Love and Date a Libra

Are You and Libra a Match?

If you’ve got your eye on a Libra, there’s little wonder why. Ruled by Venus and often referred to as “the partnership sign,” they have charms that anyone might find hard to resist. So if you’ve got your heart set on dating one, now is the time to find out if you two are compatible!

The Only Constant is Change

People born under the sign of Libra often feel like “something’s missing” when they’re single. No one loves to be in love more than this lovely sign, and they’ll pull out all the stops to attract it. Ironically, as the Kings and Queens of Contradiction, once they’re sure that you two are an item, they won’t feel the constant need (or the pressure that they put themselves under) to be so über-attentive. It’s not that they love you less after you say “yes,” it just means that they’re finally feeling balanced…at least in love…at least for now.

If you want to make them smile just tell them that you’re crazy about them and say it often. Libras can be charming, sweet, quirky, confusing and again contradictory, but they’re also adorably irresistible. They’re sometimes in need of a little reassurance that the love is everlasting—even if it might not last forever.

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Date a Libra

Social media must have been invented by a Libra. No one in the zodiac is more gregarious or more in their element than a Libra in a social setting. If you’re out on a date with a Libra, be prepared to meet everyone and anyone you encounter—not only at your destination but at every stop along the way. The evening will no doubt wind down with a close encounter that rivals any epic romance ever captured on film.

Loving a Libra

For as much love, romance and togetherness as Libra gives (and craves) the thought of “together forever” can also make them cringe.
Libra literally lives for the moment, and they’re just happy to get to the end of each day or week. Having to think about 20 years down the road just makes them antsy because they know that in life, anything is possible. However, even if a relationship is in trouble, Libra would rather attempt to fix the problem than entertain the idea of having to look for love all over again.

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Love and the Libra Man

What’s not to love? Well no one is perfect, but when it comes to having a romantic man who loves to share candlelit dinners, hand holding and moonlight kisses, as well as every other part of his world, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Whatever the Libra man has to give to a relationship, he’ll gladly share it with you.

“You don’t have to be beautiful or perfect to be loved.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178

Love and the Libra Woman

She’s not a drama queen, but she is exciting, affectionate and charming and even when faced with a stressful situation, she’s the epitome of “grace under pressure.” She’ll tell you that she’s unpredictable and spontaneous, which she can be, but she’s also quite content for the moment to have a partner to share life’s everyday moments with.

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42 thoughts on “Love and Date a Libra

  1. Rose

    Well all very interesting and much on point , libra male and female do differ to some extent . Keep interest alive . If your with me yes I want to hear why from time to time . I am romantic and very sexual sign. If I feel I’m not appreciated for my attentiveness , generosity even just a sprinkle I’m having a attitude lol. Because we give all and love deep . We need to be with a sign that is a good receiver and a honest monogamous person as well. Because were extremely confident people in our qualities. We can stray if the other party does take advantage of us. We just want to feel loved. And were in it for life!! I’ve been with a libra male lol dynamite play in bed all day . I’ve been with a Leo I think that’s my true life partner. Extremely compatible all the way around . He lets me be a alpha female. Libra male has to be the a Alpha . There was plenty of drama with him . Taurus is my love match I want to spend the rest of my life with him . He does have the stray eye . I constantly keep him focused on me however

  2. virgo

    This one is for gift,
    Well there Gift YES you are compatible in a sense as Leo’s and Saggitarians are of that of the Fire element as these Signs of the Fire Element are very inspirational beings as the Leo is the fixed organiser of the Fire Element and the Saggitarian the Mutable Communicator of the Fire Element but your best bet for in depth and perfect understanding is the other Air Elements and they are another Libran like yourself or an Aquarian or a gullible Gemini as these (3) would be far your better bet but the choice lies within you and your current partner and there is one other that would be good for your current partner also and that is an Aries of which is the born cardinal leader of the fire element but not as an Aries for you there GIFT, like your current partner is fine for you if you wish but it also depends on where his moon sign and ascendants are within his birth chart just to fine tune a few things but I will not get too technical with you, but the choice lies equally upon you both, well bye for now and god bless and the best of British too you both and may happiness continue in both of your lives, but as you can plainly see that I have only just given advice and nothing more, well bye for now and take care.

