Your Weekly Money Horoscope for July 29 to August 4, 2013

Transform Your Money Karma!

On the 30th transformative Pluto and Venus make contact and you may discover an unexpected treasure. Mars squares Uranus on July 31, so hold off on signing agreements because you don’t have all the facts yet. On August 2 Mars and Venus encourage relaxing and staying home can save you money. On August 4 the Sun and Uranus bring pleasant (possibly financial) surprises.


The headway you’re making at work could lead to a better-paying position. On August 4 Uranus in your sign helps you find a weekend bargain that fits your budget.


Your diligence and hard work are getting you noticed and winning you kudos from higher ups, but wait until next month to ask for a raise. It’s likely they could mention it first.


During the end of July and beginning of August you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on financials. Some unexpected expenses may pop up (possibly travel-related) so try to save and prepare.

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In July you had to tighten up the budget a bit and going into August it will be much of the same. it’s not a big deal because you’re an expert at it now and you’re doing okay financially.


On the 28th you may have found a bargain, and the 30th of July could be another good day when you find a way to add extra cash to your wallet. Enjoy the simple things in life that don’t cost a lot.


Family-related expenses may pop up out of nowhere and you may have to scramble to make things happen, but you will because you always do. Just make sure you’re paying for activities you actually approve of.

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You’ll have a slightly challenging week when work and home not only vie for your time but finances too. Find balance between both and remember that work gives you the money you spend on home and family needs.


The last week in July intertwines your money forecast with your social and career obligations. You’re feeling the pressure to make more for family obligations and the boss wants more for little or no reward. Take a breath and ride it out.

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Venus in your career house helps you get noticed for your work ethic and you could finally be earning what you’re worth. Also, look into refinancing or selling items you don’t need. The planets support ingenuity this week.


Your money horoscope for this week reminds you to keep an eye on the budget. While many opportunities come your way, your practical nature knows not to count your eggs before they’re hatched.


A raise, bonus or a promotion are all likely scenarios in your weekly money horoscope, either for you, your partner or for the both of you. However, be wary of someone who tries to undermine your success.


The end of July and into August, your work schedule can be hectic and at times difficult to manage. The benefits are great pay, recognition for your creativity and getting noticed by higher ups.

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  1. david ikechi

    please i just want to know why any i ‘m on business and the busines is about to pay something will happen then the business will stop with me to get the money . why it always happen to me

  2. c.wright.thru.u.

    Divine infinite ever-increasing blessings of gratitude, love, light, peace, power, oneness, ascension, wealth, health, freedom, total well being/doing/having to you and ALL.

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