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An Astrology Inferno

Why not ignite your love life with a few sparks of seduction based on your lover’s astrological sign? Careful, though. What you’re about to learn could knock a kinky Aquarian out of his leather chaps and convince a sexy Scorpion that he’s not the only one with master skills in the bedroom. Take control in the boudoir forever, for a night or just long enough to get the party started.


Energetic Aries is easily turned on by activities that get his head spinning and his heart pumping. Why not race him up the stairs, rip off his clothes and get on top of the situation. Add to the adventure by blindfolding him or being inventive.


There are two things a Taurus loves: long, slow kisses on the neck and lips and expensive, yet thoughtful gifts. It’s not that they’re shallow, but if seduction is the game, going with a flattering, slow-burn approach will get the bull in the mood to charge.

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Amp up your communication skills for Gemini, then do a double assault on his senses by stroking his hand and dabbling in a little dirty talk. Add some sexy music in the background to increase the sensory stimulation. Tell him about your naughty plan for later.


Cancers are big on romance and affection and that might even be enough. But why stop there, when a few long, deep kisses and a light but deliberate cruise of their chest and tummy with your fingers will get the response you want. Once completely out of their shells, Cancers can be quite adventurous.

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Treat him like he’s the king of your jungle, and turn those initial strokes down his back into gentle scratches that will make him purr. This may get him so worked up that he’ll turn over and pounce on you before you know it.


Treat the body-conscious Virgo to a sexy, seductive massage. You can steer this boat out of the harbor by giving him your undivided attention, but he’ll be sure to tell you exactly where you’re going. Letting him have his way is sure to bring out his amorous side.


Send him a sexy note inviting him for a night of intrigue and then, like a scene from a classic movie, set your stage with the tools of seduction: candles, music and atmosphere. Pull him close by running your fingers inside his waistband, from front to back while your lips are just barely touching.


For Scorpio, being naughty seduces him mind, body and soul. Be inventive with a little role play—wear something sexy and make him feel like he’s doing something (or someone) he shouldn’t and you won’t have to convince him to play along.

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If you want to seduce the archer, your best bet is to take him on an outdoor adventure. He loves getting wild in the wild. Be the wood nymph of his dreams and be sure to massage his legs after he’s finished chasing you around… so he can do it again!


Capricorns like the more traditional side of seduction and fantasy. Be his Mrs. Jones and place your wandering hands on his sensitive knees. Pretend you’re the boss and make him beg you for a raise. If he’s good, give him a bonus too.


Aquarians likes dirty phone calls and naughty text messages meant only for them! The kinkier the better and that includes scenarios, fantasies and/or all the props you can possibly imagine. They’ll try just about anything once.


Not all Pisceans have foot fetishes, but they all like sexy feet and/or shoes. Dazzling him from the ground up is a sure way to catch the fish. When you fearlessly dive into his fantasy-driven pool, he’ll adore you for it.

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  1. LJ

    Glad to hear it – two very grounded people make a nice bond – you just gave me the biggest smile – thanks Quinn.

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  3. psychic quinn 5484

    girl you hit all the right spots with this article.
    virgo husband, gets his way – capricorn wife is very happy.
    🙂 🙂 🙂


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