  3. virgo

    This one is for Stephanie,
    Well there Stephanie if you would have read my blog to Capricorn in love with a Libra, well then you would completely understand the virtues and the pitfalls both between the Libra and the Capricorn and vice versa wether you be a male or a female Libra or a Capricorn both a female or a male, you see even though that you are a Libran by mother nature and also part of the Metaphysical world of Astrology and myself by being a Metaphysicist you must understand something and that is that even though you are a female or in appearance of by being in a physical body of that of a female your soul or your personality likes to know the feminine side of things because in reality your soul even though that you are a female outside but inside of yourself or your soul is masculine and your Capricorn partner even though that he is of a male on the outside but his soul is that of or part of the feminine world and when you liase with your current partner you are feeding him nothing but negative traits as your husband or current partner is already that of a negative feminine soul or nature so to speak where as you like to know the feminine side of things and speak of the feminine traits that go with you, but your body even though that you are a female as I had stated before but you are an idealist, aggressive and dynamic in a very mental manner where as your husband or current partner by being a Capricorn is a material, secretive, reflective person and loves to work in a very strong strategic manner, so can you see why the main reasons why that use have so many complications as your husband or current partner will always speak of the masculine traits because your husbands soul or spirit is already that of feminine even though that your husband is a male on the outside through and through and if you would have known anything at all about the world of metaphysics you would have not have been involved at all with this man as your husbands best partners are another Capricorn like himself by mother nature, a Taurus or a Virgo as these kind of females are designed for him and they are his best bet like there are another two and they are from the water element and they are a Pisces or a Scorpio but it just depends on where the moon signs or ascendants take place within these females that he takes up with and they are everything like our Earth counterparts except they work in a very, very sensitive manner and for yourself as a Libran well you guessed it another Libran like yourself or even an Aquarian or a gullible Gemini the twins as these would share your very upmost expectations of your very well masculine traits within your female body and that you speak of all of the feminine traits of which your male counterpart would pick up on and he would respect that and appreciate that as he would love all of the feminine talk you speak to him about and be able to counteract your short comings with swift and ease as he would make a lot of sense for what you are speaking of too him and the same in vice versa and another two for you to enhance your capabilities once again would be that of two fire signs and they are either a Leo of which is the fixed organiser of the Fire element or of course your Saggitarian male depending on where there moon signs and ascendants lie within your birth chart as you would find very easily understanding and with ease communication with these two males as well, because these males within these Air and Fire sign elements love all of the feminine traits because you would be speaking of it to them and they would admire this kind of communication towards you and they would treat you and respect you as a lady on how that you deep inside love to be admired for as your male counterparts would and do speak of feminine traits and any of these males that I have mentioned to you, you, would admire them for there matrimonial support wether you are friends, lovers, mates or even business associates you would find better compatibility and compassion from them as I am very surprised that you had lasted for 13 years with your current partner as both of you need a chester pennant or even a gold medal or even a medallion but to me it has been his and your loss of which you will never ever see none of that 13 years plus back never again a with the right and correct partners you would not be here on this California Psychic page, I just hope that I have been some assistance for use both and I hope that if use do leave each other and end up getting a divorce that use do not feel any kind of bitterance towards each other as it was just not mean’t to be, but I hope that I have shed some kind of light and hope on your relationship and may use find better empathy and happiness for the future between the two of you as I have only given advice and nothing more as use pair can take it or leave it as the choice only belongs between the two of you as use are both over 21 and so the choice is yours, bye for now and god bless and the best of British too the both of you, bye for now and take care.

