Dreams as Emotional Mirrors

Demetra from Toronto, Canada, had been dating her boyfriend Matt for three months when he suddenly broke up with her. A month later she had a dream that warned her about a potentially chronic problem in their relationship.

I dreamed of seeing Matt at our house. We were standing by the freezer deciding what to have for dinner. We were going to barbecue, and it looked like we were a couple living together.

Because dreams reveal what’s going on inside you, they can illuminate emotional problems. In Demetra’s case, the dream reveals the couple’s indecision about their relationship (trying to decide what to have for dinner) because of issues between them that are “frozen” or stuck. The freezer may also symbolize some coldness between them now. The dream is warming Demetra that their relationship problems need to thaw (be worked out) before they can be a couple.

Inner analyst
As you can see with Demetra, working with your dreams can help you resolve issues in your relationship – and in other areas of your life, too. They can also help you work through problems, such as anger, fear and low self-esteem, that keep you from manifesting a compatible relationship, high-paying job or better health.

All about you!
But dreams are so mysterious, you say! Yes, the scenarios may not make any sense at all – at first glance, at least. The key to interpreting your dreams is to keep in mind that most of the elements symbolize a part of you. Whether the central character is a man, woman, hero or villain, this character is within your psyche. For instance, according to psychiatrist Carl Jung, if a woman dreams of a man, he represents the masculine (assertive, analytical, decision-making) side of her personality. Conversely, a woman character in a man’s dream represents his feminine (receptive, nurturing, creative) side. The bad guy in your dream symbolizes your confrontational side or a fear that’s “chasing” you. The hero is your courageous side that you draw on for strength.

Even non-human elements, like an animal, hurricane or purse, symbolize your feelings, attitudes, fears and longings. The exception to this rule is dreaming about the people you’re close to. These dreams will often provide insights about what’s happening with that person and the relationship you have with them, like Demetra’s dream of Matt.

Your house
Dreams of houses are particularly revealing because they symbolize different aspects of your life. The kitchen represents your nurturing ability or dietary habits, the bedroom represent sex and privacy, the basement represents the unconscious feelings you’re unaware of, and the attic is your spiritual guidance or “higher self.”

Tear it down
During her search for a new path, Jennifer from Richmond, Virginia had the following house dream:

I dreamed that I was in this old house and I came upon a large spider web, with a spider on one end. The web was very large and thick and I wanted to tear it down, but people kept yelling, “No, don’t touch it!” I tore it down anyway. It was very sticky and I felt happy that it was gone.

The old house represents outmoded attitudes and fears that keep her stuck (the sticky spider web). The spider, along with the people wanting to keep the web in place, represent her fear of change. Fortunately, Jennifer overcame this fear and broke free of the past. Her positive feeling at the end of the dream indicates that this change is good for her.

Tips on analyzing your dreams
The following list of suggestions will assist you in working with your dreams.

1. Keep a pad and pen at your bedside

2. Before going to sleep, think about what you’ve been dealing with lately. Chances are, if you’ve been struggling with something specific, your dreams will give you insights about that problem

3. Before falling asleep, repeat to yourself several times, “I will remember my dreams.”

4. Upon waking, immediately record your dream (even if it’s just a fragment)

5. Acknowledge your feelings within the dream and upon waking. These will reveal if you’re on the right track, or if you have some issues you need to resolve

6. Look at the dream as a whole and write down any impressions you get

7. Then look at each element of your dream – the locale, characters, inanimate objects and actions – and record any immediate thoughts that come to mind. These spontaneous musings can be surprisingly accurate interpretations of the symbols

8. Thank your higher self or source, whatever that means to you, for the messages you received through your dreams

Although dreams usually illuminate emotional issues, they can also denote past-lives, premonitions, psychic connections to other people and messages from the dead. Dreams can also come to you as spiritual encouragement and creative inspiration. Working with your dreams, in whatever form they take, will help you on your path.

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