Your Weekly Career Forecast for November 12 – 18, 2012

Embracing Change in Your Career

The important total solar eclipse takes place on November 13, 2012. As this is strongly related to the “Massive Change of the Ages” forecast for December 21, 2012, it is important to pay attention and to “expect the unexpected” events that accompany eclipses, particularly during the week of November 12 through the 18th. The various career projects that you launch this week can be very powerful and effective, as long as you are prepared to deal with unexpected forces and adapt to them.


Diplomacy partnered with your enthusiasm will carry you through this week of November 12 through 18 with success. There is a serious atmosphere at work on Monday that can serve you well if you use your inspiration and compassion and take care with the money of investors. Friday, November 16 should be a much more positive day.


Partners will be less out-going due to unspoken concerns on Monday, November 12. On the solar eclipse in Scorpio on Tuesday the 13th, opposing your Sun Sign brings the unexpected from partnerships, or challengers to your position at work. Your strength lies in your steady and beautiful creative nature. Others notice these qualities and offer support by the end of the week.


The week of November 12 through the 18th begins with worries at work, yet you’re still speaking with optimism. Being adaptable by nature, you should do well during this eclipse week, especially if you show that flexibility at work. Your focus moves to an exciting partner and adventure on Thursday the 15th. Show your political savvy and intelligence at work, and that sexy new experience may happen this weekend.


You’ll benefit from your devotion to work and friends on Monday, November 12. The powerful solar eclipse on Tuesday, November 13 takes place in your house of creativity and sexy playfulness so you will experience real intensity in these areas. Just use your sexiness appropriately in the workplace and it will be appreciated. Keep you Cancerian shell strong but transparent through an intense Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th at work.


Your communication and networking skills remain strong during the week of November 12 through the 18th. There are intense demands at home or from a parent over this solar eclipse period, as it takes place in these areas of your life. It will “lighten up” a bit by Wednesday and Thursday and you’ll be performing well. Be ready for big transitions and changes in the workplace from Thursday through Saturday, November 17.


Serious, solid communications coupled with your personal inspiration serve you well on Monday, November 12, through the solar eclipse on Tuesday and also on Wednesday, with a special focus on your specialty of healthy living. Your knowledge and abilities with personal care and others’ well-being will be a true benefit to your career.


During the week of November 12 through the 18th, there is the special eclipse power affecting your finances and values. Value yourself above all and embrace new cultures during this period for the greatest gain. Loving communications will bring sweet benefits on Wednesday and Thursday.


The week of November 12 through the 18th is particularly powerful for Scorpios, with the solar eclipse on Tuesday the 13th being in your Sun Sign. These intense powers and openings to new realms flow through you personally, and any presentation that you do will be incredibly intense for others. Expect to communicate these potent new revelations most effectively on Friday, November 16.


Your subconscious is undergoing a huge transformation during the week of November 12 through the 18th. Expect big personal revelations at this time. You’ll have an amazing impact on your career and all those you meet on Wednesday and Thursday the 15th if you take the time to integrate what you’ve learned from within yourself and express it caringly.


Your friends, networking efforts and the Internet will carry special messages of change during the solar eclipse on the week of November 12 through the 18th. Monday the 12th, you’ll be the strong anchor in the workplace. Assimilate what you learn from friends and the public on Wednesday and Thursday and you’ll be a new, true powerhouse in your career on Friday, November 16.


The major focus in your life during this hugely significant week of November 12 through the 18th is your career and standing in the public eye. Use the energy of the Tuesday, November 13 solar eclipse to support your personal health and physical power. Then you can break through any limits on your career. You’ll be able to enjoy this new strength on Thursday the 15th and Friday. Learn how to balance your personal health and work demands with the help of Psychic Seren ext. 5445. It’s easier than you think!


The solar eclipse week of November 12 through the 18th is experienced in your spiritual and educational pursuits, along with your appreciation of taking in new cultural ideas. As overwhelming as these influences can be, you are flowing naturally with them. You will notice this in your career on Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th.

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