  4. Tshidi

    Am a Libran woman, this article is so spot on. I mean really I can have english breakfast for the rest of the year though there should be sth new in between that will make me go back to my english breakfast and enjoy it all over again. Same applies to relationships, I love my man – Capricon – of course but have another – is also Capricon – just to make my relationship exciting, don’t know why I fall for Caps but they are very sexy and yes the sex is out of this world, nice to be with though they are so also unfaithful. They also like their net full of different fishes though they would still ask you what do you expect from them in future. But I always go back to my man cause I love him to bits and he loves me too. But if a Capricon doesn’t rule they criticise and run or find a shoulder to cry on so it doesn’t happen with them and us vause with us we always get what we want and make you do what we want in a very sweet and polite way. So Caps are never up for a challenge, but what can we say, we love and understand them and always keep up with their nonsense. That’s us and people must stop misjudging us cause they will never understand us.

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  6. Pisces

    I’m divorcing my Librain husband after 8yrs of marriage…to which the last 5 were hell! He was very passionate in bed, caring father & just all around great guy for the first 3yrs…..then started the wondering eye & unfaithfulness, lies upon lies…which lead to the whole bipolar & physical abuse! Maybe are signs don’t match….I do know one thing! I will definitely steer clear of any libra men! Of course all I hear is how great they are in the beginning…..& how bipolar they are at the end! Oh…he was a big time people pleaser; he would go out of his way to do anything for anyone even if it meant problems for us! I could never understand how he could continually hurt me after everything I did for him day in & day out! ;( lesson learned! 😉

  7. Stephanie

    A Libra to Capricorn male for 13 years happily up until the past 2-3 years and it seems that now all we do is disagree and argue about everything, money jobs fidelity and most importantly, pride and ridiculous invasion of boundaries, from both parties. We love each other still but is there hope for us? Just when I think we’re getting back on track, something else happens to create chaos and we’re getting right back to arguing about the most ridiculous things. I want this marriage to work badly, but are we wasting our time?

  8. Edna

    This Libra stuff is so right, they well say and do what ever to cover up the mistakes, and can talk anyone into doing what they want. I have been married to a Libra for over 30 years. He is the sweetie loving person I know but he often wonders to other and think it is all okay. I love this man but I’m not in love with any more. Go to the Libra and read all of what it says but falling for this person your heart will be broken time and time again

  9. virgo

    My dear Capricorn in love with a Libra,
    Well for what can I say you have really and truly have made a very, very, poor choice and you are the one on who’s soul is in great sufferance of incompatability with this Libran man and by the way I do not believe that this man does suffer with bipolar it is just that you two personality traits are just very incompatible with each other as I always believe that the soul itself will always heal any kind of illness especially any kind of mental illness wether it be bipolar or ADHD or ADD, as any shrink anywhere around the whole world will very gladly take your money to find the solutions to you problems but believe you me you will never find it on the bottom of a bottle of tablets and nor will you find the problems to your solutions with any given councillor as use must understand that if use two were to separate and find true love and compatability your souls will heal over time and eventually you will see these bipolar drugs disappear from your husbands perspective I mean have a very hard and close look at yourselves as you for being a Capricorn female you are a true feminine spirited person and your husband is a very true masculine spirited person, but here is the problem and that you already know the Feminine traits about yourself but you like to know the masculine traits and like to think positive about things right well hear is the other side of the fence and that is that your husband already knows the masculine side of things as your husband likes to know the feminine side of things as this is what his soul is searching for but unless that you are a gifted person as a Capricorn then you would not know of this trait within your husband and if your husband had left you and you had left him before that use were married in the first place I can guarantee that your husband if he was with a either a Libran female, because her outright soul is of masculine spirited to suit his versatile ways or if your husband was married to an Aquarian or even a Gemini of which that he would be most compatible with to have open communication and to be more understanding towards these other masculine spirited females and then I can guarantee that your current partner would not even suffer with any form of bipolar what so ever and for you on the other hand by being a Capricorn female yes you are true feminine but like to think positive of the masculine traits I like to think of manly things within a male well let me tell you about a little secret also and that is yes like Virgos like myself are of masculine on the outside because you can see my material body but my soul or spirit is that of feminine and no not because as you may think that I am a queer or something its just that my soul also thinks of masculine traits and the things that I would speak of too you would make a lot of commonsense to you and therefore within time either around a Virgo like myself or a Taurean male or even a Capricorn male for yourself you too would not have any form of mental illness what so ever too, but as I had said before this conversation had all begun and that is that you have to be gifted in some way to fully comprehend the spiritual world or to fully comprehend the art of Astrology as Astrology belongs to an art of the world of Metaphysics and to be or study to be takes many, many years to perfect such a wonderful science especially a spiritual science by understanding personality traits of who that we really are and not on who that we think that we are so does this make any form of sense to you as I hope it does but I can’t make decisions for you as you must find thing’s out like this for yourself, well by for now Capricorn in love with a Libra and I hope that I have been of some help for you and your current partner too maybe help use communicate a bit more effectively within your relationship, but for my advice heal your souls and go out there and find true love to heal all of your wounds instead of by being in a NEGATIVE circle as by answering to each other all of the time is just going around and around and around in circles so is this seed growing, I see not, but this is not for me to say as it is up to use to decide, well the very best of British and may god be with use both and I hope that your husbands bipolar heal with grace, well by for now for the both of you and take care.

