Overcome Self-Sabotage

Stop Screwing Yourself Up in Five Easy Steps

The unconscious is extremely powerful, and we can sometimes be completely unaware of the actions we’re taking, no matter how destructive. A negative mind only leads us to negative actions, and we may not know that we’re constantly thinking negatively. We may feel like “bad” things always happen to us and that we’re never good enough. This way of thinking can cause us to fall into self-sabotage and may create more hurdles and problems in our lives.

If you’ve already become a victim of self-sabotage, there are many ways in which you can get yourself out of it. Don’t worry, a negative mind can turn itself around and you can live a more positive and happy life. Here’s how you can overcome and stop self-sabotage in five easy steps. Get started on your path to a more fulfilling, happier life. You deserve it!

1. Recognize it. It’s very important to be aware of your thought process and actions that you take. If you feel you are sabotaging all of your goals and successes, stop and acknowledge it. This is the first step to overcoming self-sabotage.

2. Meditate. Use meditation to sit with your thoughts and feelings. Many of us get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to connect with our inner self. Sit for five to ten minutes a day and allow yourself to feel your feelings. The more we place a block on our feelings, the more we may always fall into self-sabotage patterns.

3. Look at Your Goals. Have you prevented yourself from achieving your goals? Has there been a time where everything was placed in front of you, when you were beginning to feel success, and then you found a way to destroy it? People who suffer from self-sabotage usually create their own drama and tend to stop any positive experiences from happening. This is driven from fear and the fear of success.

4. Try Journaling and Writing Down Your Thought Process. It’s important to see where your thoughts are going and when you tend to turn to self-sabotage. After journaling for a few days, read over your thoughts and feelings. Catch the phrases that are negative and turn them into positives. Forget the “I should”s and “I have to”s and turn them around to “I can and I want to.” Even if you don’t believe it, the more you re-phrase your language, the more you will eventually believe it.

5. Have Compassion. It’s time you stopped self-sabotage in its tracks by loving yourself more and giving yourself a break. It’s so much easier to feel down and out and fall into a negative thought process. It takes more energy and focus to keep positive. Happiness is what you deserve, so why not start within yourself? You are the key to your own success and the sooner you feel more compassion towards yourself and forgive yourself for any past mistakes, the sooner you will be free from self-sabotage.

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11 thoughts on “Overcome Self-Sabotage

  1. krystine

    perfect timing…love this article helps me to feel positive already…

    hey candice what yah doin! don’t feel bad girl…try to shift your mindset from ugly duckling to desirable goddess…be who you are and be happy about it…you are beautiful cause God made you feel it inside and your prince charming will then be by yourside….

  2. Vicki futrell

    Some people are so lucky in relationships it seems easy for them and they find all these wonderful men that really care and love them. I always seem to end up with garbage.

  3. Courtney x5036

    Know the power of your destiny. Some things that are labeled as “bad” happen for a reason that is really good. Time will make you aware of why. Be grateful for every small thing that happens.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very nice, Natasha !!!!

    This is an important bit of advice, that can really change your life for the better, IF adhered to faithfully.

  5. Magnolia Hampton

    “Overcome Self-Sabotage” is a well written article, and I believe if more people would read it and take it’s advise; we will have a much better society, and a all around better world. Yes and of course please read “Happiness is what you deserve” to keep you thinking positive, and spread the love.

  6. alice

    We quickly forget we are all the stuff of God’s own making. How can we seperate ourselves from that fact? That is where free will steps in…we can turn away from that knowledge and believe we are “worthless” or underserving of accepting His grace. It does not have to be won or struggled after, it just is. Throughout the ages, people who desire to control and manipulate the masses have twisted this truth.

  7. Barbara Robinson

    11 days ago, I found a lovely younger man on a dating site. So much in common on all levels. He phoned me that night and we met last Friday and spent the weekend together. My fears started in the early hours of Sunday morning. The feeling that my body wasnt appealing enough, fear of him leaving and not contacting me again, etc. He had been very reassuring but from a text he sent last night, he obviously doesnt realise that it will take time for me to feel secure. I am normally a confident out-going person but when I become emotionally involved, I get very scared that the connection or relationship will be brief and happiness will be snatched away from me again. It happened the last time, allthough it probably wasnt all my fault. My lovely younger and I fell in love at first sight but I need to find a way to stop the self sabotage. It’s so hard to trust when you’ve been hurt before.

  8. Candice

    I think I`m starting to feel that nothing is ever going to work outfor me and yet I`m always surrounded by people that are inlove and happy when I look at myself I just feel so empty and alone. my biggest fear is that I don`t know how far this is going and if I`m just goingto be alone forever!


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