Fall Equinox 2018 and Your Sun Sign

Fall Equinox 2018 and Your Sun Sign

Personal Healing, Learning, and New Opportunities

Fall equinox 2018 lands on September 22/23 in the northern hemisphere. It’s focused on personal healing, learning, and seizing new opportunities over the next six months. The time demands a natural, responsible approach, recognizing your partnership with the Earth and your personal passions. Experience the light receding and look within over the next three months as you approach the holiday season. Then take what you’ve discovered and share it with the world.

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Ideas about who you are dissolve and new ones appear, revealing the new you. Relationships require being “one” with your partner while you both maintain your creative/spiritual identities. Redefining and reassuring yourself is essential. Here is how each sun sign should approach fall equinox 2018!


Your ruler, Mars loves secret liaisons and plotting for the future in this time of sexy darkness. Therefore, indulge your fantasies in a healthy way during fall equinox 2018. You’ll soon be charging ahead as you rise from that dark place with new ideas and even relationships. Speak up about what you want to build for the future in a loving way too.


Your work over the next few months is to create beauty in the world. This can be in the form of art, handcrafts, cooking, and creating warmth for those you care about. Inspiration comes through travel and examining your spiritual relationship with your body too. Yoga and incorporating the exquisiteness of “breathing in” the Earth to ground and comfort yourself works wonders.


Your talent with languages creates your future. Therefore, take action using your way with words as you dig into your core beliefs during fall equinox 2018. Then share what you’ve learned. However, be aware that others will need time to perceive what you’re offering. Be patient and recognize their feelings as you move forward after the holidays.


You are born at the time of the summer solstice (winter in the southern hemisphere), so this time strikes you at your core. As the lover of home and family, you’ve been adapting to social changes over recent years. As a result, you have a deeper recognition of the beauty of love and life on this planet. This notion serves you well.


With the sun as your ruler, you see this time of year as the sun moving lower in the skies while the moon moves higher. Therefore, it’s a time for you to speak cordially and to work hard for the leadership role you’ll naturally fill. Leading by example is the strongest voice/position you can have. However, you should also enjoy the hard work along the way.


As a Virgo, you naturally understand the need to look within and address the unseen. Know that what you’ve planted will arise in the spring. You aren’t inclined to relax either, but this is the season to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Therefore, sit back a bit and enjoy the harvest of your past efforts.


Fall equinox 2018 is your season! That’s because it’s a time to balance what you love about yourself with what you love about others. You’re naturally generous in your views and now is the time to acknowledge your own beauty of soul and spirit. Speak your truth and you’ll be shocked at how powerful you are.


You’re in a blessed period in your life and fall equinox 2018 will promote your wishes and dreams. You’re smart enough to know when challenges are empty offerings. However, surprises are in store that will support your deepest knowing. Your creativity knows no bounds during the next six months and you’ll enjoy the benefits you receive.


Fall equinox 2018 is the time you’re most gregarious when approaching others. You’re also beloved in ways you don’t quite comprehend, but since you enjoy human interactions you simply go with the flow. The darkness of the winter is your friend. It’s certainly your time of vitality so soak it in.


Fall equinox 2018 is the time to consider you’re substantial future. You’re beginning to see some of the results of all your hard work and it includes wonderful surprises. Just continue to climb the mountain carefully.


This is a highly spiritual time for you. You’ve always understood that the waters of life come from snowy winters in the mountains, and that metaphor describes your relationships. Therefore, if you nurture the unseen you’ll reap wonderful benefits at the end of this cycle.


Fall equinox 2018 is a special time for you and your magical sense of expressing your emotions serves you well. Just keep working to perfect your creations and you’ll see amazing results. Your spiritual and intellectual dreams demand your attention and will produce amazing beauty too.

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  1. Donna Haag

    I am I need of advice o my relationship. A is mean and cruel and hurtful in his words and doesn’t seem ever to be sorry for anything he says to me we’ve been together for 6 years .

    1. Sabra Anna

      You have contemplated leaving but struggle with the idea of starting over. Your mate has many unresolved issues that have nothing to do with you. Continue to focus on you and your level of self worth and courage. Ask the universe for guidance during difficult times.

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