How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts

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Learning How To Flirt

Flirting is fun! However, it can also be a bit confusing when you’re not sure whether someone is flirting with you, which can leave you unsure how to react.

Astrology can help you better understand yourself and how you come across to others. Additionally, knowing someone else’s zodiac sign information and flirtation style can be helpful, and it can give you tips on how to flirt with them.

You can get important insights into how to flirt with someone by reading about not just their sun sign but their moon sign as well. Their sun sign reveals the essence of their personality, and their moon sign reveals their inner emotional make-up, temperament, and desires. If you want even more details, read about their rising sign as well, since this reveals how they are viewed by others thanks to the outer image that they project to shelter their inner self.

If they don’t know or haven’t shared their moon and rising sign, you’d need to know their month, day, year, exact time, and location of birth to calculate these things, which isn’t always practical.

So, in the case that you don’t yet know their zodiac intel, then make your move the classic way. Some of the most effective flirtation comes from being sweet, thoughtful, and considerate. Show a willingness to both give and receive, and don’t underestimate the power of a warm smile, which can unlock even the most frozen hearts. This is how you become more inviting and difficult to resist!

How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts (and How To Flirt Back)

When trying to figure out how to flirt, of course, don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. Some people like to move fast, and some people are much slower and shyer. As you decide how to flirt with your person of interest, it’s usually good to err on the side of restraint, at least until you understand each other’s boundaries.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is a guide to how each zodiac sign makes their interest clear, whether you want to better understand yourself or learn how to flirt with someone specific.


The Ram enjoys the chase and will definitely let you know when they are interested in you. One way they accomplish this is by confidently showing off their skills of thrilling derring-do. They’ll glance at you to be sure you are watching them. Let them pursue you and you’ll both delight in the flirty fireworks!


The Bull prefers to flirt in a slow, sweet, and sensual way. They will gently touch you in ways that feel right to you both, and you’ll soon find they make the best cuddlers. They’ll gaze shyly at you from underneath their long, lowered eyelashes, and speak to you softly. They might even bring you little gifts! Return the favor.


The Twins have a fascinating and amazing ability to make it seem like two people are interested in you. One moment, they’ll engage you in riveting conversation while their eyes sparkle with mischief, and then the next they’ll quietly snuggle in by your side and share their favorite book with you.


The Moon Child flirts by nurturing you. They will bake yummy gifts for you, find ways to take care of you, and begin building trust. They’ll spend time learning all about you by asking you thoughtful questions and listening carefully to your responses. When deciding how to flirt with them, remember to ask about them too. The tender Crab can be quite shy, but oh-so-loving.


The Lion knows how to make the object of their desire weak in the knees. They do this by making a big show of sunny flirtation. Leos openly display their charisma by genuinely complimenting you, validating you, and making you feel deeply appreciated. If you want to know how to flirt with them, trust that they’ll relish your honest warmth toward them in return.


When the Virgin is flirting with you, be flattered. They have very high standards, and they will show genuine interest in who you are as they try to get to know you beyond a surface-level familiarity. They will happily help you out if they discover you need something, and they will be sincerely sweet to you. Return their sincerity.


The Venus-born seem like they invented charm because they instinctively know how to make you feel wanted and loved. They will enthusiastically flirt by bringing you flowers and chocolates, or anything else they sense you like. Libras are natural romantics and adore being in relationships, so be thoughtful right back. After all, their sign rules marriage and partnership.


When the Scorpion likes what they see, they will lock eyes with their intended, and it usually works out for them. Personal magnetism is one of their superpowers. The direct interest they show in you will be tantalizing, and their flirting holds the promise of sensual delights to come. You’ll enjoy letting them intoxicate you with their enticing ways.


The Archer flirts by making you laugh, complimenting you with absolute honesty, and spontaneously inviting you on wild adventures where you’ll both have the times of your lives. They will charm you by telling you exciting, enthralling stories; sharing generously; and making you feel like being with them is the most fun of all! If you like them too, go along for the ride and initiate some adventures of your own.


The Sea Goat flirts in a way that is grounded, put-together, and direct. These earthy creatures use their body language to show interest in you by standing close, finding appropriate ways to initiate light body contact, paying you thoughtful compliments, and asking gentle questions about your life goals. They have a way of making you feel safe and secure. Try to cultivate a safe space for them too.


When the cool Water Bearer decides they want you, get ready for the heat. At a gathering, their flirting will make you feel like you are the only person in the room. These electrifying rebels might try to charm you by doing things such as making a playlist of love songs for you, taking you to a petting zoo, painting your portrait, or having a star in the sky named after you and giving you the framed certificate! Returning their acts of affection can demonstrate your interest.


The Fish are the vulnerable, sensitive sweetie pies of the zodiac. They’re intuitive and have a keen insight, and they’ll use it to flirt with you. You’ll feel like you’re being lured in by their mystical powers of seduction. Their charm can make your heart swim with ecstasy. These strong but shy and gentle lovers can meld minds with you in one sensual, dreamy gaze. Pay attention and use any insights you glean to flirt right back.

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