  10. Naima

    My sweet son is a libra I love him to pieces. I’m a taro and we get along well. He does change alot which can get under my skin and he can be air headed from time to time but the love and caring that he gives his mommy overshadows that and I would not change my sweet boy for all the gold in the world Joshua mommy loves you 🙂

  11. virgo

    This one is for Mary,
    You poor woman having to date a Taurus and by being married to one proves that you belong to the Air Element and this just proves on how mental you really are, because if you already have known that your current husband was a Taurus well why then did you marry him for, I mean Mary haven’t you ever known the old facts and that is ‘always try before you buy’, Taureans will and always will belong to the Earth Elements of the (material) side of things and as the same goes for Capricorns, and any other kind of Taurean as well as any given Virgo’s, I mean you must have known in the first place that either another Gemini such as yourself or even an Aquarian or as you had stated a Libra and by being so (mental) on the way that use Air signs are must know on that the compatability with any given wether it be a Water sign or an Earth sign is far from any kind of compatability that is designed for the Air Element, so a lesson learned ‘always look before you leap’, well by for now there Mary and the best of British and I do hope that you find your true love for what you are seeking, and also another two that you can either be friends with or if you want a relationship with and they are two Fire signs and they are for one of them are an Aries of which belongs to the fire sign side of things or even a Leo of which is the fixed organiser of the fire sign element as fire needs air to remain combustible to keep the spark alive because without Air or oxygen the fire would soon burn out, so therefore fire just can’t survive without oxygen or air as it would soon die out, so there you have it there Mary your very well compatible portfolio for you, and happy hunting, so by for now and take care and god bless.

  12. deb

    Response to >Vanessa September 19, 2013 at 4:57 pm
    Your Libra man could not come to terms with his inability to make you happy, as he became ill. Libra will only criticize and vent negativity to the ONE that they feel closest to. Ironic, reverse psychology? My Libra man will get temperamental with me and others will comment on how charming he is. Yet, he accepts my outbursts, as well. I hope this helps you understand that this man did not stop loving you before he died.

  13. lady of the lake

    Married to two libras, one on 9th and one on 10th of Oct.
    First one died very young and second we were married for 20 years. Every man I see that I like on line seems to be a libra.

  14. kecha

    for those that don’t like Libras its only because we are very unique and some signs aggrevate us…we don’t get along with every sign…Lol

  15. anil

    very well said as i am just – 21 years married to my libra woman and my 12 year daughter….both librans…
    They live fopr today and me CAPRICORN man -imagine?

  16. capricorn in love with a libra

    Hello I’m married to a libra and tgis is so on point,my husband needs to be assured daily of my love for him,he keeps hoping for the worst,I love him to pieces and couldn’t imagine life without his bipolar tail though

  17. Tammie

    As a Scorpio female ,I do not really get along with Libras too much. for any thing more than just casual friends. They tend to be know- it- alls and bossy. They are argumentative and downright b@##$&. It is especially bad when I work for them. I would never get romantically involved with one of them. They are rude and obnoxious as well. I will stick with my Pisces and Capricorns. They are so much better for me.

