How to Fix a Friendship After a Major Falling Out

How to Fix a Friendship After a Major Falling Out | California Psychics

Is Your Friendship Meant to Last?

Getting into a fight with a friend can be super stressful. Unlike marriages or family relationships, friendships don’t have legal contracts or bloodlines tying them together, so there’s no insurance, so to speak, if you have a major falling out with a pal. Plus, losing an important confidant and partner in crime, even just temporarily, can really take a toll on you mentally; however, you can take the necessary steps to repair the bond so you and your friend can get back on track. Here’s how to fix a friendship!

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Don’t Focus on Who’s to Blame

Playing the blame game will only pull you and your pal further apart. Unless your friend really wronged you and won’t take any responsibility for their actions—in which case you might need to reevaluate the friendship entirely—chances are that both of you played a role in the falling out. Missed communication, hurt feelings, and unintentional slights all happen over the course of any relationship; however, blaming each other won’t allow you to move past whatever happened and it’s certainly not a part of how to fix a friendship. Instead, allow yourself and your friend the space to recover, then reach out to your friend to try and clear the air. Open communication is one of the first, most important steps in mending any relationship, especially a friendship.

Decide if You Can Get Over it

There are some things that, no matter how many times a friend apologizes, you won’t be able to forgive. This is simply because situations that involve disloyalty are really hard to get over, but each situation is unique and varies from person to person. If you were the one who wronged your friend though, then you need to decide if you can forgive yourself in addition to your friend forgiving you, or if you’ll always feel a sense of guilt and shame that you need to overcompensate for. Before your friendship can be rebuilt, you both have to come to terms with whether or not you can put the past behind you.

Take Responsibility

Want to know how to fix a friendship? Own up to your part in the strife between you two. Whether you were the one who caused the falling out or not, there are two sides to every story and at least two people involved in every conflict. Therefore, apologize for your actions and words that may have been hurtful, without over-explaining or putting the reasons for your slights back on your friend. And give your friend a chance to respond as well; not necessarily to apologize or forgive you. But they deserve to get their own feelings, including unaddressed pain, off their chest, if your friendship has a chance of repair and renewal.

Give it Time

Know that friendships can bounce back but it takes time to return to the same level of closeness—if that’s possible. Don’t force yourself to get over the situation right away or start hanging out just like you used to. Everything and everyone need time to heal. Instead, lower your expectations. Don’t push the friendship to get back on track before both of you are ready. You may need to start from scratch in order to lay a foundation for a friendship that can last.

Take Baby Steps Back Toward Friendship

When you feel like the time is right, taking it slow is the best course of action. Send texts to your friend to feel them out. Go out for coffee or a walk. Hang out in a group setting. Trying to do too much too soon together may feel forced or awkward. Communicate with each other about how much space you might need and what level of hanging out or talking feels right to you. It could take a few days, or it could take months to start feeling somewhat back to normal again.

Understand that Change Could be Permanent

Even if you’ve chosen to forgive each other, said your peace, and taken incremental steps to rebuild your bond, your friendship dynamic could be forever shifted after a major falling out. Like any relationship, friendships change and adapt over time. You may not have the exact same relationship but, eventually, you’ll hopefully have a stronger, more meaningful bond, one that is more mature, understanding, and capable of weathering the years to come because of what you were able to overcome together.

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