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Knowing someone’s zodiac sign can be a big clue in knowing if they’re right for you. For instance, you could compare your elements, such as water and earth, fire and air. You could also compare your qualities, such as fixed and mutable or cardinal and fixed. However, the best place to start is with the basics. Let’s see if you’re dating the right zodiac sign for you. The answers may surprise you.


You do well with other fire signs like an adventurous Sagittarius or an exotic Leo, but for the most electric dating experience, try a challenging Scorpio.


Another Taurus can show you the good-life side of dating that tickles your senses, but for constant waves of passion, Cancer gives you the warm fuzzies.


No one appreciates your fun and kinky side more than another Gemini, but Libra comes pretty close. Adventure-loving Sagittarius would also be a really fun date.

“Anyone can attract a fun partner by having a fun sense of self.” – Psychic Lalita ext. 5408


Scorpio makes you melt, and your pincers and their stinger provide that spark you both like. Taurus gives you that relaxed and happy feeling you love. Capricorn suits you nicely as well.


Aries and you light up the night together, and you and another Leo are the king and queen of the dating jungle. If you tend to be a little wild, you might like the balance a nice and naughty Libra brings to your life.


Taurus and Capricorn are star-crossed dating material, while still giving you that solid down-to-earth comfort, but Scorpio’s passion could very well hijack your heart.


You and Aries show that opposites really do attract, and they date pretty well, too. Look to Aquarius for that ethereal, written-in-the-stars feeling.

“How do you decide who is the right man? You will know that you have the right man because you will feel balanced, stable, loved and the challenges that come with the man won’t drive you away.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265


You are the zodiac’s dating lottery winner, and you love it. All of them are the right zodiac sign for you. You’re a passionate and intuitive match for Pisces and Cancer, while you and Aries make dating Scorpion hot.


You and another Sagittarius are like two kids on a playground, just enjoying the adventure. You need someone as wild and crazy and spontaneous as you are. How about an Aries or a Leo?


You and Cancer are literally a case of opposites attract. You also will love dating Scorpios and Pisces, giving you a whole pool of dates to choose from.


You and another forward-thinking Aquarian could imagine your dating life lasting far into the future. Let Gemini and Libra sweep you off your feet, and give you that feeling of dating nirvana.


Taurus courts your eccentric side quite nicely, but another Pisces could push the dating needle off the charts. Dating a Scorpio gives you passionate and memorable moments you’ll probably never forget.

Give the Zodiac Wheel a Spin

Using the zodiac as your guide to dating can be a fun adventure. Dating the right zodiac sign can be the catalyst that takes you from being a dating couple to a forever couple.

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217 thoughts on “Dating the Right Zodiac Sign

  1. Kathy

    I am a Capricorn and my current boyfriend of 3.5 yrs is on the cusp of Aries/Taurus, and in the past I had always heard that Taurus was one of my best matches, along with Pisces and Scorpio as noted above. My previous boyfriend was a Cancer and as noted above opposites do attrack, and it was a very sensual connection. But could never quite connect on other levels. My current boyfriend and I connect on all other levels and the “heat” is not as strong, started out really strong. So, not sure… in my past the most sensual was a Scorpio and I was married to a Pisces, but he passed away 18 yrs ago, and according to other sites as this, my love life has been on a holding pattern for 18 years and this is the year it is suppose to happen for me, so now I just need to figure out which sign I should be looking for… As much as I love my boyfriend, something is missing.

  2. Jen

    I am a Scorpio I have dated long term relationship pieces and a cancer…both were disasters..I now am with a Scorpio it is amazing..!!!!

  3. Pamela

    I am a Pisces that, according to my natal chart, over the years, has evolved into an Aries, from the time I turned 30 to the present . I am happily married to a loving and devoted Leo , and have been for over 26 years. My good friends are mainly fire and earth signs, and some air signs. I don’t do well with water signs, and never really have. The Scorpio , Piscean and Cancerian men I dated , didn’t last long in the dating relationship. But, the fire sign , earth sign, and air signs, did. Go figure.

