Your Weekly Money Horoscope for June 24 – 30, 2013

Last But Not Least

It may be the last week in June, but it’s certainly not the least momentous week for your money horoscope. It’s a whole new financial ball game and the bases are loaded. But wait. Mercury is calling a time-out. Use it wisely to plan your next financial move.

On Tuesday, expansive Jupiter joins Mercury in Cancer who is still linked to Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. The Mercury retrograde starting Wednesday lasts until July 20 and Venus enters Leo on Thursday. Avoid the temptation of unnecessary spending. Now let’s look at your weekly money horoscope:


With Mercury about to retrograde, put off unnecessary purchases or repairs until the end of July or get prepared to pay top dollar for something you may not like.


You may encounter a small mechanic-type problem that will need your attention and some of your finances, but at least not too much, and not more than you’re willing to spend.

“Money is an energy and nothing more.” – Psychic Ariel ext. 9775


Lucky and expansive Jupiter moves into your second house of earned income on the 25th, giving you a full year of prosperous promise and money miracles. Awesome.


Jupiter in your sign makes you anxious to start a new business idea or project, but use Mercury’s retrograde through July 20 to tweak the plan and make it more financially sound. It’s a gift.

“When it comes to your paycheck/money/finances, instead of thinking: ‘That’s not enough,’ think with the attitude of gratitude by blessing what you’ve got. Soon, a greater flow of money will come to you.” – Psychic Kallista ext. 9623


Venus enters your sign on the 27th where she is perfectly comfortable but she may coax you into spending more than your budget allows. Buy yourself a little beauty gadget of the non-electronic type.


Missed appointments are missed opportunities. With expansive Jupiter now widening your social circles, you may meet people who can boost your career, your status and your bank account.


Saturn, Neptune and Mercury still reside in your second, sixth and tenth houses and now Jupiter also enters your tenth house of careers. Your money horoscope moves in strides, but use the Mercury retrograde to plan a successful year ahead.


You benefit from all the water-bound planets, but with Mars in Gemini, watch the family budget and don’t take unnecessary chances with investments. Plan a small family trip.


Expansive Jupiter enters your house of shared resources which could make the next 12 months a year where money flows in and out more easily. Your money horoscope suggests tweaking the budget and following it.


Mars keeps your calendar full and you reap the rewards of hard work. Just be careful not to overdo it. Spot the many chances you have to make new connections that could mean more cash.


Jupiter in your sixth house is a big boost to your working life, now through the next year. You could really cash in over the next 12 months, but don’t take on more than you can handle.


Socially, life picks up, which usually means spending more cash. Don’t be afraid to say “No thanks” once in a while. Your financial security is your biggest responsibility to yourself.

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