Scorpio Fun Facts

Understanding the Deep Mythology of the Scorpio

Scorpio fun is the most intense and sexy fun available! Our film and television hits are full of the “Twilight” and “True Blood” of Scorpio passion. We love the danger of the darkness and digging into those primal parts of ourselves, discovering the mysteries there. Scorpio’s period of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is when there begins to be more darkness than light each day. It is a time of more mystery and magic that defies the glare of daylight. Scorpio is where we unleash our sexiest, most intriguing and titillating passions—feeling intensely alive facing the fear of surrender and death from the strength of Scorpio.

The passionate loyalty of Scorpios as lovers is portrayed in the gods and goddesses of the Underworld. Osiris was Ancient Egypt’s resurrection sky god. His eternal lover, the great goddess Isis traveled Egypt to gather the pieces of his body to revive him through her magical love long enough to conceive his son Horus. He was the resurrection of Osiris. The Mesopotamian goddess Erishkigal was the sister of Inanna (Erishkigal being Venus in the Underworld and Inanna being Venus above the earth). Erishkigal was as powerful as Inanna and the other gods.

When Nergal (our Mars) went to the Underworld in his sexy warrior style he saw Erishkigal, grabbed her by the hair, and they made passionate love for seven days. When Nergal had to return to the “Upperworld,” Erishkigal terrorized the gods swearing that she “had not had enough of him.” She threatened to make the living the dead and the dead the living until he returned. They became eternal lovers as he returned regularly to her. The Mesopotamian astrologers considered Nergal/Mars to be “big trouble” wherever he was in the sky. He was only peaceful when he was in the Underworld with Eriskigal/Venus.

Kore/Persephone was abducted by Hades/Pluto where he made her Queen of the Underworld with him for the dormant part of the year when she is the seed to be born in spring. Today’s Scorpio actors often play roles of eternal “resurrection” lovers or those who must go to the darkness/Underworld for their love to be fulfilled.

Examples are Leonardo DiCaprio who sank into the “Underworld” in “Titanic” as the eternal lover of Libra Venus-type, Kate Winslet. Gerard Butler played Hillary Swank’s eternal love husband who died of cancer shortly after they were married. He reappeared to her as the “ghost” of his memory and in the year of love messages he left to be delivered as she went through her grieving period of letting go. Joaquin Phoenix whose name is even that of a Scorpio resurrection symbol played Johnny Cash, the “man in black” who had a great love who “saved him from himself,” June Cash. Also, Owen Wilson in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” visited the past at midnight in Paris to meet his eternal love.

Scorpio is one clear constellation that is shared in its importance and imagery by Mesopotamia, Greece, the Maya of Central America and India. Babylonian Ziggurats oddly resemble Mayan pyramids and carry the Scorpionic serpent symbolism.

In Indian Vedic astrology if you were born October 23 through November 4, you have Sun in the Nakshatra Swati, a “blade of grass in the wind” reflecting a love of music or musical ability. Examples include Katie Perry, Natalie Merchant, Keith Urban, and Bill Wyman. Your star is Arcturus, indicating someone who is able to lead others into the future. Bill Gates is a perfect example.

This Nakshatra includes the Celtic Cross Quarter Day Samhain or summer’s end, the source of Halloween. This day was believed to be when spirits are closest to the earth offering clairvoyance. If you were born on Halloween, you were considered to be blessed with “second sight.”

Vishakha is the Nakshatra of those born from November 4 through the 19th. You, like the celebrities of this lunar mansion pass through the challenging gates on the way to a new life. Many of these actors can often pass into a role/new life brilliantly, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Burton, Tilda Swinton and Jodie Foster. Some go so far into their roles that it can become difficult, such as the beautiful and tragic Brittany Murphy, or the recent public difficulties of Demi Moore.

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If you were born November 19 through the 21st, you have the Sun in the Nakshatra Anuradha, offering the strong bonds of friendship and honesty. You are an enemy of violence and unresolved disputes. Such people as Indira Gandhi, Marlon Brando, Robert F. Kennedy, Joe Biden, and Meg Ryan have this Nakshatra.

The gates that you pass through to be reborn are much like the sense of an intense sexual experience or a deep psychological revelation. As a Scorpio you offer the “sting” of truth that can heal our most chronic problems and make us realize that what we feared is really part of the great “cosmic joke”—the ultimate relief that opens the world of possibilities for us to have real freedom and joy. Scorpio this is your remarkable, mysterious, and ultimately joyous path.

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