  4. Kathy

    Right on, Virgo2757! This is way too simplistic, and the Moon should always be considered for anything emotional. Even then, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, for the major clues, but that’s still not everything. There is so much in a chart, “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” just doesn’t click. My astrology teacher said, for the majority (if not all), stay away from your opposite! Planets in opposition present some major challenges. As far as Virgos matching up, I’m going to take that to my instructor. I would think other Earth signs would be a fair start, but I’m still a beginner, and even that is taking just the Sun in consideration. :-p

  5. CAROL


  6. Melissa

    I am a Cancer Woman July 21 and I was under the impression my whole life that Pisces male was the best match for me. Pisces was not mentioned. I do get along well with Capricorn and of course Scorpio, my other Water sign is a great match, but I don’t know about Taurus, who was included and Pisces was not. And I had a wonderful marriage to a Leo, so go figure, right?
    Please advise,

  7. Patricia

    I am a Virgo but am attracted to Taurus, Aries and Cancer. She those are my likes and Libras are open-minded for me. Patti

  8. Sandy Scholler

    My husband and I are both Capricorns and have been happily married for 50 years. It is hard to find out after 50 years together that weld not be together.

  9. Chandira

    I am an Aquarius, and dating other Aquarians has been hell!! Ugh.. Currently dating a Virgo, I love it. His thoughtfulness and humanitarianism are great. The travel urge I have is a bit of a challenge, he’s an Earth sign, so likes his roots, but otherwise very compatible.
    Aries has also been a great match for me. 2 long term Aries relationships.

    It all depends on so many other factors. One thing I know, Cancerians and Scorpios (and other Aquarians) are OUT.

    Aquarian GIRLFRIENDS, that is another matter, most of my closest women are Aquarians, always have been.

  10. Holliday

    I’m a Libra and my hubby is an Aries and we’ve been together 23 years(nearly 22 of that as husband and wife). Everything I’ve read about the zodiac says that Libra and Aries are opposites, but are very compatible. That we are.

  11. james

    I’m a scorpio and I date an aries that is far most the hottest relationship I’ve. Ever been in! So glad my ex wife left me! I feel I’ve found my soulmate!


    This article has some truth but seems to general. I was married for 14 yrs to a Aries man but he was meant to be my best friend not husband. My compatible mates are suppose to be taurus and scorpios, but taurus can be bossy although great kissers and scorpios seem too possessive although amazing lovers. I looooovvvve me some Virgo men and find that we are EXTREMELY compatible but they are never listed under my sign for mates. I crave for Vigro men and don’t know why. They are amazing, smart and caring people and very sexy. My best relationship ever was with a Virgo man for two years. It didnt work b/c I wasnt ready for a commited relationship at the time but miss all that the Virgo men have to offer, their passion. loyalty and security….this is from a single Cancer woman.

  13. virgo2757

    Not trying to sound like the stereotypical know-it-all type of Virgo, but this article is really a little too simplistic. If you really want to know if you’re compatible with someone, it’s worth it to get a good analysis done by a professional astrologer of your own chart and compare it to the other person’s chart to see how well you match up. I’m taking astrology classes, and our teacher always reminds us that we all have a little bit of each sign in our charts, you just have to find out what falls where. Kind of like a celestial Rubics cube.

    Hey, quinn, thanks for saying Virgos rock! Capricorns are awesome too. I get along great with Capricorns, and I’m sure that part of the reason is because Capricorn is my rising sign; it’s also my daughter’s rising sign, and it was my mom’s rising sign.

  14. Christine

    Im a virgo and there is no other sign that is good with me. I love my capricorn weve been together for eight years.. and also I love my scorpio man.

  15. michele

    i am a gemini and i am married to a aries and we have our ups and downs we have been together for 10 years he is my soulmate and we are in love with each other i wouldnt give him up for anything hes awesome and also younger than me!!!!

