How to Attract the Right Man

Psychic Daphne Shows You How!

“How are you putting your energy out there? And are you confident with it?” is the question Psychic Daphne ext. 5417 asks in her video below, “How to Attract a Man.” Many of her callers want to know how they can attract the ideal man into their lives. Watch the video and try out Daphne’s strategy to attract the man of your dreams!

Talking with Daphne recently, she explained how she reads for clients with love questions: “When my phone rings, before I answer it I always say a quick prayer that the most beneficial information comes forward for this particular client. Then when I hear the client’s name and birthday, I have my eyes closed, I’ll start seeing pictures. It’s like I have a movie screen in front of me and people’s energy shows up on the screen. If they’re asking about a relationship, once I call in that other person and it’s on the screen, I see the synopsis of the present situation’s energy.” What does Psychic Daphne ext. 5417 see developing in your love life? Give her a call now and find out!

Boost Your Confidence

In our chat, Daphne gave me more advice on ways women can attract their ideal relationship. She emphasized that it’s all about learning how to boost your confidence in yourself. She said, “When a woman’s focus is on her, and her own passions, or even on discovering what her own passions might be, there’s something about that which makes you gain confidence.”

“You’re figuring out who you are, and devoting your time to that discovery, whether it be taking dance classes, learning a new language, going back to school, gardening, or whatever you love—do it! You love stamp collecting? Do it! It’s about claiming your life, and being OK no matter what happens.”

“Do what you can to pick yourself up. Like spending time with your girlfriends, painting your toenails, wearing skirts, dancing naked through your house, whatever you want to do to just have fun ‘you’ time. There’s something about that that really is empowering. Whether it sounds crazy or funky or fun or intriguing, it’s important to let loose and dig deep inside, and discover what’s in you. And because you make that discovery, you will become very confident in who you are just by knowing yourself well and being able to move forward again. That’s a big part of personal empowerment.” Psychic Daphne ext. 5417 can show you how to get empowered and reclaim your life. Try a reading with her today.

Get Empowered With a Psychic Love Coach

Daphne explained how she can help callers as a psychic love coach: “There’s something about having specific action steps that is really important for a person’s betterment, to be able to attract a relationship, to be confident, to be empowered, to have all those things.” Try a reading with Psychic Daphne ext. 5417 and experience her psychic life and love coaching advice for yourself.

“In a nutshell, if you’re talking with someone who’s able to give you specific tools, it helps to get you out of that mental rat race that’s replaying over and over. It helps to have an outside influence, not just a counselor, but someone who’s able to see your unique situation through reading the energy of it, and seeing where the deep patterns lie, in order to move forward in your life. I really see that psychic work is huge in being able to delve through the depths, and then come out on the other side.”

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9 thoughts on “How to Attract the Right Man

  1. Amber

    Dear Daphne
    I have one question for you. How do you know its right, because I’m married and I don’t think or feel this is right. Could I be looking at it to deep or what? I’m having trouble finding my answers. Could you please help me.

  2. maria tellez

    Hi Daphny. I ran into this awesome article and gave me hopes that perhaps you can halp me unpuzzel my thoughts and doubts. I consider myself an independent and strong woman with a great heart and lot od love to give. For almost 6 years, I havent had a steady partner in my life. More over, lately I run into men that either have too much drama with recent breakups or men that lie and end up being married men. I want someone real honest loyal and faithful and most importantly a single man that is not affraid to show the way he can feel about me. I have a clear picture of what I want and have believes that I can attract my soul mate with the characteristics I have in mind …. but than again…. why do I continue to run into the wrong kind of man. What is wrong with this picture? Please help me find the answer. Thank you for your time.


  3. Mary

    I wil continue to love him and see where it goes. I will hang in to see if the youger girl will go away out of jealousy and then continue with him. I would not quit because to win him is not going to be easy. You will meet other women looking for him. If he cares for you- two of you can talk and say what you want- commitment- you need to know him first- is he ready to commit. What plans he has for you. I won’t quit so fast. Hang in tough- if you need sex- use protection and see who wns- you or the other women

  4. Ally

    I cannot seem to get over the soul bending relationship I shared with the man who is 11 years older than me.. which would be fine if I were not so young. We shared this amazing friendship and I could feel him resting in my heart perfectly, I had to call things off before things progressed because it was so “wrong.” I dunno what to do, I miss him and my memories of him and the few times we spent together haunt me day in and day out. What to do what to do, i guess i should move on bit i still feel connected. Haha, help?

  5. Ejoseph

    Dear Daphne
    A few months ago I met someone at work. He said that he’s single. He just separated with his girlfriend of five years. We talked and we laughed when we had conversation. After twelve plus of being single, I fall in love for this guy. I think that he has feelings for me too. But after a couple of weeks, there is a young lady always came over to see him. He told me this lady is just a friend, but it was a flat lie. Then, he kept on lying, lying, lying about many things. I can detect when someone is lying to me. What I do now I manage to avoid him in every way I can. Ms. Daphne is there anyone in this world for me? First, let me say something clear, I am not looking or desperate. I am just curious.


  6. -quinn ext.5484

    wonderful article. thank you erica and daphne for putting your heads together on this one.
    ~~~metta waves~~~

  7. misskrystal

    Hi Daphne-Loved your video-Thanks, Erica, for a very unique post.
    I am sure this one got lots of hits & that everyone really enjoyed this. I found it to be totally interesting, yet, very entertaining…So awesome 🙂
    Was so great to see you at the Xmas Party…Happy Valentines Day, Miss Krystal

  8. Patsy Dunn

    I would like some insight as to what is going on in my love life. Had a relationship most of last year with a man who then just left me and I believe went back with his ex girlfriend and now has come back to me again. What is it with ths man. He says he didn’t treat me well and does not want to give me any commitments but says he loves me. I would like to see where this goes and I cannot get married because of late husband’s health insurance issue. I had him figured for being a player but I just don’t know now. Can you help. thanks, Patsy


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