Date and Love a Leo

Loving the Lion

So you’ve fallen for a Leo, or maybe you’ve just got your eyes set on one. Here’s some practical, yet fun and friendly advice to peruse before you saunter into the lion’s lair.

Snare the Lion

Once you and Leo lock eyes, for that first, quick moment, you’ll know it, there’s something different about Leo. The lion is not easy to capture though, first you have to grab their attention, and trying to do so will only guarantee a miss. Don’t try at all. You want to be noticed, but noticed for your own awareness of the room and the attention it gets you. Use the alchemy of friendly and aloof to create a dramatic yet classy aura that will almost steal Leo’s spotlight. Then they’ll have to, want to, and need to know who you are.

Date a Leo

Of course you want to date a Leo. Finding any one sign of the zodiac that is impervious to Leo’s magnetic aura is not near or next to impossible, it’s just impossible. Unfortunately, even a Leo would admit that there is no one sign that is perfect for the jungle cat. The good news is that once you’re on Leo’s good side, at worst, you’ve got a loyal friend for life; at best, you’ll have a loyal lover too, as long as it remains hot, fun and steamy. When happy, Leo loves to lavish in the security of a warm and welcoming den to unwind in. Being wild and crazy is fun, but just remember, that Leo wants to get to know the real you, they sincerely do.

Love a Leo

Manage to maintain the excitement of first falling in love as much as possible. Leo loves the very idea of “love.” It’s the more difficult parts of a relationship they hate to face, the practical, sometimes it gets rough side. If you can manage to keep their fur from getting too ruffled, stroke their ego and let them know that fun and adventure will eventually return and that it never leaves forever, you’ve got a good chance of keeping love’s light shining. Of course, you shouldn’t expect all of this comforting reassurance from them. It’s not to say that Leo is selfish, they just figure that when their universe is good, everyone should be happy. Hopefully, they’ll see the need to reciprocate all the love you’re sending their way and give you a hug when you need it because you need it and not just because they think it’s expected of them. They like to think that their mates are as strong and independent as they are. When Leos are happy in love, the sun, their ruling planet, helps them shine and all of those closest to them get to bask in the warm-heartedness of this magnificent sign.

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23 thoughts on “Date and Love a Leo

  1. GEMINI6

    Oh! by the way I forgot. Ray, leave her and move on, don’t waste your time. I am a Gemini woman and I let go of the Leo man I was dating supposively, he stated after half a year of seeing each other that we were just friends with some benefits. I will never go with a Leo again.

  2. Gemini

    Well, it has been a year since I dated the Leo I mentioned in 2013’s comment. We would get together when we ever we could to the movies. But, lately he has been too involved in a volunteer project, and I got tired of him talking about the subject so much. He is very hard to read, and he is not very romantic (not a very good lover). He is not passionate as all of u said u are, he does not talk about his life. He feels he does not have to tell me about his life thou I have been honest about mine. He has not called me since our last disagreement, thou he did not call me that often in the whole year. This makes me believe that he is not interested in me. By the way his jokes are dry and irritating at times.
    And he is always repeating my faults for example if I canceled a get together, which upsets me.
    I will not date a Leo again

  3. amber

    This msg is fr Ray, Ray I am a leo my mother is a leo 3 of my cousins are leo’s my brother and a couple other family members… I am going to be honest with you a leo woman at that age has found a flaw in something you did a red flag so to speak she is never going to tell you what you did she is to proud fr that she is going to be respectful and kind to you and there fr you when you need her… but a leo women needs consistency if there is one thing inconsistent in your behavior game over…

  4. Cancer

    I am a Cancer woman and my roommate is a Leo man. He has a girlfriend but they break up all the time and get back together all the time. His girlfriend is a Leo as well.

    He tells me I am pretty and have a nice figure. He gives me hugs and tells me how good I look. I would love to date him but, he has a girlfriend and I’m not sure if he is just flirting, sees me as just a friend, or if he really wants more.

    Every time I see him I tell him how sweet he is and let him know I think he is a hard worker. He makes my heart melt every time he walks into the room. He is not the best looking guy I know but his personality makes him HOT and SEXY!

    Any advice? I REALLY want him to ask me out on a date but he never has. 🙁

  5. Ray

    I’m a Gemini dating a Leo Woman . She Is Educated , Beautiful & Humanist .
    though she has had a troubled past …..
    We started out dating at FULL BLAST / EVERY WEEKEND !
    Now after 4 months , she states , ” let’s take it one day at a Time ”
    2. JUST A SERIAL DATER ( she has been & is still dating other men ! I can tell by her conversation about other men ….but the dates went wrong !!!
    4. Some please tell me why a 58 yrs. Old Leo woman only kisses a Man on the Jaw ????

