Dwarf Planet Ceres By Sign

New planet discoveries normally indicate a “sea change” for humanity. For example, when Uranus was discovered, humanity discovered electricity and the rights of the individual. When Neptune was found, we made advances in treating infectious diseases and pain killers. When Pluto was discovered, we started using atomic physics, allowing us the life-and-death possibilities of saving or annihilating ourselves. Now we have a new set of planets with a very potent message of our times. These new planets are attuned to sustainability and personal creativity.

Our cycles of change are actually long, with swift turning points. So this “story of us” really started back in 1800 when Ceres was discovered and named, but was not given planet status. She moved us beyond women just being lovers or mothers (Venus and the Moon). Her newly assigned planet status ties to the new expanded roles of women and the urgent need to look at our Mother Planet and our dependency upon Her.

Ceres/Demeter (the Latin Ceres) had equal status in the Greek pantheon with brothers Zeus/Jupiter, Poseidon/Neptune, and Hades/Pluto, sisters Hera/Juno and Hestia/Vesta, and with Pallas Athena, daughter of Zeus/Jupiter. Ceres’ receiving equal status to Pluto as a (dwarf) planet is a reflection of the true mythology and of women’s expanded opportunities.

True to planetary mythology, this balancing of status came about when new dwarf planet Eris was discovered to actually be larger than Pluto. Eris is the daughter of Jupiter and sister of Mars/Ares who shakes up the status quo and corrects the errors of humanity.

Now that Ceres/Demeter has been brought back to appropriate status in the Greek pantheon, her message is becoming more visible, as she is joined by the other new planets.

The most prominent story of motherhood and food for mankind is associated with Ceres/Demeter. Her daughter Persephone was picking flowers in the Elysian Fields in her youthful innocence when Hades/Pluto arose from beneath the earth to steal her away to his Underworld realm and make her his Queen.

Ceres/Demeter was so distraught over the loss of her daughter that she wandered the planet searching for her, consuming only barley water and leaving a trail of tears that didn’t allow crops to grow and be harvested. Brother Zeus/Jupiter denied knowledge of Persephone’s whereabouts until humanity complained that they would starve. An agreement was then brokered with Hades/Pluto that Persephone would be returned to Ceres for part of the year. Myths vary on the length of time, but one reflects the heliacal rising and setting cycle of Venus each year (see related Heliacal Rising articles here on California Psychics).

So, in your chart, in a personal sense, Ceres/Demeter represents issues of your diet, and if difficult, can indicate eating disorders that can be healed when we learn how to integrate Ceres. She could also describe you as a truly devoted mother and a great cook/nourisher. If difficult, child custody issues could arise, with a sense of loss, but the child would likely be returned to you, or stay with you.

Ceres can also have to do with not only the loss and return of a child, but of another loved one. An example would be Paul McCartney. Ceres is very prominent in the relationship point in his chart. He lost his mother at a young age, then found his beloved Linda.

Linda and Paul had a very successful relationship and parenthood and discovered animal rights causes associated with their vegetarianism. Sadly, the loss of the prominent female in his life repeated itself with Linda’s dying young. His new love Nancy Shevell’s Ceres is harmonious with Paul’s, which should help break this recurring theme in his life, showing he has integrated Ceres successfully.

In the future, we will more deeply discuss the stories related to Ceres/Demeter in her sign Virgo and Persephone in her sign Scorpio. Watch for future articles with the poignant and powerful stories of the other new “eco-friendly” planets: Sedna, the Inuit sea-goddess, Haumea, the Mother Goddess of Hawai’i and Makemake, the “Birdman god” of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) along with Eris. You will be amazed at how literally they express their myths in your life.

Until then, put Ceres to work in your chart to balance your diet, your love of your children with their need for independence, and using your tenderness/nurturing to include yourself. Ceres is the nourishing presence there to comfort you amidst your love of family.

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