Success Story: Did You Get the Job?

Incredible Story of a Psychic Reading From a Client

Jeanne from Mountain View called Lucy ext. 5353 and had a great experience. We asked her about her call, and got some great answers:

Who did you read with?

Lucy ext. 5353

How would you describe your psychic?

Fun, warm, engaging, and very tuned in.

What was the reason for your call? Why did you call a psychic? How were you feeling before you called a psychic?

I was calling for insights into my career. I had recently left my job and was feeling really good about it. Was just looking to get some information about a company I had just interviewed with earlier in the week.

Was it what you expected? How did you feel after the reading? (More clarity, empowerment, confidence…)

It was better than what I expected. She not only let me know why there was a delay in hearing back from them, but shared how spirit would lead them to the right person which saw was me. Whether this plays out or not to what she shared, I regained faith in the fact that indeed the universe will choose the right person. She went on to share about what would happen when in this role and the benefit of me being there to the company.

I had more clarity and I felt very satisfied after the reading, definitely. I plan to follow-up with her once all things come to pass to keep her posted and or provide feedback as to how things went.

Since your initial reading, how have things turned out? What made the experience a success?

Things are still in process so will need to provide feedback likely by mid-March as this is when she said the career piece would be settled.

P.S. I have also received readings from other psychics at California Psychics. They are all very gifted, and have amazing spirits. I’m always satisfied – and always have fun speaking with them.

What can Lucy ext. 5353 see for you? Give her a call!

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