Your Mercury Horoscope for August 2013

Mercury: from Dramatic to Detailed

With Mercury transiting from Leo to Virgo, the spirit of communication moves from inspirational acceptance to inspecting every detail.

Read on to find out how Mercury impacts you this August!


You may find your attention span isn’t the greatest this month, Aries. And for you, that’s saying something. You’d be best served to hold off on executing your big ideas until after the 23rd, when Mercury transits to Virgo and when you’re less likely to miss the details.


While expanding your horizons, remember the importance of critical thought versus dogma. Only you know what works for you! You’ll feel more levelheaded after Mercury transits to Virgo on the 23rd.


Keep your ear to the ground for professional opportunities. They’re bound to spring from surprising sources. Meanwhile, enjoy the whirlwind of excitement throughout mid-month. Things settle down as September nears.

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Positivity prevails this month, Cancer. If you keep your feet planted firmly, your imagination can propel you. You are capable of great things if you stay the course and trust your gut.


Mercury is in your sign for the bulk of this month, Leo. That gives you an extra special spotlight. Keep your arrogance in check and try not to exaggerate. You’ll find yourself checked later in the month if you’re not honest now.


You may find yourself irritated by seemingly endless exaggerations. When Mercury enters your sign on the 23rd, your powers of perception are at a high. Just be mindful of the way you deliver your observations.


You’re working hard at manifesting something. Whether it’s personal, professional or both, it’s based on a grand vision of your life as you’d truly like it. Don’t be discouraged by the emerging details late month. Instead, be inspired.

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Adventure is in the air, stinger, and the universe is supporting you. The catch is not to get caught up in the spirit and lose sight of your own role in your destiny. Take responsibility for the work while enjoying the fruits of your labor.


You may be in need of shared resources. However, don’t let your needs cloud your judgment. In all this could be a very exciting time so long as you keep your wits about you. Reserve decision making for late in the month, after Mercury transits to Virgo.


You’re showier than usual in terms of self-expression. Is it because you’re feeling particularly passionate? Perhaps. And definitely so after the winged one transits to fellow earth sign, Virgo, enhancing your communicative prowess.


Summer is in full swing, Aquarius, and you may find yourself caught up in a whirlwind. Don’t let the drama drown out the details of what could be some very real progress toward a personal or professional goal.

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The stars are supporting you right now, Pisces. And while you may find yourself drawn to grand gestures, take heed in the fact that your intentions are well-placed and likely to bear fruit.

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