    *** Accepting All Responses ****

  6. MMG

    Leo’s are very sincere people…If you love us for who we are, we will love you in return…We have a reputation for being overly generous and its the truth…If lied to, we’re hurt and it makes it hard to trust again…As for being liars, that may be more true among male Leo’s, the sincerity we’re known for is among female Leo’s and being one of them, I know…There’s also a difference in Leo’s born in late July, who will be more laid back and those born in August who are more extroverted and proud…

  7. Anne

    Leos are very deep people and they may stretch the truth at times to either cheer someone up or to avoid hurting them . They are very honest though so they would soon come back to the issue with the perfect approach. They are very loving people. I find my Leo daughter and friend, an absolute inspiration in times when everything goes wrong in life and there seems no hope. Leo can not only cheer you up but inspire you with a different outlook that wasn`t visible before. They are extremely loyal and deserve the same back.

  8. Gemini

    I am a Gemini and I have been dating a Leo for 2 months. So, far so good he appears to be a laid back person calm. Since our first date I was just honest and we talked about what we were looking for in a life partner. He appreciates my honesty. Of course after having so many disappointments, I feel this is the way to go and not waste me time. On another article (do you wanna date a Leo) about 5 comments said that Leo’s were liars. Can some Leos give me an honest feed back on this?

  9. Connie

    Hello all you feisty lovable cats!!

    I agree with what all of you are saying. I know for me…I am not so much of a lime light person, but I know that when I am passionate about something I tend to pull out my soap box and stand on it and tell everyone in the room about it!! I think that we Leos are big hearted kitty cats, but….do us wrong and it’s not like Scorpio with the stinger, it’s the one big swipe of the paw and it’s done….however we go and lick out wounds and wish that it had never happened and can’t believe that someone would be so cruel to have to made us do that to them in the first place!! LOL!!!! The thing is….we love to be loved and we love to love.
    I think many people think we are so hungry for the stage and to be right and first and all of that junk, but I know for me it’s being happy and full of passion and zest that puts me out front sometimes. Money is great!! It allows us to have certain things and provides us with necessities, but it isn’t everything. I just want to have a comfortable home and feel happy and safe and loved. I love nice things, who doesn’t? But if it’s all for show then you can have it!


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  15. Dionea

    I’m a sagittarius and I’ve always had great relationships with leos. My bffs, so to speak, were always leos and my actual boyfriend is a leo as well. I think it’s a very easy sign to relate. Never thought of them as high maintenance. Attention cravers, yeah, but they usually have such a charming and generous personality it is not difficult to give them the attention they need.

  16. Madi Kay

    I love being a Leo! I also might add we crave attention from anyone and everyone. We do have a quiet and warm side but when we are out and about we want all the yes on us. I must say being a Leo is fun because you want to just have a good time! @ Daring Leo I love what you wrote! Its so true!

  17. Claudia

    A agree with most of what was written about us Leos, however if I might add we can also be quite unreadable at times…sometimes what some think we are going to do is quite different. In general we are adoptable in most circumstances but would prefer comfort over lavishness. if we care about someone we take our time to see their intent, then we will show most of how we feel about them by giving attention and use our sexuality to encourage them. But of course if we are not interested, even if you stand on your head for a year, have more money than sand on the sea shore, we will not change our minds towards you. Treat us with as much respect and ternderness as we give you and you have our hearts!! Taming the big cat can be tricky, but passion gets us all the time!

  18. Daring Leo

    Funny, I think it describes Leo’s to a “T” lol. We are not high maintenance but we do love and crave the attention of the opposite sex. Believe it or not we are strongly attracted to confidence. We are loyal and when in love we’ll do almost anything to please our partners. But watch out because the Lion is fearless and will at times sabotage it’s own relationship to get the attention it wants. (Not a good quality I know) but very true. We like being in control because it provides a sense of security for our big Lion hearts. Capturing our attention is easy if you know what to do… Our heart is a different and more complicated story. We guard it with all our might and just when you think your getting close we pull back just to be safe before letting you in. When in love though, you’ll know… A Leo is not always good at hiding it and that sense of wanting to protect, nurture, share and be passionate and romantic is all too strong to keep to ourselves for long.

    Good Luck and lots of patience 🙂

  19. Savannah

    It’s really good to get to know all of the information about a Libro. I’m very impressed to know all of this about them. I’m glad that I get this information because it comes in handy for am attempt to get back with my ex. I really like him and I miss him.

  20. Amellia.N

    good to know all this….hmmmm am well impressed. it really takes a person that knows all this quality about leos to have a good relationship with them.

  21. Patty Jo

    ya’ know when reading my leo horiscope i mean it just makes me seem like a
    High matenice kinda chick ! i don’t really see it though! but then again maybe i’m just too close ya’ know ! later patty jo


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