Your Full Moon Forecast

Dream Big!

On May 25, a Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives, accompanied by a lunar eclipse. Whatever has been building comes to a dramatic conclusion offering answers to big questions and resolutions, whether positive or negative. One thing’s for sure, the struggle that’s been at hand for sometime is over and it’s time to start fresh, armed with new realizations.

Here are some tips for harnessing the energy of this influence:

Let Go of the Past

When a certain situation or someone wreaks havoc in our lives, it’s hard to release them or the stress associated with them. However, there’s never been a better time to absolve yourself. Let the past be the past, even if you weren’t thrilled with the outcome this time around. Only by releasing whatever has held you back can you move forward unencumbered.

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Trust the Universe to Support You

The universe knows what’s best for you at any given time. So, no matter how much uncertainty you’re surrounded by, now is the time to dream big and count on the ethereal energies to support you. If you’re acting in your highest good and setting your goals with your heart’s desires in mind, you can’t go wrong. The only way you can screw yourself up is by second-guessing yourself.

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Aim for Adventure

Fire Sign Sagittarius is the spirit of love and adventure. Put your heart into your passion project. Set sail for distant shores (literal or figurative). Dare to dream of the life you’ve always wanted. Anything undertaken in the spirit of excitement is likely to take flight, catching spark from the fire in your belly and soaring with the aid of the Archer. But be advised: things move fast under this influence. Play your cards right and your life may have changed drastically come the next Full Moon.

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32 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Forecast

  1. joyce

    need to know if I have the gift of knowing and sight I also need to know what happen to me as a child I need to know so I can forgive and go on with my life I am stuck and can not move on until I know what happen to me


  2. tracie

    Michael, trying to do the right thing is the reward. that helps you get through this life with few regrets. positive karma eventually gives back. do not let frustration change you!

  3. Redhead

    Nice to know that what I am feeling, what my intuition is telling me is once again for good reason! I know that’s a Capricorn trait & all, but it is reassuring to see some other beliefs to back it up! Thanks!

  4. Ms. Maserati

    ….OMG!…..What an inspirational and motivational article! … I RECEIVE it!…. this spoke directly to me…. I’ve never posted a content anywhere before, but just wanted to thank the author……. a happy and safe holiday to all…….

  5. Margie

    That this new moon bring to my kids life a lot love ,peace and abundance prosperity ,also good health

  6. Lori

    Remember the recent Uranus square to PLuto ? Nothing happened – and I’d
    been wondering what would. I am an amateur astrologer and that was just plain weird.

  7. Tiffany

    I am looking forward to major change so can’t wait for the 25th. My life has been in chronic turmoil for four years. I can’t handle it anymore. Bring in change. I welcome you.

  8. preshen

    i would like to know more about my love life , relationship and my finances , there is so many girls out there that want me but i have to choose one lust gets in the way some times , how will i know which girl is the one for me

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    So true, S.K. !!!!

    Eclipses mean change !!!!!

    This eclipse on the axis of the lower mind and the higher mind focuses our attention on how we think and what we believe. The gift of this particular eclipse is that the higher mind offers us an opportunity to release outworn ideas and beliefs that no longer serve our life. Release them with gratitude, for they got you here.

    Now we need to know our truth, walk our truth and live our truth. It’s time to replace the old categories of knowledge with new ideas and new perceptions based on our awakened consciousness.

    This lunar eclipse energy can help us become aware of behavior patterns based on faulty thinking and beliefs, so we can release old emotional body wounds we’ve continued to inflict on ourselves.

    Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day weekend everybody !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Liz rose nielsen

    my friend ,,neighbor,,,,,moved to sunriver,,,,3 hours away,,,,,we had a misunderstanding,,he thought i wanted more ,then friendship,,,,but,,,i dont,,,,hes way to young for me,,,he didnt know that im 20 years older then him,,,thats crazy,,,,,but,,he apalogize,,,said that im still a sweetheart,,,,,,but,,,now i want to maybe move close to my son,,,and grand kids,,who i havent met yet,,,i havent seen my son in 6 years,,,,he is in louisana,,,im in oregon,my vision is to move there,,,when i win this ssi case,,,,that will be overturned,,,,so,,i will ,,get enough money to move there,,,,,,i really beleive this will happen,,,,,

  11. Mary Ellen Roberts

    Your reading today is right on I am just taken on MAYBY anew relationship I have only been with one man my X 43years and he left me for some one 30 yr yonger than himself 5 yr ago when he was 65 It took me all of 4.5 yr to get over him with lots of counsling and now that my life is going well very well in fact don’t need a man to complete me Mr wonderful comes in to my life and I am so scared I do not want to lose myself in another man .My name has changed back to my maiden name Mary Banasky thank you again for your information today !! Blessings Mary

  12. P.C.Rao

    This new moon article seems to be good and it is boosting my energy levels which were at rock bottom level for the past 3 months. I wish that these predictions are going to take a shape and help me.

  13. Michael

    Have more aggravation than anything else, always trying to do the right thing only to have it blow up in my face every time. Can’t catch a break!
    By the way! your a beautiful lady! I’m gonna guess – Country Girl!

  14. Barry

    I have been reading my sign for the last 20 years and yes some of it has worked out to be true but when it comes to money or good luck it is so far off it is disgusting

  15. June

    I typed in my question, and called the number you provided. An entirely different psychic service picked up, and said they are not you!
    So….what’s going on? Thanks. June

  16. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Great article SK – very good advice. “The Universe knows what is best”. So True – trusting our own wisdom and inner guidance at this time is crucial.

    Happy Full Moon everyone and have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

    Remembering all of those courageous men and women who have served and are serving in the military, with gratitude and appreciation.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608 🙂


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