8 Signs He’s In It for Sex

You meet a guy. There’s chemistry. You aren’t easily won over, but you can’t help it. It’s useless to resist him. You give into passion after he wins your trust, but then he seems to change towards you, and withdraws the sweet way he used to court you. Here are some warning signs it might be all about sex:

1. Overtexting: It’s short, it’s impersonal. If there are more than four exchanges, he should call you. If he doesn’t, he’s not looking for a relationship.

2. Ex-Factor: He told you the first time he met you that he’d just got out of a crappy relationship. At the time, you thought you wanted to comfort him, but she’s all he talks about… and then he sleeps with you.

3. Social Networking Dead Zone: You send him a Facebook request which he doesn’t accept. When asked, he says he’s too busy, and doesn’t have time for it. He’s not letting you in to his digital life, plain and simple.

4. Booty Call: He only calls you after 11, and only wants to drop by for one thing.

5. Early Meeting: He uses lame excuses like having an early meeting, so that he can never spend the night.

6. Missed Events: If he doesn’t show up to your parties or forgets to wish you happy birthday, he’s not in it for the long term.

7. Introductions: You run into friends of his, but he fails to introduce you to them (and yes, he addresses them by name).

8. Social Studies: He avoids any serious topics or long conversations unless they revolve around him and his job.

What warning signs would you add to the list?

7 thoughts on “8 Signs He’s In It for Sex

  1. freeman1

    Hi Collen,
    I disagree about the texting. as a guy, I prefer the texting style that actually talking. I am good at expressing my emotions through writing than through words. Even when she is there with me, I’d keep silent and write to her instead and then pass the small jotter and pen to her to give me her response.
    From the giggle, you will know she actually like the change. she replies my text too immediately she receives it. It all depends on the guy. we all have different backgrounds circumstances, cultures and religion. we are also all born with emotions, feelings and temperament.
    So you see, it all depends on the guy and the other signs you outlined.
    and teh Ex-factor? she actually tries to talk me into revealing more about my ex. when I do not like talking about her cos she’s the past but I do tell her it was over before we met. Thats all she needs to know.

    But otherwise, your article is spot on!

    Thanks. I may actually understand my lady a lot better with articles like this.

  2. indigodanceindigodance

    ohh… I agree with the money one… especially with ex Virgo husband and now virgo lover (is this a virgo thing!!!).

    I would have to agree with Miss Krystal that texting can be quite fun….. in the physical my lover is straight in for the kill (sex in other words !!) but we have so much fun texting and emailing, we have learnt more about each other via that method of communication than actually talking or having sex.

    Then when we do meet up – its quite touching and tender as we have addressed maybe a personal thing to work on in more detail.

    As for Facebook – quite the reverse… he invites me – I actually dont have one – keep myself private !!

  3. mantra88

    I agree with the above article although I am wondering if this applies when dealing with an Aquarius man? They seem to be completely backwards in their behavior, especially when interested. Any thoughts on that?

  4. Jacqueline

    Hi Colleen,
    One thing too, is they don’t spend any money on you, never take you out on dates, often the use the excuse they don’t have any money, but if you offer to pay, then, well then they might just be able to come.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree about texting…..some men just feel more comfortable texting….some are even better able to, sometimes, express their feelings thru the texting or emailing…..at least in the beginning phases of the relationship.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. chloechloe

    Wonderful list Coleen and I agree with Miss Krystal about the texting. Some guys are just a little shy…One other item I might add to the list is when he says, “I’m not ready for a commitment right now” – anything along these lines is usually a red flag, no matter what his reasons may be. As I said, wonderful article job Coleen it’s always important to be aware of the signs and remember to not take them personally. Peace & Love, ~Chloe

  7. misskrystal

    Great points, MINUS #1
    I disagree about the texting…I have observed, for a while, that men who are shy, tend to hide behind texting and emails. You can still bond, it is a form of communication. I don’t want the girls who read this to fall apart thinking that because I do not feel this is true at all….I have seen people get married-but before that, the guy was mostly texting even to make the dates…..Of course, it is possible for the “jerk user guy” to have this tendency, but it can’t cover every man who likes to text…..There are still good men out there that have a little issue hiding behind technology…Girls, if you don’t like it, after a few minutes of texting, be assertive and pick up and the phone and call…Tell them you wanted to hear their voice and your fingers are tired. It’s 2010 folks….As much as some of us would like to go back to 1955, it’s over, we can’t…Besides, there was no texting or email then, anyway…Girls, not all men who hide behind the texts are jerks, they may just be shy…Perhaps your conversations in person are more personal and intimate…However, I have heard some juicy details in some of these texts lol…This one is hard to label…
    Otherwise, I agree with everything else in this article…
    Colleen, you have written some superlative articles, and this one is great, especially to warn the ladies, but please do understand that I have observed something a bit different about texting….
    Miss Krystal


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