Gift Giving by Sign

Still stuck on what to give your one-and-only? Look for insight in the stars! Here are a few gift ideas designed to bring out the best in those we love the most.

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, The Archer is the supreme adventurer. They’re sure to appreciate any thrill you can throw their way. How about a climbing trip, hang gliding lessons, maybe a shiny new mountain bike? But thrills come in many forms. Don’t forget about new places (maybe a new restaurant or a trip to wine country), new books, movies or gadgets. One of the most wonderful things about choosing gifts for a Sagittarius is that they’re wide open to suggestions. So use your imagination – Sagittarians love to expand their horizons.

Often obsessed with work and craving order in their lives, Capricorns will generally be thrilled with any gift that accelerates their goals; an iPhone, the G1 or the latest software are all right up Capricorn’s ally. Gadgets specific to their profession or interests are also palatable. If you’re more interested in appealing to the Goat’s lighter side, you’re probably safe — most Capricorns have an ample supply of wit and flippancy and will appreciate humorous day calendars, comic movies, and even the more irreverent, tongue-in-cheek gestures. This is one case in which a gift card to a specialty store would also be well-received. Goats love to exercise their expertise and might be relieved to select precisely the most appropriate gift for themselves.

Drawn to the arts, your Aquarius probably gravitates toward the visual arts, music, dance or drama. Theatre tickets, paint sets or charcoals, a camera, CDs (or music lessons) and graphic design software are all possibilities that will set the Water Bearer’s creative powers churning. Aquarians are also characteristically philanthropic and are either passionate or have the potential to be passionate about charitable works and the advancement of the common good. You might suggest that the two of you volunteer some time for a cause this season. Working at a soup kitchen, a shelter or starting a toy drive can be more satisfying for an Aquarius than any number of material gifts, and you’ll probably find your bond strengthens in the process.

Sensitive and thoughtful, the Pisces is moved by gestures and tenderness. The fish is also quite imaginative and is particularly talented in literature and art. Escapist by nature and protective of their solitary time, Pisces will almost always welcome a good book – especially if it’s light, fanciful and fictional. Your thoughtful gestures of time, attention and kind words will also be valued – just remember that a Pisces occasionally needs time alone, too. Whatever you choose, don’t be surprised if you’re out-gifted because Pisces can be very generous and they expect little in return. Don’t feel you need to compete with their thoughtfulness – your acknowledgement and appreciation is a gift in itself to the fish.

The Ram loves a challenge and craves direction for their intellectual energies as well as their frustrations. Consider gifts that can help channel the Arian drive to find solutions, like computer games and puzzles. A dirt biking trip or boxing lessons would be wonderful outlets for their restless fighting spirit (and they might help keep it directed elsewhere), and any adventure would be welcomed. Aries loves to exercise their wit, their tongue and their body. The first two needs, they are likely to take care of on their own, but you can help with the last by getting them a bicycle, roller blades or a gym membership. You might also aim to satisfy their need for exploration with adventurous gifts like scuba diving lessons, a helicopter ride or a back country camping trip.

The Bull is fiercely independent and takes some time in deciding exactly what they want, mostly because it’s important to them that all relevant information is weighed carefully. These traits coupled with a love of shopping make Taureans excellent candidates for gift certificates. They are drawn to luxury and the material world, but watch their money carefully, so a blank check to a favorite store is a dream come true for the typical Taurus. If you have your heart set on choosing a more personal gift, remember that The Bull is passionate about nature, art, music and beauty. Music, paintings, concert tickets and all things aesthetically pleasing will win their heart. Really, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing for the Taurus – they love things, particularly fine things, so much so that jewelry, cashmere, chocolates and the latest iPod can all be equally satisfying. Just beware of the Bull’s expensive tastes. They’ll see through any attempt to scrimp and scrounge. Also fiercely sensual, a more intimate gift will be appreciated. But keep in mind that while deeply passionate, Taureans usually gravitate toward the traditional rather than the experimental.

