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Meaning of Astrological Terms | California Psychics

Astrological Aspects

As someone who has studied, and continues to study astrology, I’m pretty well-versed in “astro-terminology.” However, I understand how confusing it can all be for someone who doesn’t have a basic knowledge of astro-speak. Hopefully this guide will help translate some astro-terminology into English, helping everyone understand the importance and implications of transits, aspects, and more (see what I mean?)

When I first learned about astrology, it helped me to understand all the mumbo-jumbo by thinking of each sign, each house, and each planet as having a sort of “personality.”  For instance, I dubbed Libra the flirty “Hollywood” sign. They sparkle and they’re great at setting a mood in a room with little touches of style and pizzazz.  Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, so it makes sense that Venus and the traditional seventh house represents partnerships and commitments. Both Venus and Libras love to be in love and they know how to turn on the charm. This may not be standard learning procedure in the astrology world, but it worked for me as a way to get to the next step.

The Layman’s Translation

Aspect, Angles, and Degrees 

An aspect is the distance or angle between any two planets and/or signs. Each sign consists of 30 degrees. When a planet enters a sign, it enters at 0 degrees. As it progresses through a sign it goes from 0 to 30 degrees; when it hits 30 degrees, it’s about to enter a new sign, again at 0 degrees. This is called a transit, and some planets move faster through this course than others.

When a planet or sign sits at an angle to another, it’s call an aspect. It’s the aspects that determine if you’ll have an easier or more challenging time of things. Twelve signs that consist of 30 degrees each, (12 x 30) equals the 360 degrees of the zodiac wheel. The aspects are described in terms of 180 degrees (half of the zodiac wheel in one direction or another). Below describes the “mood” created by certain aspects:


0 degrees or not apart

If two planets occupy the same degree or are very close to each other, they are said to be conjunct. The mood: combined energies, making them stronger.


30 degrees apart

If two planets are one sign away from each other they are semi-sextile. It’s a meeting of two wildly different next door neighbors. The mood: Challenging; opposites with some commonalities.


60 degrees apart

Planets that are two signs apart from each other are at sextile angle. It’s a favorable angle. The mood: Friendly, open, and communicative.


90 degrees apart

Planets that are three signs apart present a challenging aspect that can also prove motivating. The mood: Tense, power struggles, and leading to conflict resolution.


120 degrees apart

Planets that are four signs apart are considered a trine. They also represent signs that are matching in element (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water). The mood: Compatible, harmonious, easy going, relaxed.


150 degrees apart

Planets that are five signs apart are considered quincunx. This is a workable angle, but it does require some work on both ends to get along as they are vastly different. It creates an opportunity for understanding and going deeper than just the surface. The mood: Constant adjustment, continuous work.


180 degrees apart

Planets that are six signs apart have a full horizon-type view of each other. Halfway through the zodiac, this aspect requires balance. There is the ability to create something greater than expected and find a new perspective. 180 degrees apart indicates signs with matching qualities (cardinal, fixed, and mutable). The mood: Compromise, finding and maintaining balance, seeing yourself from the outside-in rather than inside-out.

Now that you see how aspects create the backdrop, you can see what planets may be involved and use what you know about their “personalities” and the areas they cover to see how they may interact under these circumstances.

For instance, if Mars was to square Saturn – we know that Mars is a planet that likes to move forward with force and Saturn like to follow the rules – in a square, this could cause some tense vibes. While Mars is putting the pedal to the metal, Saturn is putting the brakes on – clearly it would be a difficult situation, and probably a bit tense.

Will current and future aspects lead you down a rocky road or open up a better path to take? Tracking the movement of the planets can tell you a lot about what’s to come, so that you can take advantage of stellar moments or avoid possible pitfalls.


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