Feng Shui For Fun

The ancient secrets of Feng Shui can help stir up some fun in your life. Why? Because we can never get enough good energy flowing! This long practiced way of manifesting what you desire can be applied to just about any area of your life.

It can begin by simply knowing what makes you happy as an individual. So try and identify where your own pleasures are obtained and you’re on the way to livening things up.

Try these easy five ways to heighten good energy in your life – as inspired by Feng Shui:

1. Know what makes you happy
Do you  prefer reading books in bed, watching Food Network shows back-to-back, or a yoga class followed by a yummy vegetarian meal? Whatever it is, focus on the things that bring you fulfillment. Be good to yourself. The happier you feel in each moment, the happier you become on the whole.

2. Release what’s holding you back
In addition to knowing what to include more of in your life, you have to know what you need to nix. The ability to let go is hugely important when it comes to having fun. Clinging to things out of fear or being too set in your ways doesn’t allow the wind to blow in from another direction. Let go of old habits and things that don’t serve you anymore. And that includes the ex who doesn’t treat you like the goddess that you are!

3. Enhance your social life
Do you desire a sense of community or a significant other? Take a look at your environment; it’s a reflection of your thoughts. For instance, that image of image of a single solemn woman captured in ceramic, displayed because it was a gift from your mother, may have to be put away. Images of people laughing are much more conducive to enhancing your social life. Also, what does your table look like? Circular ones bring in conversation. Anything circular is positive! You can also consider creating a space to entertain.

4. Broaden your horizons
Clear that clutter! It’s easier said than done, but it makes a difference. Take time to clear your desk and organize your files. Shred things, clean that closet, and balance your checkbook. Create space and get the energy moving. You will feel much more settled and able to see prospects in a clearer light. Also, keep in mind that nothing should be obstructing your ability to open doors wide. Relocate that hamper behind your bedroom door. Placing a fountain (water) in the East or the Southwest (indoors or outdoors) corner of the house is a good way to bring in wealth and opportunity.

5. Lighten up your mood
Color is important. Anything yellow or orange stimulates the mind. Placing a colorful ornament that makes you smile whenever you see it is also a smart tactic, says Richard Webster author of several books, including Feng Shui for Beginners. “I have a large marmalade-colored stuffed toy cat. The expression on its face is so hilarious that I smile whenever I see it. Something amusing and a little bit unusual would be the best bet.” This ornament should be displayed somewhere where you see it regularly. Live plants are also good at making you feel good.

Pleasing sounds such as music and laughter also create chi (universal life force, air) and increase our feelings of happiness and well-being, adds certified Feng Shui expert Sara Schroerlucke. You can also increase the amount of chi in your environment by increasing the amount of light. Up lamps can be used if your place is dark.

Once the energy is stimulated, the sky is the limit. It is up to you to harness the fun, but the doors will open – all you have to do is decide which ones to enter.

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