How to Recognize Someone From a Past Life

Learn to recognize signs that you were connected to someone in a past life. Trust your intuition to recognize past-life prompts. In his book Journey of Souls, hypnotherapist Michael Newton explains how he discovered, through past-life regressions of his clients, that we each have a circle of souls that we choose to reincarnate with from each life to the next. However, because most memories from past lives are unconscious, we need triggers to remind us who these people are and to help us recognize them when we meet again on Earth.

Recognition Class

Newton hypnotized his clients to the time between lives to see how the plans for the next life are created. With the help of guides in the spirit world, we choose the major events of our next life and decide how certain people and places will play into our plan. The last thing we must do just before coming back to Earth in human form is attend our “recognition class.”

According to reports from Newton’s clients, we attend recognition class with about 10 or 15 people who will be close to us in the coming life. If we travel from life to life with a primary soul mate, then he or she will be there. Also in attendance are people who will teach us important lessons, help us with our careers, or become lifelong friends. The recognition class is led by a spirit guide known as a “prompter.”

Types of Triggers

The prompter informs us of small details about people and places that serve as flags for us to notice. A recognition signal could be a particular type of jewelry that someone wears, a specific perfume scent, or the sound of someone’s laughter. It could be a photograph or other visual image that strikes us. Or it could simply be a “feeling” that is hard to describe and impossible to ignore.

Recognizing Triggers

Paying attention to your intuition is one of the best ways to recognize these past-life prompts. Also pay attention to synchronicity and odd sequences of events. If a little voice inside of you urges you to do something, don’t question it. Simply act on it. That’s what one young man did when he was bidding “bon voyage” to friends leaving on a ship. He noticed a little girl on the dock and felt the need to photograph her. He did so, never knowing who she was. Years later, he showed the photo to his wife, who was shocked to see that the little girl was her!

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27 thoughts on “How to Recognize Someone From a Past Life

  1. Flo

    I’m not sure if I’m a believer or not, but I stumbled upon this article while googling why someone would be drawn to a particular family.
    When I was in high school I met a guy at the local fair. We were instantly drawn to each other, shared a kiss and did not see each other again for years. A couple of years later I would pass a guy who waved a me each morning as our cars passed each other. I mentioned this guy to a friend of mine who responded “so you’re the one he talks about”. He introduced us. We shared a brief crush/friendship/kiss. Over the years he would call me when his life was in turmoil…Almost like a therapist. I later married the cousin of the fair guy and we were together for 20 years and had 4 children together (cousin on the opposite side of his family). Fair guy lived in an apartment behind us for a while and I felt motherly to him. He has a damaged soul and tends to open up to me easily. I have an old soul girlfriend who is 20 years older than me. I begin dating her brother a few years ago. We began talking about family and I realize that fair guy is his cousins son. Also, the guy I passed every morning in the car is also a different cousins son.
    All 3 guys are somewhat damaged, but my friends aura is pure light.
    Could I have been drawn to these guys because they are broken and I’m an empath or could it be that I’m somehow connected to them from a past life?

  2. viky

    Someone please help me. How do you start to remember? A few days ago I started listening to K-pop, which is Korean pop, that was all normal and i was liking some songs. But one band hit me in particular and i started concentrating on them. One of their members gave me a weird feeling, i felt uncomfortable looking at his face. Then watching a video of them this member in particular smiled in the camera and i was overwhelmed. He reminds me of someone, something, i dont know. But his look, his smile…its really bothering me, i feel a strong connection. I dont think i knew him in particular in a past life, i just think he reminds me of someone from a past life….i just cant figure it out…someone please help me. I’ve been feeling lost, i’ve lost all interest in men altogether. I dont feel girly anymore (i dont know why)…I’m a straight girl, but this has just confused me to the point im questioning my life and what i want, i feel like i want nothing, like there is nothing.

    1. Regan

      It seems like you are possibly going through a layer of awakening in which you are beginning to shed your ego. The ego is the “you” that has been conditioned by society and environmental factors your whole life, but it is not “you”. You is your higher self. That is who is running the ship so to speak and sometimes we finally have these moments of clarity where we force the ego to take a backseat while we *higher self* drive! Hope that helps!

  3. Avvie Cunnington

    I recently discovered i was one of Jack the Ripper victims in a past life and had a story published about it. Thinking nothing more would come of it i was surprised when 2 days ago i had a message from a man on Facebook who read my story and had known for a while that he was the husband of this victim.
    Talking now we have so much in common, and remember things from this past life. Was totally amazed that he found me again. Was shocking and amazing to find my husband from this past life. My life was cut short and we didn’t get so spend long together, so it’s great i now have him back as a friend.

