Find Love With a Scorpio

The Next 12 Months in Love

If you’ve been on the fence about a relationship, things are coming to a head, Stinger. By the time this year closes you should have your solution. Even better still, next year brings with it a certain poetry, and potentially, someone special. Here’s your soulmate forecast for October 23, 2012 through November 22, 2013. Want to know what else this next year has is store for you, romantically? Then give Psychic Anasela ext. 5154 a call!

The new year is a good time for you, personally if not romantically. You feel strong in yourself—bolstered by the battles you’ve had to endure. You’ve either left a bad relationship or decided to make it work at all costs. As a result, things are shifting all around you when it comes to matters of the heart. That is, as long as you’re not blocking the way by clinging to past loves or past ways of being.

On that note, a warning: Cling to the old at your own peril. The possibilities for a new and life-changing love have never been stronger but if you’re stuck in another place, you’ll miss them.

As the year progresses, Venus works with Jupiter to bring you new, romantic opportunities that are aligned with who you are at your core—all the more reason to be true to yourself, Scorpio! It is precisely by being yourself that you’ll melt the heart of a well-suited mate. Your spontaneous nature and honest accord will impress the right person, and pique sincere interest. And this, all by March!

Ironically (or perhaps not!), it is through this new association (or newly reinvigorated relationship) that you’ll come to understand what you were missing in the past, and see just how much you’ve grown and changed. It will take time to build the level of intimacy you desire (You’re a Scorpio after all, the sign of depth!), but the more time that passes, the closer you and your love will become. Is the intimacy just not there? Psychic Ivy ext. 5198 knows why and wants to tell you!

This is not to say you won’t encounter troubles or differences, but rather that those you have are surmountable. Translation: you’re compatible if you choose to be, which means learning from the past. Astrological auspices favor a successful and lasting relationship for you in this time.

4 thoughts on “Find Love With a Scorpio

  1. Pompi

    Not silly at all! They are related but two difnfreet things. Your moon sign describes your emotional make-up and is determined by where the actual moon was when you were born.Your nodes are more about your Life purpose and your past life karma. They are not planetary bodies at all but are points formed by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersecting with the Earth’s path around the sun. So, basically, they are determined by the path the moon travels.Feel free to ask more questions for clarification!

  2. Nikke

    Holy Crap Robin! Here is a big question if your husband has been cheating on you and being abusive for so long, why do you continue to put yourself through this? Obviously he is not the one you are supposed to be with nor are you the one he is chosing. Don’t you want happiness? I can’t quite grasp why anyone who knows their spouse is with another would stay. Can you not see that by the visciousness of your comment you are the one this is hurting the most? Do not allow this man or anyone rob you of happiness. I believe a person’s sun sign is a tool that can be used to tell you certain personality traits but unless you have a full astrological report you cannot say because someone is a Scorpio they are a lying cheat. Even with a full astrological report that again, I believe, is only a tool it does not define a person or their character or tell you the particular challenges they faced in life. And please do not give a list of excuses for not leaving i.e. kids, finances, religion etc etc. I am a single mother of 4 boys, 13, 7, 5 and 3, divorce was not accepted in my religion and I became destitute and filed bankruptcy because of the debt my ex-husband created unbenounced to me, to maintain his “lifestyle”. It can be done. I work full time pay my mortgage and feed my children all on my own, along with taking them to baseball, basketball and other extra curriculars. You are a stronger person than this, so grab your boot straps and get rid of this loser, happiness is just around the corner.

  3. Robin Bednarczyk

    My husband is a Scorpio – he’s been cheating on me for the past few years – AND DENYING IT TO HIS GRAVE! He’s mean, hateful, violently abusive and very VERY narcissistic! I”m at my wits end with him AND HIS LYING WAYS. I have even found notes from his “whore” to him – AND HE STILL DENIES IT, and when I show the notes to someone, he tells them I WROTE THEM! My mother is a Scorpio as well and she cheated on my dad for EIGHT LONG YEARS OF FIGHTING about it before she left him for the other man – AND THEY’RE BOTH SCORPIOS AND THEY BOTH STILL DENY THE AFFAIR, YET THEY ENDED UP TOGETHER! SO AS FAR AS SCORPIOS GO – I TRUST THEM NOT AT ALL! Three Scorpios in my life and I”m DONE with Scorpios I don’t care how good they THINK they are in bed!


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