Psychic Success: Trust in Yourself

Psychic Josslyn ext. 5470 Shares Her Psychic Success

I love getting calls when people say “it happened – just like you saw!” But when I thought about my favorite success story, I thought I’d share mine, because defining success means achievement and triumph to me. Maybe telling you my story is a bit egotistical. Maybe not. You see, I wasn’t always a professional psychic. I owned a business, a rather large manufacturing operation with offices in the US, Sydney and London. I travelled 150,000 miles year. I loved what I was doing.

Then my dad got sick with a terminal lung disease. Then a bright spot: I fell in love. Head over heels. But business got harder, stores were closing, people couldn’t pay me. Now it all really started falling apart. My dad’s disease was worse than originally thought. The guy left me for an old girlfriend. I didn’t know what I wanted to do—close or sell my business to help my family? Move away? And why did this guy hurt me so much? Why was it all so hard?

I had heard about a local psychic, so I went to see her. It was an awful reading. I mean bad. I knew I shouldn’t have even gone that day. Getting the appointment wasn’t easy. We played lots of phone tag. I kept wanting to turn my car around and I asked for a sign showing me why I should go to the reading. I found money on the steps leading to her office, enough for a great cup of coffee. Okay, I knew about my guides so, I thought, this is about money—I walked in and sat down. She took a photo of my aura.

Have I mentioned the reading was awful? She told me that the guy didn’t love me, my dad was going to die and my business was in the toilet. I was hurting before I went in, and now I was being tortured. She made a tape of the reading, which she had to put on a disc I was told I could get later in the day. I never did go back for it.

Instead, I went to my hairdresser’s. I was crying. She knew the psychic, and said that I really needed to speak with a different one. Someone who was straightforward yet kind and loving and who suggested tools for growth. I got a new name and I called her. She dared me to believe in myself. To trust my gut. She said if I really wanted to prove I trusted and believed in myself, I should become a professional psychic. Oh, and she reminded me to trust what I see about auras, because that photo was wrong and I knew it. She knew about that photo I destroyed? Yes, she knew. One more thing she added: she said I wasn’t done with that guy. I would sell my business, and my dad wasn’t dying so fast. She was right: me and the guy are not done, and I sold my business on the same day that my dad was offered a lung for transplant.

So this is my success story as a psychic: I renewed my trust in myself. From a bad reading I got one big push to trust myself and my gut. I was told to keep learning how to be a better and more successful psychic, because it will help me to be a better me. As a professional psychic I see and hear about success at every turn. I see those triumphs, achievements, and accomplishments every single day from every call. I love what I’m doing. It’s the very definition of success.

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Success: Trust in Yourself

  1. Bharat Sharma

    ‘COURAGE’has another name & it is JOSSLYN.Would like to have communication with you.May God bless you with fortitude.

  2. Whitelighter

    Hi Josslyn,

    I am also a psychic, not professional but I have helped my friends and people in the community. I have done cases for the authorities and found missing people from far away. My question is how do you do this for a living? I want to help people but people tell me that charging for this service is “NOT GOOD” In the past I have accepted donations but I still felt bad about that. Is there any words of wisdom that you can offer? I want to help people but I feel that accepting money for it will have consequences.

    Thank you,

  3. Charrmayne ext.5058

    Hi Josslyn! Thanks for sharing your most inspiring experience with us. This isn’t only an experience of self trust, but also of courage. Excellent!

  4. Mark Taylor UK

    Thank you for your article! If my friends even had an inkling I was reading and learning from these articles I would probably ridicled and laughed out of the building! However I take great comfort in this intelligently written and informed piece of work. I am starting my own journey of self discovery, it is a private one and a daily ritual to develop and learn from the peripheries of life! What I am saying is that as humans we are so busy getting by day to day in what can be a hellish world that we forget two things that have been here all along, Nature and spiritual awareness, it is time to slow down absorb the very things we ignore and develop our sense of worth and change our perspectives of life and ourselve’s. Good luck Josslyn and keep up the honesty and career path, you have clearly found spitual satisfaction in you ammneded life. Mark taylor Lincolnshire, England.


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