Psychic Raziel: Get Instant Access to Abundance in 2013

Out With the Old!

What should we be doing in 2013 to make the most of its transformative energies?

The year 2013 is on the new wavelength of reality because it’s outside the “old calendar” and outside the old way of things that have been for thousands of years. The new vibration is giving everyone freedom of body, mind and spirit for the first time. As a psychic, I tune into the energies past, present and future and sense some unexpected gifts being given to us during this year.

2013 will be a great opportunity to manifest our desires more quickly as a result of the galactic and Earth energy grids becoming more attuned to our minds and awareness. Energy grids are intersecting pathways of light that hold all the energy in physically manifested shapes of matter.

The vibration of the 2013 energy allows us direct access from our intention and thoughts to the energy of these grids, but not everyone will know what’s happening. Our new paradigm will be awareness working in harmony with matter to create what’s in our minds and emotions. Focusing our mind energies on the things we love is a sure way to create with this new energy the things we want.

It’s clear that the last few years have given us a headstart to the understanding of everything about instant manifestations. The new energy of 2013 and beyond will give us instant access to better finances and more fulfilling relationships with our planet, our loved ones and ourselves. We must remember that this new shift will be a change from the old ways of life as we know it.

An interesting effect of our connection increasing to these energy grids is that the laws of accepted physics will shift by comparison to what we understand now. These shifts will happen further in the future as we become more attuned to using our new freedoms to bend and shape reality and also as we make new discoveries in the universe.

On a global picture, I feel that soul-awareness is becoming the new global consciousness, and this in turn will redefine who we are as individuals. In the past and up until now, the focused view was on the biology of our experience and everything around the five senses. The green light for major changes in the way we understand what and who we are become mainstream as we see more than just the physical.

Around every 100,00 years the human experience of consciousness moves up a chakra, and this in turn creates a more profound understanding of who we are and what our role is with the planet. We are moving from five sensory beings to six sensory beings, and this process is already in effect. So 2013 is where we get to see it start to shape into manifestation.

It’s also a very important fact that the veil between other dimensions of reality will be extremely thin so those of us who live between the worlds and communicate with the other side or have psychic abilities of any kind will get a major increase in the scope and vividness of these visions.

Starting in the year 2013, organizations and corporations will change drastically to fit a more ethical and socially responsible model that works with the planet and for the people.

This same year will have many variations on the theme of ascension, and to put it in a nutshell we all have a wish or desire to create something good, and this is the year it all begins! Our earth and universal grids and our consciousness will direct the wishes we make into manifestation so focus on what you love.

2 thoughts on “Psychic Raziel: Get Instant Access to Abundance in 2013

  1. t-bird

    Really enjoyed this article, and I’ll recommend for my 23 year old son to read it because of your mention of physics and his interest in it. He had a vision of my deceased father when he was a little boy, and we both saw our cat Toby for awhile after he died sitting in the living room. In 2011, I was having clairaudient abilities for awhile and would certainly like for that to come back! Went through a tough situation that fall when my love went away, but I’m better now and looking forward to the good things that 2013 will bring.

  2. Psychic Deejay ext 5435

    Well said and thank you for the validation and clarity, this helps wth so many of my messages. You are so right, out with the old ways and embrace the new energies!!

    Love Light and Always Many Blessings


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