Get Them to Commit Now!

When Venus Meets Saturn

Late November’s very special Venus-Saturn meeting is in passionate Scorpio. This get-together of commitment, pleasure and love on November 26 is followed by the lunar eclipse on November 27.

Solar/lunar eclipse pairs are very powerful events taking place about every 18 months and they each have their own special energy. Gifted astrologer Dr. Bernadette Brady described this particular eclipse series as creating “a sense of joy through commitment” and it won’t occur again until 2030, so seize this opportunity!

Eclipses occur like a door opening into seemingly impossible realms full of surprises. Yet this is a process rather than just a special moment. Loving, understanding and patience are crucial to your success in discussing commitment with your partner. Each sign will have special areas that will serve as your opening to make this thing happen.


The Saturn-Venus meeting revolves around combining financial assets as you seek your dreams regarding travel and spirituality. Be prepared for a forthright discussion while remembering how much you love your partner. Aries, you must use all the patience you have, or if your partner is the Aries, know that they aren’t known for theirs.


Venus, your Sun sign ruler, is in her opposite sign right now with Saturn—your area of partnerships/marriage. At this particular moment, Taurus is not really in the “power position,” so you should broach the subject of commitment in a sexy, playful, yet realistic way. Use your renowned patience.


You may well be looking for a commitment in the workplace as much as in a relationship. Possibly your lover is at the office or you are looking for a financial commitment from your employer. Your partner/employer isn’t weak, but you can reach them with your charm and humor and have success.


Children or a happy sex life will likely be the crux of your commitment discussions. There are unknown factors at play, so use your outstanding intuition for your approach to this conversation. You’ll be surprised in any case about how easy, or how difficult this talk can be. If your sense is strong that this is a “fated” relationship, hold steady and go with the flow.


Your commitment discussion with your lover will revolve around the home, a parent or both. Strong points to make involve children, your sex life and the future. Keep in mind that your partner is focused on personal freedom as well as desiring a great, committed sex-life. If you convince your lover that you desire the true freedom that arises from a respectful, trusting commitment to each other, you will come up a winner!


Areas of discussion that can make you the victor are the need for balance between both your careers and your shared home-life  Approach the discussion in your usual well-planned, organized manner, but be certain to lead with the deep passion and huge connection you share with your partner so that your points hit home. Do you need to have a serious conversation with your partner, but don’t know what to say? Call Psychic Libby ext. 5288 first for tips on just what to say.


Your commitment conversation is probably going to be based on your money and your values. Expect the conversation to be intense and productive. A certain degree of detachment can be helpful—not in the sense of not caring, but in a philosophical and positive approach to your needs and feelings that will bring success.


You hold “home court advantage” in your commitment conversation. Your words have depth along with a constructive view of your romantic and sexual situation. You are prepared to deal with finances realistically even if you partner has had a tendency to be overly optimistic lately.


Amidst you powerful love of freedom you have a deep, inner need for love and security right now. Express clearly who you are to your partner and your desire that both of you share your freedom with a secure home base. If your partner appears a bit too intellectual in their approach to your shared personal needs, know that this will pass in a few days when they’ve had time to think.


You are ready to move a friendly relationship “with benefits” to a well-organized, comfortable home base where you can both pursue your dreams and goals. Remind your partner that wild-man/woman sex and romance is always better in a beautiful, comfortable setting in reality. Are you dating player after player? It must be the energy you’re putting out there. If you want to change things up an start attracting men with long-term relationship potential, give Psychic Jacqueline ext. 9472 a call!


People forget that “freedom-loving” Aquarius is a fixed sign wanting a great career and partner that you can count on. Make fiery love to your partner after a friend-filled, fun evening. As they lie there satisfied tell them they are the “light of your life” and catch them off-guard with your desire to make this all permanent—you are a master of surprise and they will be disarmed.


You are ready for your soul-mate connection to become a commitment. Appeal to your partner’s sense of spirituality and dreamy romance but don’t go so far into the mystical appeal that you forget their need for something that will work in the “real world” of career desires and a safe, comfortable home. Hold conversation to how this commitment can work for them during your poetic descriptions of your future life together.

9 thoughts on “Get Them to Commit Now!

  1. connie

    Really did u have 2 ask it’s so obvious what’s the sickness his daughter supposed to haves and health insurance is free for children no children with out health insurance tell him to go to the local social service office

  2. sandra freemount

    Elaine if you just met him and think you both are falling in LOve I don’t get it why would you be sending him money because his daughter is sick and now he wants you to help pay her hospital bill you sent him money twice; if he is a business man then he should have his daughter in some type of insurance; yes the whole situation sounds like he is a scammer for money from women that he can make fall deeply in love with him; let me tell you it ain’t that much love going around for me to send no man no money other than my husband then at that point he gonna have to explain what he is doing with the money that is in the bank account; send him nothing else be kind you don’t have to be rude but; tell him you also have someone sick in the family and you have to help them with some money and may have to take a trip oot get a backbone don’t be afraid he will drain you of all your money and move on to the next woman it is obvious he see sucker written all over your face; I would have given him advice on how to get help for his daughter they have financial assistance in hospital to set up payment plans for what he is going through with his daughter; it is what it is a he is a user; he is using you and will go on to another woman and be a con artist with her as well; girl if you can look good and dress great hold your head up and move on before life passes you bye..

  3. KT


    You don’t need a psychic to tell you that this guy is a scammer. I would not be surprised if he’s actually from Nigeria. Get him to send you an e-mail, preferably on Yahoo and research on how to look up the IP address. You’ll probably be very surprised.

  4. Gina Roseext.9500

    Dear Elaine Giterson,

    This guy is a taker, don’t give him anymore of your hard earned money….so says my Guides !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Wendy

    Elaine Giterson, are you being serious about this post?? As I was reading it, I’m thinking, is this real
    No, it’s got to be a joke!
    It’s amazing how signs describe a person.. I’ve read several of them and it goes with their personality.

  6. elaine giterson

    Ihi pls let me know what’s going on I met this guy on fb his name is mark albrt wE have al most 2 to 3 months chating but things are getting to close that both of us are faling in love he’s a busness man he said but on day his daughter got sick and had to be hospitalize he ask me to help I help him twice with money so the dokter can start treadten the child with medication know he’s asking me to help him pay the bill so he can go back home his credit card expireso he don’t have no money this is getting alittlewired for me pls let me know who he realy is is he normal or a haker
    He chat with nice words but I don’t trust himpls let me know as soon as posible


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