  16. Debs

    im a sag. Married for 11yrs to a cancer,they are very controlling,jelous,untrusting people. His family are mostly cancers including my children,all water signs and man,,, are they vishious,only one to seem sweet is my 7yr old pieces.

  17. gerard whalen

    This is a really strange thing that–living by your zodiac sign is totally wrong..Im an aries and my wife of 28yrs. is a capricorn–and we love each other the same way we did 28yrs ago…So your idea that the zodiac signs run our lives is WRONG…thats why I cant always thust what your zodiac sign tells me—-your freind from the real world,,gerard

  18. -quinn ext.5484

    my VIRGO husband is wonderful – im a capricorn… both earth. but what the dynamtics are is that the virgo and the capricorn want to please each other. so it works. although many astrologer would frown on these two sun signs being a good match.
    i think what happened here with the VIRGO energy being missed is that in a love reading VIRGO being so logical doesn’t figure in.
    what i have found is that VIRGOS are the service people and will do well with anyone who loves being served.
    bring on the VIRGOS. they rock.
    -quinn ext. 5484

  19. Gregory McCartney

    i am a cancer and was married to a gemini for 22 years and we were not compatible..thought we were when we met but she changed and her alter ego,evil twin emerged..wish i had knew more about this then..lter i married a leo and we hit it off..we were madly in love with each other..we met online,talked on the phone for hours every night before meeting at Niagara falls..she lived in New York and i in we just hit it off and were together til she passed away from multiple organ failure in beb 2011..she was my soulmate and i lover her so i am meeting someone again but not sure of he45r i will definitely see about that and see what it says for us..we are madly in love with each other though we have only met online and on webcam..she makes my heart soar and feel like i did when i was in love before..i feel i cannot live without let’s hope for the best

  20. Monica

    Hey Ted, what dating site are you talking about? I have joined two and can’t afford to pay right now, and they won’t let me send or get message with out paying. So I’ve had no luck on them.

  21. Monica

    I’m a Scorpio and I dated two Scorpio’s in my life and it was good. I don’t like Libra, Gemimi, Some Leo’s and Cancers, and Sagittarius. I married one of the Scorpio I dated and it was mostly great, but had it’s up and downs. I also married a Taurus and he was a dog in heat for anything walking, basicly. I dated a Aries and it was hot like fire for a year, then I could trust him. I had a baby by a Cancer and he wasn’t all in the head, but was flackie too. I was with a Sagittarius and it was good when it was good, another time, well you know. I date two Capricorn and that was good when it was good. So I don’t know what other signs I’ve been with but it has a lot to do with there raising and moon. I’m a Scorpio w/ my raising in Capricorn and moon in Pisces. So it just depends on the person. I have bestfriends of 5 differtant signs and I get a long with them fine, but 4 are girls and one is a guy.

  22. missm

    This article only touches the surface. These are based on Sun Signs ONLY and does not factor in your Moon or Rising signs, as well as the signs and planets in your 7th house. Use this for only basic compatibility. Usually like signs (earth – earth, water – water, air – air), etc get along. earth and water do well. fire and air do well too. You really need to learn more about Astrology before you base your next relationship on this article.

  23. queen love

    Scorpio, and Gemini have been the loves of my life. The Scorpio I had problems with although He did it for me all the way around..he just wan’t honest.
    I am a cancer but son’t seem to fit the description.

  24. Josie Behnke

    I’ve been with several virgos over the years…I’m a leo. Right now I am with an Aquarious, and trust me there are times we both look at each other and wonder how it works, but it does and has for a while now.

  25. Lise Leveillee

    Well I’ve dated enough Aquarian men to know that another Aquarian is the worst match for me. I was miserable with all the Aquarian men I’ve dated and I hardly get along with other women Aquarians. I’ve never dated any Libran but I get along just fine with them both men and women (the women as just friends).

    I’ve dated a few Scorpios and those were my best relationships as my Rising sign is Scorpio.

