Erogenous Zones by Sign

Want a hands-on celestial guide to your lover’s hot spots? Finding out where their astrological pleasure zone is could lead to some very sexy and unexpected outcomes.

Whisper kiss the small of your Leo love’s back to send thrills down their spine. Or, drive your Aries partner mad with a soft windy breath in one ear. Heighten a Pisces pleasure with little wet love bites between their toes. And that’s just for starters! Learn all you need to know for some super satisfying sexploration by sign.

Aries: Face and head
With impulsive sensuality, play with your Aries’ hair, caress their face, graze their lips with yours, massage their head in your hands and blow warm kisses into their ears. There’s no end to the head on possibilities with your ram.

Taurus: Neck and throat
Take a flirty approach to kissing a Taurus around their neck from back to front. Rub their earlobes and cup your hand around the back or your partner’s neck as you draw them close for long deep kisses.

Gemini: Hands, arms, shoulders
Playfully tease them with sensual foreplay, kissing their hands and stroking their fingers. Then gently run your fingers along the inside of their arm, making a pit stop for a lick or a nibble. Then, wrap their arms around you placing their hands at your pleasure.

Cancer: Chest or breasts
With a sense of playful admiration, massage your Cancer lover’s chest with gentle strokes. Then cover their most sensuous areas with warm wet kisses, long licks and warm deep breaths. They’ll be willing, if you are, to play like this for hours.

Leo: Back
Massage your Leo’s ego as you work your way around their back. Rub it, scratch it gently, massage it. Start with those sensitive touches before moving on to kisses, licks and lip bites that linger then climax at the very sensitive small of their back.

Virgo: Stomach
Stroke their mind with words of romantic foreplay as you stroke their stomach area lightly with your hair and fingertips. Then give them little nibbles at their sides and long licks and kisses around their belly button as their pleasure elevates to ecstasy.

Libra: Bottom
With a touch of drama and affection, turn your Libra onto their stomach and brush your body and intimate parts along their lower back. Gently caress their bottom with gentle strokes, pats and a trail of tongue flicks. Hold a cheek in your hand as the lovemaking moves on.

Scorpio: Sex organs
With an erotic and inquisitive attitude, slowly pet the inner thighs working your way to your Scorpion’s most sensitive areas with a light flickering of the tongue. Brush your erogenous zones against theirs remembering their inner thighs are the area around the upper pubic bone.

Sagittarius: Thighs
Rest your head in the warmth of your archer’s inner thighs. Then with a sense of fun and teasing, massage the hips and thighs with warm oil, remembering to pleasurably stroke the inside of the thighs to light this fiery sign’s senses to their utmost pleasure.

Capricorn: Knees
The shortcut to a goat’s pleasure is to kiss them gently, lovingly behind their knees. Run your hands along their sensitive lower back, working your way down the back of their legs, or run a length of kisses from their navel to their kneecaps. Cup one hand behind a knee as you kiss.

Aquarius: Calves and ankles
Using your imagination for your most creative foreplay, kiss their legs from knees to ankles. Cup your hands around each leg, one at a time, and massage the area from top to bottom rubbing up and down in long sensuous strokes. When entwined, wrap your legs around theirs for complete satisfaction.


Pisces: Feet
Arouse your Pisces easily with a bit of theatrics as you work on your partner’s feet. Massage them, kiss them from toes to ankles, suck them and cover them with love bites. Or, use a light touch or a feather to tickle their toes into a frenzy. Run your own feet over their body sensually for some oh’s and ah’s.

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