and difficult to truly know, once you do, they’re the loyal sort—in it for the long haul.


It’s no surprise that lunar Geminis vacillate between light-hearted, witty charmers to nervous, worried neurotics. They can be snappy when annoyed, but are the belles of the ball when content. They’re social connectors.


Talk about empathy. People with the Moon in Cancer can practically feel the feelings of those around them. This grounds them totally and results in a very dependable nature. Not shockingly, it also includes some mood swings.


Those with the Moon in the sign of the Lion crave encouragement and love. They have delicate egos and can be dramatic when offended, though usually only within the confines of home. That said, the respond well to reason.

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Lunar Virgos require steadiness in life. So long as things are stable around them, they are content with very little. Absent that, they can be restless but they also have a tendency to crack under too much pressure.


Partnership and peace are the driving emotional forces for those with lunar Libra. Easy-going charmers who relate themselves to their surroundings, they tend to find happiness in relationships with others.


Intensity is the name of the game for those with a Moon in Scorpio. They see into people in a way that’s either impressive or intimidating depending on your point of view. They’re incomparably strong and possess formidable presence.


“Don’t fence me in” might as well be the motto of lunar Sagittarians. They detest being told what to do almost as much as confrontation. They also have faith in the order of the universe and trust that life will work itself out.

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No matter how bad something hurts, a lunar Capricorn will stay calm, cool and collected—so much so that they may seem detached. It’s difficult to express their emotions as they fear relinquishing control. They seem judgmental, but are the hardest on themselves.


Independent, shy and often eccentric, lunar Aquarians are sometimes irrational, but usually well-intentioned. They see the world through idealistic eyes and are so concerned with doing right by others that they lose track of their own needs and feelings.


The zodiac’s natural empath, people with the Moon in Pisces are intuitive beyond compare. They’re bothered by others’ pain, and are accepting of almost everyone—often, to their own detriment. They’re compassionate, generous and have blind trust in the goodness of human nature.

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6 thoughts on “Your Astrology Guide to the Moon

  1. Hyacinthe

    We Virgo moons get a bad rap. Yes, we worry, but we are also incredibly tidy, and even sensitive. And believe me, tidy is important if you live with 2 Gemini moons, who leave trails.

  2. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    wonderful article – many times while doing readings i suggest that the person get an astrological calendar so that they can track the moon. especially if they are coupled with a person born in the sign of Cancer.
    when we know what affects us emotionally we can change the course of action if need be to better the situation.
    thank you S.K for bringing a new view to our bloggers.
    metta waves~~~~

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Love the moon sign articles S.K. !!!!!

    my moon and my mars are both in the sign of Pisces….and reside in the house of Scorpio.

  4. Cat

    Spot on, every sign I ever knew is true to form in what you write about the moon. I am Pisces, Virgo, Cancer and your Virgo quip sums up my entire existence in that without stability–I am basically lost and a wreck. What you have written, concisely, is well worth noting about ourselves, in order to understand ourselves better. And to use that knowledge to be our best selves. Well done.


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