Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast for June – July 2013

We’re Getting Defensive During Mercury Retrograde

With the winged one turning retrograde in emotional Cancer, feelings are brought to the fore, where they linger, unexpressed. Indeed, slowed communication and defensiveness are in the air for most of us.

Read on to find out how this Mercury Retrograde impacts you!


You’re feeling particularly judgmental, especially at work. It may be you’re not seeing a situation clearly or you may be right. Whatever the case, hold your tongue lest you be unable to express your sentiments diplomatically.


Odds are high there will be some kind of misunderstanding (financial or otherwise) with your partner or some other family member. Avoid commitments that impact your bottom line (especially contracts) until the retrograde passes.


There’s a discrepancy between how you want to present yourself and how other people are observing you. Put extra care and consideration into how you say what’s on your mind. Your tact may be the issue.


The past weighs heavily on your mind right now but your usually-strong intuition may be flailing. Avoid making any judgments regarding the value of a person or proposal (professional or otherwise), until Mercury turns direct.

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Your bottom line is on the line during this cycle, Leo. While it would be nice to be able to believe someone’s bill of goods, you can’t. Don’t put your eggs—or your future—in anyone else’s basket. Self-reliance is key right now.


When your ruler turns retrograde, your life is particularly problematic. You’re being misunderstood left and right and so it’s probably better to remain quiet. Your emotions interfere with your logic and that’s not a comfortable space.


While it’s the time of year for travel, you’d be wise to spend this time close to home surrounded by long-term companions you can trust. Why? Someone may attempt to deceive you and if you’re not careful, you’ll fall for it!

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Your budget is of concern right now, Scorpio. And while you may be reimagining the way you conduct your finances, it’s vital that you not spend any money or commit any future funds until Mercury resumes direct motion.


Someone or something at work may be annoying you. However, don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment or allow you to say something you’ll regret. You may have constructive points to make, but hold off until the retrograde passes.


Delays are the order of the day, dear Capricorn. And while it may be frustrating to hold off on solidifying plans or taking action, you’ll be much happier (and more successful) if you put your efforts on hold for the moment.


Analyzing your finances is favored. However, don’t file any paperwork or sign any contracts until the retrograde is over. In the meantime, consider how you want your life (and bank account) to look and how to get there.


You may be revealing more about your feelings than you intend to; be aware of how you present yourself. While a move of some kind is on your mind, don’t make any final decisions until Mercury turns direct.

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11 thoughts on “Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast for June – July 2013

  1. enid

    I’m married to a cancer man for 23 years. he is not romatic. he is disrespectful and all the negative things that have. been. said .he can cook he say. he
    madly in love. with me.we don’t get along we are not a good couple.i know the thing others are. going thew do it get. any better.

  2. Kevin

    This advice is not quite comprehensive. I know the signs of each one of my planets/gods, and would love to know if these descriptions apply to my Sun, Moon, or Mercury Sign. Thank you for answering my novice question.


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