The energetic twins are always in need of new interests. Help your Gemini with new ideas for their restless energy, like new hobbies, games, classes or events. Just avoid anything time-consuming. The Twins will move onto new interests soon enough. Your Gemini is analytical and intellectual, and they have an appetite for knowledge that they can be somewhat lazy about satisfying. You might give them a nudge with a gift of books, a lecture series or class on topics of interest. The Twins love attention so they’ll lap up thoughtful gifts designed for them – or anything that is clear you put a lot of thought and energy into. Above all else, Gemini’s are childlike. Appeal to their playfulness with whimsical toys, electronics or anything that gives their child permission to reign free.

Any crab needs a cozy shell, and the Cancer loves to adorn their home with items that are both decorative and comfortable. Contribute to the Cancer’s nest with decorative pillows or lamps, exotic bowls, carvings or candles. Their imaginative and romantic nature will respond to art, literature, movies and books. Ideal books are narrative rather than informative like fiction, classics, plays and even poetry. Sometimes, The Crab makes gift-giving quite simple. They like to align themselves with a cause, a hero or a team and probably have obsessions in politics or sports that are easy to identify. Cancers are givers and ask for little in return. Your presents (and your love) will certainly be well-received. In fact your biggest challenge this holiday may be watching that your generosity doesn’t embarrass your Cancer.

Leos are naturally creative, and they act on their fancies, so they’re likely to appreciate a creative gift – as long as it’s in good taste. Appeal to their creative nature with art sets, singing lessons or theatre tickets, or create a meaningful gift yourself. If you do plan an original creation, make sure it is crafted with love and meaning in mind – the Leo is savagely sensitive to stinginess. The Lion also loves children and will no doubt be delighted to help you plan gifts for all the young ones on your list. You might sponsor a child for the holidays or participate in a toy drive – it will spark the Leo’s sense of generosity and help indulge their playfulness. You might also leave this lover of pleasure purring with sensual gifts, massages or a day at the spa.

The Virgo’s curiosity, analytical intelligence and love of language make books, travel and museum membership
s the ideal gift options. If you’re looking for something suggestive or intimate, literature may satisfy that need as well. A perfectionist and people-pleaser by nature, your Virgo will probably be open to books on lovemaking techniques or sensuality, as long as they don’t take it as criticism. The Virgin’s attention to detail usually yields a penchant for drawing, model-making or painting. If your Virgo has not explored these talents, your holiday gift of classes, supplies or instructional books might nudge them toward a rewarding hobby. If you’re a big spender, any trip to a major historical city will win you points.

The gentle Libra has a taste for beauty, harmony and closeness. Their love of music makes any gift in that vein a welcome choice. Although they are most appreciative of gifts that are personal and thought-out, maybe even hand-crafted. A music selection that is specifically compiled for your Libra (a new iPod with your special mix on it?) might resonate better than the pre-packaged variety. Tickets to a concert you can attend together may be better yet. In fact, any activity that the two of you can enjoy together is likely to strike a chord. You could also choose a gift that appeals to their love of beauty – just don’t try to decorate for a Libra! Home décor items like paintings and furniture are best left alone, as they have highly cultivated but very particular tastes.

If you were thinking of springing a gift card on a Scorpion this year, think again! The Scorpio thrives on emotion – on the fuel of their own emotions, the emotions of others toward them and the drive to have their emotions understood. Your gift should reflect your feelings for and intimate knowledge of this very sensitive personality. Consider their passions, talents and sense of humor to devise a gift that can’t be interpreted generically. If you don’t know your Scorpio all that well yet, present your gift in a way that leaves little doubt that they are important to you. Perhaps a surprise unveiling is in order or a special meeting at a romantic spot – maybe even the place where you first met. Because Scorpio can become preoccupied with their tumultuous emotions, a tasteful blank book or journal might be just what they need to channel that energy. Remember that Scorpio is the most sensual of the signs so while a thoughtful present can go a long way toward winning their heart; your passion is a gift that won’t go unappreciated.

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