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Energy levels are sure to zoom on February 06, 2008 with the buzz of an eclipse taking place above our heads, beginning at 10:55 pm Eastern Standard Time. An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon’s orbital path places it between the Sun and the Earth, but because of the trajectory, the mass of the Moon does not entirely cover the “face” of the sun.

The resulting appearance is commonly described as, “The Ring of Fire,” because at its peak, a circle of sunshine is splayed out behind the dark orb of the Moon. This eclipse should be a nice show for anyone who is properly prepared to view it, (there is a reason your momma told you never to look directly into the Sun!) if you happen to be in select areas of Antarctica, Australia or New Zealand.


A celestial marriage
The Sun is associated with the Father and God energy. It is the Sun that marks our personal sign of the Zodiac, relating to our identity and ego. The Moon has always been credited with Mother and Goddess energy, the planet that relates to our emotional selves. One popular legend holds that the Solar Eclipse is the marriage between the Moon and Sun, and a representation of the never-ending mysteries and cycles of life. From light to dark, to bright again, it is said that from this union death is merely the stage that precedes rebirth. While there is much lore and mystical thought that surrounds a Solar Eclipse, one thing that most people will agree on, is that it is a time of increased power.


Energy surge
The New Moon marks the beginning of another lunar cycle, and is astrologically “prime time” for new beginnings and fresh starts. The New Moon in Aquarius kicks it up a notch, because all that visionary Aquarian energy is breathing new life, and new dreams, into us all. Throw a Solar Eclipse into the mix, and what you have is an astrological trifecta – things are going to change!









When big things are happening in the heavens above, you don’t have to be a psychic, or an astrologer, to sense that energy is shifting and changing – even if your own perception only manifests as some unknown anxiety. The natural human response to anxiety is to take stock of our position in life, look for danger and pitfalls, and to sort through our emotions. Sometimes we may not like the personal discoveries we find, but knowing what needs healing, changed, or released is the first step on the path of personal empowerment.


All of this Solar/Lunar/Aquarian energy is going to bring many issues to light over the next six months – a residual effect of the Eclipse. While that may sound scary, it really isn’t. Most of us will find, and many of us can already admit, that the concept of change is usually more intimidating than change itself, or the rewards it brings. With the blessings of the celestial marriage above, the plans we make now to embrace, or bring changes into our own corner of this world, manifestation of bigger, better, and brighter are likely to succeed!


Change or prosper
The time has come and the celestial influences are aligned for each one of us to face our challenges and emerge victorious and renewed. If you have been “stuck,” be prepared for things to start to move. If you have been undecided, seek the answers and they are likely to present to you. The dreams you have put off chasing are worth a second look – if you want it bad enough, you just may see how to reach your goals.


One of the constant things in life is that nothing ever stays the same. Changes are going to take place, whether we like it or not. Think about it this way: If Earth’s tiny Moon has the ability to almost, but not quite (this time around) black out the gigantic mass of our solar system’s Sun… why should there be a limit or restriction on the changes you can create, achieve, accomplish, or do?

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