Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

The Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn on July 7, 2009 can rattle your sense of security. That’s because the eclipse, which has an unpredictable energy, can make you feel like you’re on shaky ground emotionally. Fortunately, with a little effort, the Full Moon can also strengthen your relationship, career, health – whatever you’re focused on.

Capricorn is, after all, the rock of the zodiac. It’s the sign of commitment and responsibility. So tapping into the heightened Capricorn energy this week will help you build a better foundation for your life.

What’s more, support from other Earth influences – Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Taurus – can heighten your ability to manifest your aspirations. These influences foster patience and practicality. They’ll help you with the nit-picky groundwork, so you have a better chance of success. If you can align yourself with the earthy threesome through increased clarity, focus and discipline, you’ll be on the road to making your dreams come true.

So how can you take advantage of this month’s powerful Full Moon? Read your Sun and Ascendant signs below to find out!

Aries: The Full Moon energizes your career, and helps you focus on accomplishment. Write down what you need to get done – and do it! Even taking some baby steps will move your plans forward. The challenge is staying centered emotionally and making time for family matters.

Taurus: Strengthening your spiritual life and sharing or widening your knowledge is the focus of the Full Moon. It’s time to clarify your spiritual beliefs, while expanding your education. Also, take some time to envision your future, so you can move forward with more confidence. The challenge is staying mentally focused.

Gemini: Sexual commitment and integrity is the theme for the Full Moon. If you’ve been afraid of letting yourself be vulnerable or you’ve been less-than-honest about your needs, now is the time to face your fears and get real so you can be fulfilled in love. The challenge will be in sharing your deepest feelings.

Cancer: The Full Moon energizes partnership activities (and challenges) if you’re in a relationship. If you’re solo, it will help to clarify what qualities you truly need in a partner. It’s also time to look at any fears you may have about commitment, loneliness and relationship longevity – so you can work through those issues.

Leo: The Full Moon can strengthen your influence at work, and help you improve your diet and exercise regimen. In your relationship, it may bring up issues about shared responsibility and caring for others. It may also challenge you to be more humble, and to lend a helping hand to someone in need.

Virgo: It’s not just about duty and commitment in love, but also about having fun! Balancing seriousness and playfulness will be the gift – and challenge – of the Full Moon. If you make time for love, romance will be yours to enjoy. It’s time to utilize your creative talents.

Libra: Use your artistry to beautify your home – and your diplomacy, to improve your family relationships during the Full Moon. Needless to say, handling any emotional issues that get triggered will be the challenge. Still, your considerable charm and thoughtfulness should win your opponents over.

Scorpio: The Full Moon says, “What have you always wanted to learn about?” So get some literature, and start reading! Now is the time to expand your education and improve your communication skills. Being objective is the challenge. Strive to achieve a balance between your feelings and your brainpower.

Sagittarius: Strengthening your earning power will be the gift of the Full Moon – if you don’t succumb to a spending spree. Examining your spending habits clearly is your mission, too. Make a list of moneymaking ideas, and develop a detailed plan of action. Then – watch your money grow!

Capricorn: The Full Moon in your sign accelerates your desires and dreams, and can give you the energy to make things happen. Get clear about what you really want, first, so you know what steps to take. The challenge is to avoid acting on emotional whims. Focus on what’s important!

Aquarius: Illuminating the past is the focus of the Full Moon. It’s time to face old emotional issues, so you can deal with them. Then you can move forward with increased purpose and clarity. Your intuition is especially strong now, so take some time for stillness so you can hear your inner voice.

Pisces: No doubt about it, you’re popular during the Full Moon – which takes socializing right over the top. You’ll just need to be pickier than usual about your companions, so you can avoid the psychic drain of negative people. Also, becoming active in your community would be a terrific outlet for your empathy.

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