  4. devika

    hi just wanted to ask it a saying that we cannot get married to any one who comes up and some says marriages are already fixed by god before we even meet people so is it possible that people whom we marry we know them before from previous life time and are just not able to recognise them or we marry complete strangers with whom we dont have any connections from past life

  5. Ruth

    I’m a skeptic. I refuse to believe any of this. However, something has occurred and now I can’t stop thinking about this as a possibility. There’s a new cashier at one of my jobs whose mannerisms and character raise red flags and it’s like an EMP generates from my head to the rest of my body. She’s a sweet kid and all, we get along fine, probably better than most people I’ve worked with. Work is easy when we’re teamed up and we carry a conversation for long periods of time, then she says something that sets off alarms in my head, like deja vu, or rather like we’ve been friends before in a past life…

    Any answers?

  6. glittergirl

    I just recently started work and I noticed this guy who works there always looks at me strangely. I can’t believe its been over a month and he still just stares but wont speak with me. When he stares its not a creepy stare its more as if he knows me from somewhere. At first I thought do I remind him of someone but the way he continues to look at me is not normal.
    He seems like a nice guy, I’ve heard the way she talks to others. When I look at his mannerisms and his character he reminds me of myself! That’s why I can’t help thinking if this is some kind of soul connection. Soul connections can be alike too. I wonder if he is a soul mate.

  7. angelbaby

    I really need help theirs this girl and I seen her 5 years ago when I was younger and she would just look at me 5 years later when I see her for the time sense then I felt in my heart like someone was starting at me I looked around and it was her its like she couldn’t or wouldn’t take her eyes off me and the connection was so deep I had to walk away outside Iits been a year now iv seen her a lot I even seen her on New years strange huh her family knows my family well but we never talk I could feel when she’s sad happy and ny heart tells me she’s thinking about me one time my heart told me I was going to see her no.lie 45 mins later I seen her and she was stari.g as usual please help me what is going on why can’t I stop.thinking about her what dose this mean I never felt this way ever

  8. Angeli

    Ok, as I stumbled upon this website, I couldn’t help but read some of the few stories shared although I was looking for somewhat of an answer or a similarity to what I encountered about 2-3 years back. The way it happened keeps me wondering what it all meant and/or what it means…

    During the time I was working at an electronic store as a customer service rep. I was waiting for the next customer to assist whom ended up being this Asian man and his son. As I was ringing up his items, he asked me if we knew each other because he said that I looked familiar. I looked at him and and did not recognize him at all, so I replied back “I don’t think so…” He then proceeded to say that he did know me and and kept insisting that he has seen me before … I just looked at him really confused with nothing to say back … and that’s when he said he had seen me in past life. I was left in complete silence, not knowing what to think of what he said. After I finished his transaction, before he left, he put his hand for me shake, and as I put out mine he grasped my hand and said “good luck”

    I was honestly a bit creeped and the hair on my arms stood up when I thought about what he said as I watched him walk out of the store. out. Since then it hasn’t left my mind because the way it happened, the seriousness in his face, the sound of his voice when he spoke to me left me to question what in the world did or does that all mean?!

    The thing that bothers me the most is when he said good luck to me in the end. Good luck to what…

  9. Ese

    I have this friend and mind u I’m still a teenager I’m just so interested in all of this topics, and we were best friends for only 2 years- the first time I talked to her I felt like we had been best friends for yrs- and I told my sister this- I was like 12.

    I began to get so curious- why do we have such a strong emotional connection? Like literally, the first time I went to her house we were laughing and tickling each other and play fighting- we r ALWAYS play fighting- and all of a sudden my heart starts beating as if I’ve been sprinting and I start feeling so happy almost like a euphoric state and in the moment I was thinking “wow! What’s happening to me” instantly I started looking for signs so see if she was feeling the same way and her face was bright red, tears were like streaming down her face. She was looking straight at me and I was looking straight at her as though we were both shocked by the same thing. It was just a burst of this emotional happy energy we were BOTH feeeling

    And at the same time we argue soooooo much.

    I’m just like how can I love someone so much that I argue with almost everyday???? She doesn’t make sense to me- I’m like legit obsessed with her.

    I mean I’ve had bestfriend b4, but she is veeerrrryy different. I wonder who she is and I know we’ve encountered b4, but how- were we siblings- I have a feeling we were like a couple

  10. Bria

    I was at the fair and saw a guy who looked terribly familiar, but I couldn’t remember where we had met. His face struck such a weird nostalgic feeling in me. He noticed me as well. I walked up to him and said, “Do we know each other?” He said “I don’t know but you look familiar”. We stood there for 10 minutes trying to figure it out but could not. We had different hometowns, schools,friends, everything! No proof that we had ever crossed paths before. We walked away from each other that day, he just as baffled as I…..