  18. virgo

    once again you must be joking, by going out with a ‘MENTAL CASE’, the born cardinal leader of the Air element use very well that the Air Element’s and the Earth Elements of the ‘ MATERIALISTIC WORLD ‘, just do not get on as the Earth element people of personalities are ‘SOLID GROUND’, compared to the sun signs of Libra, Aquarious and the peter pan theory of the gullible twins of Gemini, use must think that I have come out of the last shower or something, well to the best of everybody ad to the best of British, I hope that this has been of some thought for some, by for now and god bless.

  19. c.wright.thru.u.

    Divine infinite blessings, praises, gratitude, appreciation, love, light, prosperity, peace, and total well being/doing/having to ALL Libra women, especially Kathryn O., eternally.

  20. Vanessa

    My deceased husband was a Libra& I still miss him dearly… He was wonderful, very caring, intelligent&a hard worker&a very good father&husband…. but he changed. Got into drugs&starting treating me terrible. I wish I knew what his problem was. He was too proud to tell me. He died& I can’t get over why he was wonderful to others, but treated me so bad.

  21. Tina

    My man of almost 12 yrs. is a Libra and yes….he is charming, sexy, good looking and very appealing. He is also bi-polar, fickle, argumentative, untrustworthy and extremely lazy. Trust me…the bad traits outweigh the good!

  22. teresa

    man i am so very happy just cant beleive that i am so content with this man a libra never have felt so loved and sexy before with a man he is wonderful i pray i have him in my life from this day forward!!!!!!! just in love with this man!!!!!!!!!

  23. vicki

    was and still am married to a libra he is the love of my life. he left 10 years ago want him back so bad. no one I’ve dated has compared to him

  24. Lashpal

    I am Libra indian lady. You are very true. I always seek love and parternship. I am married yet I seek partners and good friends to share my self. I feel very good if ihave friends in my life and love in my life.

  25. Lashpal

    I am Livra indian lady. You are right i always want to share and having true loce in life. Sometimes i seek my loce partner keenly. Thank you.

  26. Lilieth

    I’m dating a Libra! I lover everything I see so far we can talk about anything.
    He is charming loving knows how to takes care of his lady.and everything you said is true.

  27. amble balu

    I want to meet a Libra woman. 5’3″ to 5’5′ height about 120 lbs. Preferably Asian Indian. between 53 and 59 years. should be very fair. Do you think it is in my future.

  28. william Bumpous

    HI,I am married to Cathy a Libra.THanks for the advice.We are to travel to Montana when it rains money from heaven.They heard my cries.It will happen in a few weeks or more.It will happen this year.I know what i do in Montana.There is seven zeros in the money.The first number is one.Golden Girl told me of the number 9.It is broken down to 3,3,3.Each number has it’s meaning.Is golden Girl a real person???I tried to get back but was declined by your company.Golden Girl tried to contact me several weeks ago.I got declined.I am in the waiting mode right now.The adventure will soon begin with Cathy.Please forward this to the person Golden Girl if she can be reached.There were some warnings there she was trying to contact me about.Tell her I know who the envious one is now.Let this one know nothing.I know what the surprise is.If I was told of it it would not be a surprise.I was told in 1992.I am in that house now that was describe when the surprise comes.I am of interest to GOLDEN GIRL.Please call her and read this.I live through the financial collapse,the great war that comes,and the earth changes.I live long.We are on the edge of these events and they are at the door knocking.Help me Golden Girl.

  29. Leslie

    Thanks for article. I am a Libra female and now single again after 35 years of marriage and how true your words are. I am really having difficulties being single again without a love or male friend with desirable characteristics. Not easy to just go out and find that balancing alternate opposite side of the scales. Ultimate would be to find / connect with a Libra male!!!

  30. Donna

    Hello:I need help after reading this.I’ve been married to a Libra for 20yrs.;asked him to please leave 8/9 yrs. ago;wouldn’t.I’m no leaving as he does not talk,we have NO\
    communication of any kind.. WHY???????????????///
    I cannot do it on my own,went to marriage counsellor but he would not go;nothing wrong with me he said..


  31. Gloria

    everything you say about loving a Libra is true.. right on.. I wish I was RICH… I would love to spend hours talking to a psychic about my Libra..


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