    Let’s not even talk about the other signs as except for one Sagittarean that I dated and who was one of my best relationships. So I believe that this article does not reflect reality as I’ve been told by some astrologers that I could have a happy relationship with Capricorns but I actually butt heads with them. Leos are too bossy for my tastes, Pisces way too flimsy. I was even told Aries could be good matches but I don’t think so. I was friends with one woman Aries and her eccentricities got on my nerve after 24 years of me investing in the friendship while she couldn’t even take one minute to listen to me if I had a problem by ending the friendship. I have men who are friends born under that sign but I would never date any of them.

    Basically I can be friends with all the signs but from my own personal experience, if I want a relationship I better go with Scorpions, Librans and Sagittareans.

  26. arise

    Merriam-Webster: star–crossed adj \’stär-?krost\: not favored by the stars : ill-fated [“a pair of star–crossed lovers take their life” — Shakespeare]

  27. Carrie Leopold

    Not one of these shows a Virgo as their match. Not even for the ones that were suggested for Virgo. Why is that??

    I’m a Virgo, and i’m in love with a Leo who loves me.

  28. michelle

    not true….the list seems limited. I dated a cancer for 4 years and he was the longest i lasted with. Acquarians also are very compatible to me and gives me the space that I need. They are also very intellectual and fun.

  29. judy

    I am a Saggitarius and was married to one for 34 years until he passed away. We loved, adored, enjoyed, talked through everything, rather disagreed. Like you said above, we were like playing on a play ground. I miss him so much. thank you for your insight to our signs.
    Judy Berg

  30. curious22

    I think this is a bit off and a rather disappointing blog post – yes i agree some signs are more compatible than others but Im a Sag and dating a Pisces, Fire and Water signs… probably the most compatible person ive ever been involved with. I could never mesh well with a Leo in a r/s but maybe that’s just me…Overall, other facts aside from personality match, there’s also looking at birth charts, etc. if you want to get into technicalities. Id say looking at the two people personally would be more accurate than categorizing only 2 or 3 signs to a person.

  31. kevin

    I am a virgo, and it says that a taurus and capricorn are a good match, if that is true, how come under the taurus and capricorn sign, it says nothing about a virgo. this dosen’t make any sense.

  32. Dorine

    Im, married to a gimini, and we are sort of close sometimes but it can get pretty, srtainge sometimes, while Im a content warm hearted person we dont always agree with each other, Im more energetic while he is just relax, Im more outgoing and spontanious, full of joy while hes more relax in one peice, I like the finer things in life while he like the boring things, what can be done to spark the relationship better.

  33. virgo2757

    Interesting…this article tells who a Virgo would want, but evidently none of the other signs wants a Virgo in return….the closest it came to saying who would want a Virgo was to note that Scorpio would be happy with any of the 12 signs.

    If I sound touchy and nit-picky even for a Virgo, blame it on Mars in Virgo; besides my Sun being in Virgo, my Mars, Mercury and Pluto are all in Virgo in the 8th house….

  34. joe

    well i do not know the signs and all and at times it kinda ruff but for near 19 years mrsanna who is a libra and myself a scorpo have been together and hope we will be together for another 19 or 30 or however long we have

  35. Enez

    maybe for just casual dating …… gemini and gemini dating is never a perfect match….both are changeable and that would be damn boring . geminis need stimulants

  36. Edward Anderson

    I have been dating a capricorn for 4 years now,I am ten years her elder,I am a taurus,,and the longer we have been together,the closer we have become,I have asked her to marry me,and She has accepted.We both live in two hemispheres,but slowly becoming one together.The travel is expensive,but well worth it on both parts,we both learn the different cultures and business practices.Also the different scenery of different
    places cannot be under estimated.
    Patience is required,and we both have plenty of that,it also makes the union well worth it.
    We both have earth,fire,water,and air in our signs,so it is extremely balanced,we met on a dating site in 2008.
    So anyone,who thinks dating sites are BS,they are wrong,you just have to be carefull.
    This is a great site,probably one of the best for insights and experience in the world,
    with no pressure to buy anything,and have your say.

    Cheers Guys,


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