The Horoscope of Your Name

Acrophonology: The Horoscope of Your Name

A person’s name can tell you a lot about them, because each letter has a meaning and is significant. In fact, there is a numerology system that uses a person’s name. It’s called, Acrophonology! I find this numerology technique works great for my customers who are calling about a love interest and they don’t know their birthday.

It’s also fun to see how the energy changes when you change your name or go by a nickname!

If your boss or co-worker is difficult to figure out, this type of name numerology can help.

In Acrophonology, each letter in a person’s name carries the vibration of a Sun Sign. Whether you use their initials, just their first name or last name or their entire name, you are sure to learn something about them. Get to know them a little bit better!

Here is what each letter represents:

A. Aries
Leaders, headstrong and needs to be challenged
Pushy, forceful and impatient

B. Taurus
Pleasure-seeking, habitual and a slow, yet thorough learner
Hard-headed and envious

C. Gemini
Charming, social and curious
Likes to gossip and has the ability to stretch the truth

D. Cancer
Responsible, loyal and likes to be busy
Moody, clingy and childish

E. Gemini
Blessed with the gift of gab, logical and has a short attention span
Scattered, nervous and overly chatty

F. Leo
Dramatic, generous and emanates warmth
Egotistical, stubborn and challenging

G. Virgo
A perfectionist, loves details and is logical
Nervous, meticulous and idle

H. Capricorn
Loners, beleives money makes the world go round and is an eleventh hour kind of person
Insecure, strict and rebellious

I. Taurus
Warm, caring, loyal and testy in love
Dependent, possessive and immovable

J. Sagittarius
Physically active, loves to travel and education is their light
Prejudice, judgmental and tactless

K. Scorpio
Determined, good recuperative abilities and their energy is powerful
Green-eyed, possessive and  compulsive

L. Libra
Relates one-on-one best, needs harmony and has strong opinions
Lethargic, inflexible and self-doubting

M. Cancer
Productive, creative and doesn’t like to waste time
Moody, dependent and clingy

N. Virgo
Self-disciplined, wise workers who are great with tedious details
Nitpicky, critical and inhibited

O. Cancer
Responsible, love the home and are quiet when hurt
Controlling, manipulative and obsessive

P. Libra
Independent, balanced when happy and personable
Opinionated and judgmental

Q. Sagittarius
Big thinkers, success-minded and quick movers
Unrealistic, scattered and sarcastic

R. Aries
Decision makers, intelligent, and they talk the talk and walk the walk
Impatient, hesitant and reckless

S. Capricorn
Practical, respected and successful achievers
Bossy, cold and shy

T. Pisces
Kind, romantic, private and spiritual
Unforgiving, compulsive and they spin their wheels

U. Sagittarius
Friendly and understand that lessons learned are for the soul’s growth
Opinionated, indiscreet and egocentric

V. Aquarius
Unbiased, are free from attachment and exciting
Unpredictable, inflexible and eccentric

W. Leo
Wonderful with children, romantic and creative
Possessive, domineering and willful

X. Pisces
Highly developed creatively and with extreme energy
Hyper, scattered and mystified

Y. Capricorn
Thrive on status, are organized and responsible
Aloof, apprehensive and stingy

Z. Pisces
Have psychic ability, spiritual and are creative
Lack faith and make quick personality changes

7 thoughts on “The Horoscope of Your Name

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hello lovely bella,
    wish I was there too… I hear there is shortage of wine, hum, how much are you girls sipping? lol.
    I looked at E for Elizabeth and I have to say from knowing first hand a little about you, I think it fits, don’t get all plexed out about it. it is just a fun way to sort out someone’s personality without a birthday. helps to gather info you know what I mean!

    love that you are healing and having fun.
    happy Halloween to you and yours.
    no matter what a rose by any other name still smells the same. (((bella)))


  2. Bella

    Love ya ms Quinn … I’m still resting until I get my stitches out soon .. FYI my NYC girls & I have been playing around with this all day lol lol .. FYI we still don’t understand it but we tried 2 , & my bffs from NYC a mess but in their defense it’s been a year since hurricane Sandy so they started Drinking wine @ 12pm lol lol … & No I’m sober BCZ of my medications lol … Haha 2 funny (((((ms.quinn))))) it is / was so very funny I wish you were here !!! Xoxo bella

  3. Bella

    Humm with my name being ” elisabeth ” & I’m a Capricorn what the letters are saying / implying = it’s meaning is so very off base it’s funny !!! Thank you I hope everyone has / have a great day 2 all & a happy Halloween 2 all , even though I don’t celebrate this date ..


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