The Total Lunar Eclipse: Old is New

The Total Lunar Eclipse: Old is New

The Windows Between Worlds

July 27 brings the longest eclipse of the moon during this century. It’s a total lunar eclipse that reaches across western Asia, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. While it won’t be seen in the US, all of humanity will be impacted and potentially empowered by this huge event.

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This eclipse’s family began at the end of the plague that killed more than half of Europe and Asia. One of the oldest laws that originated at this time is one that stood the test of centuries in England—the Law of Treason. Another law forced the survivors of the plague to work for the upper class. Oddly, some of these same subjects are often discussed today.

Eclipses are Opportunities

The “windows open between worlds” that occur with eclipses are opportunities for you. In particular, this total lunar eclipse offers the energy of the ancient Egyptian lion goddess, Sekhmet. She was a fierce hunter, healer, and protector. The Egyptians believed that “evil trembles before her.” In the Eastern world, the Hindu goddess, Durga/Shakti rode a tiger/lion. She was the “one who eliminates suffering.” She represents the sun and the moon, like this total lunar eclipse.

Change, Strategy, and Communication

This eclipse series emphasizes major change through strategy and clear communication. Emotions and idealism run high too. Mythically, the “god” relents in this case and reunites mother/daughter when the mother’s love overwhelms. That gets attention.

Here’s how this total lunar eclipse energy affects you:


You are fiery about lovers, friends, and your social climate during this total lunar eclipse period. Just don’t overdo it with your money. You’re also in a good position to make a wise investment. Just take a breath and think about your ultimate goal.


You may be feeling anxious in general as the world around you seems confused. Others are at odds. However, you can funnel your energy into creativity and love. All will settle down thanks to you.


This total lunar eclipse is about your usual talent—communication. But this time it’s intense, emotional, and anchored within your spirituality. You have no fear about speaking up for what’s right and it’s powerful. Just be sensitive to others who have experienced loss and support them.


Much of what this total lunar eclipse means to you involves your deepest desire for security and your sexual needs. Now you’re free from old ideas so go find new joy and satisfaction. Responsibilities to partners can have strong effects on your decisions. However, safety for your home and family come first.


This intense total lunar eclipse has your ruling sun in your sign. The moon is in the opposite sign of Aquarius, demanding you really listen to those you influence and lead—at home or at work. You also need to be ready for surprises in these areas and adapt to your great, new life.


You will be working through many of your most suppressed feelings during this total lunar eclipse. Much of it is about how willing you are to serve and work for others without any recognition. You’re a natural to service and you care so much about life. However, you should ask for the recognition and benefits you deserve.


Be prepared for surprises when it comes to money during this total lunar eclipse period. They could be great surprises, as long as you invest well in your career and your dreams of what should be. If you take that direction you’ll enjoy creativity and find the joy in what you’re doing.


Your public image is front and center in your life. At the same time, your home and family come first. This is such an intense period that you’ll need to balance your time! You’re feeling inspired, spiritually and creatively too. Just balance all of your ideals to reach your goals.


Your loving and powerful communications are part of your future plans. You’re ready to speak up about everything and everyone you care about, including the culture that surrounds you. However, be sure to take care with your money. You’ll be fine but move carefully at this time.


You’re serious about what motivates people’s values and you’ll invest in what works for the common good. Your creative efforts are innovative—possibly even transformational—if you commit yourself to the future as you dream it. Speak those words and you’ll be successful.


This once-in-a-century total lunar eclipse is in your sign, and it’s as powerful as you make it. People who appear to have power over you may find themselves surprised by changes in the world. You read the public and the future well, so use that to promote your talents.


You’re the object of romance and love during this total lunar eclipse—a lovely thing. At the same time, you have to look deep inside to acquire your greatest desires. Work certainly has its demands and its joys if you follow your intuition.

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