Cancer in Love

Seduction is the name of the game here – for the Crab, there is no rush
to commitment. Cancers hold back at first – but when they finally open
up, it’s fully. Sensitive and nurturing, this sign can be an unrivaled
lover for someone seeking attention, affection and pampering. There is
not much Cancer wouldn’t do to please a loved one – in or out of the
bedroom. But be aware, as in life, so in love. Crabs can be moody. A
good partner will be able to recognize when it is – and when it isn’t –
related to the relationship.

2 thoughts on “Cancer in Love

  1. joy chekenyere

    i am a cancer woman , that’s how we cancerians behave we don’t show it when we are hurt we try 2 rush things an get over fast even wen we are hurt . my dear move own coz once a cancerian goes they go for goo there is no compromise if comes back to you he just wants to hurt you . trust me

  2. Angie

    My husband of 9 monhs is a cancer..didn’t show much attention or affection and didn’t like me to point this out to him..He is bossy and controling too. we have split up and now he immediatley wants a divorce..I wonder if he ever cared and is alreay on daing sites.should I do anything or let him go for good. really thought at one time we was very compatiable but marriage changed him. I think marriage ruined our relationship and he changed quickly . I am his 5th wife. Should I cut my losses and move on I am a Leo who am I most compatiable with?


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