Mercury Retrograde and Your Astrology

Mercury Retrograde and Your Astrology

The Do’s and Don’ts

We’re about to experience another Mercury retrograde beginning July 25 or 26 (depending on where you live) and ending on August 19—all in the sign of Leo. Even if you’re not an astrological expert, it’s pretty likely you’re familiar with all of the do’s and don’ts of this event. Don’t sign contracts, don’t buy electronics, and don’t start a road trip with a simple “gas and go.” However, do back up computers, do change your passwords, and double-check correspondence. Communication and devices tend to go wonky too and simple mistakes can become big misunderstandings.

For a more in-depth look at how Mercury retrograde impacts you, read with an astrology psychic!

Mercury retrograde is often viewed as negative energy. However, retrogrades are important reasons to pause. They make us rethink, reassess, and revise our plans so we can take a balanced approach once in forward motion again.

Unfinished Business and Business at Hand

When Mercury begins its retrograde, it will join Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron. This is something that may soften Mercury retrograde. However, if you’ve got unfinished business, there’s no avoiding it. And while it seems like there’s no escape, the determined sign of Leo will help you get on with the business at hand. Astrology can show you all of the roads ahead so you can pick the best route.

Now, let’s take a look at your Sun sign and see where Mercury retrograde impacts it for the next three weeks:


Mercury retrograde occurs in your fifth house of dates, playmates, and social situations. Therefore, don’t be surprised if an old crush pops up in person or in your head. They will definitely come out of nowhere. A love psychic can certainly help you figure it all out.


You have little patience for negative situations. Just ask any astrology psychic. However, Mercury retrogrades can cause you to disregard past drama. If you’re entertaining family and friends at home or away, make sure you surround yourself with like-minded souls.


With Mercury as your ruler, all Mercury retrogrades affect you. And with an eclipse in your house of philosophy and meaningful truth, it’s best to have a laid-back attitude. An astrology psychic can certainly help you sort stuff out.


You’ve set your focus on security. However, the Mercury retrograde in your second house of income might throw you a curveball. Something needs your immediate attention. It distracts you too. Call a money psychic to get some clarity on the situation.


This Mercury retrograde period, just be you. A retrograde in your first house of self can make you seem overly assertive or self-conscious. However, a career advice psychic can help you manage this energy at work.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be transiting your twelfth house of spirituality. It’s a forked path and moving forward may feel stifling. However, reviewing some connections that have gone stale may bring healing. A love psychic can help you figure it all out.


You’re finally feeling like focusing on the future again. However, you’ve got personal stuff to clean up first. Mercury retrograde can also mess with your business. An astrology psychic or numerology psychic can help you get through this confusing time.


Career is the focus of your Mercury retrograde experience. Back up your electronic devices and avoid buying new equipment. Double-check emails, texts, and fine print too. A career advice psychic can help you navigate the retrograde and the upcoming eclipse.


Mercury retrograde touches your ninth house of publishing, legal stuff, philosophy, and foreign places. As a result, you should dress rehearse any idea you’re launching. Get advice from a life path psychic now, and save yourself lots of last-minute stress later.


Your eighth house of things shared with others will be the focus of this Mercury retrograde. It’s the perfect time to address any imbalances in relationships and responsibilities. This includes anything that relies on a partnership. A love psychic will have some good advice for you.


Mercury retrogrades through your seventh house of relationships. This means that there’s a chance for misunderstandings. However, it’s also a great time to clear the air—calmly and quietly. A love psychic can help you navigate the path forward.


Mercury retrogrades in your house of daily habits, rituals, and well-being. You may feel like joining a gym or starting a new regime. However, this is not the time to commit to anything. Don’t stress out over it! An astrology psychic can help you with timing.

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