  11. lucy

    i m 18 years old girl..i have a problem regarding my dream.i always dream of a boy who used to help in any situation in the dream..who is always seen to be very caring,loving n very generous to me.i know him at time of my dream ,at the same time after wake i was unable to recognised him.i always think about him dat who is dat guy?but everytime i failed.when i was 11 years old from that time i had seen dat guy to help me in my also i often saw dat guy in my there any possibility of my past life..please help me to get ride of this

  12. T

    This is an interesting article….I am glad to have read this, as I can related to it…I have meet this man….It was like love at first sight when we first meet four years ago…is an instant attraction….every time we see each other… our eyes would meet and he strike my heart….I felt this strong deep connection to this man….I know that he felted too and I am sure of it…..every time he call out my name his voice goes thru my body and bone….is like I heard and recognized his voice before…..I can NOT be near to him as I felt such strong chemistry between two of us….and because of our present situation we both have families of our own and with kids….our deep love for each other and strong bond that we have and will NEVER be able to persue or grow, as I have my strong religion believed….I wrote a lot of love poems to released my pain in my heart….some I have shared with him….it hurt too much NOT able to be close to him….knowing he belong to some one else and I belong to some one else …. my heart will always be with him to this life or to next life….I rather be me who suffer than some one else suffer….how can I hurt any soul…may be in this life we’re Not meant for each other …but to help other souls…this life we are meant to be just FRIENDS.
    I believed this man is my soul mate because I meditates a lot due to my religion practice …it lead to something amazing…something out of this world….no one can never explain this KARMA….I am sure he is my soul mate and we been reincarnate few past life… 2 to be exact because I have had dreams….I believed our first past life together we were Brother and Sister….the Second we are husband and wife …but some thing terribly happened to me in my past life ….May be in this life time….we are meant for just friends….I currently have black-out every time I get near him….there has been an incident where I fail and landed on his arm where my hand grab his arm due to my broken shoe…I have total black-out and don’t remember a thing…..woke up my hand touching his arm….I apologized and went off my Mary way….we both never talked about it after…..I decided to keep our distance from him, as it is too painful for me to be near him….my community work has ended where we will see each other less…that was how we both meet 4 year ago thru our community work….as I said ” I rather be me being the one who get hurt than some one else”….I can NOT hurt any soul… afraid our spousal will find out – we never did have our intimatecy & it is probably a good thing for both of us….I strongly believed if we are the two love souls supposedly to be together and forever…I pray that “God makes every thing so beautiful and that day will be joyful” for this life or next life….my heart will always be with him forever…

  13. Jacqueline

    A man walks into the place of business where I work for a meeting with someone who has a separate business, but rents an office. I wasn’t facing him, yet, still said hello, and when I turned around my stomach dropped and I instantly became nervous, a good nervous. He ad I talked while he waited for his appointment, and all I could notice was this light around him, which was absolutely beautiful. He had his meeting and when let just said that it was nice meeting me, as other people stood around. I told myself that he would be calling to speak with me, and sure enough, 20 minutes later, he did, and we exchanged numbers. Sounds pretty routine when people are attracted to one another, but over the next few days, I kept getting flashbacks of he and I from another time. They were vague, but I can say that we spent much time together, and were very happy. Every time we speak, I shake, but it’s a good feeling, and strong. In the meantime, I have been having very strong feelings of my late Nana’s presence, which is not abnormal, just has been quite some time. I ask in my mind to her, if I know him, and if we will again spend time together, and my lamp flickers. I never have had an experience so profound, and has left me thinking about a past life that is circling to the future. Intrigued me enough to research past lives, and meeting people who were in them.

  14. anjel

    I saw this person once on tv and I remember I said look its Jay Jay. Wow its Jay Jay and I started to cry for some reason with alot of pain.later that night I had a dream that took in the 70:s I was age 9 and I was playing with Jay Jay the only thing I was a boy and my name was like Andrew. I could see the street the house his mom and older brother on the door. Even his brother called him Jay.after that I had a dream the next night but I was 16 or 17 and I was talking to him on the phone and I said ima ho visit you in your New state
    I remember driving over a bridge and after that nothing else. Later. I look up info and found out that in the state I died in the dream on the exact same date a bridge did collapse and still up to today many bodies haven’t been recognized or found.

  15. helen

    When I saw my ex husband for the first time, I just KNEW we would get married, and I recognised him immediately. Just before he left, I had this thought: “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” as he had had angina problems for quite a while, even though he was still only 51.

  16. Marc

    I remember lying on my bed crying my eyes out for hours when i was three years old, cos i’d just said goodbye to the daughter of my parents friends. Never seen her before, and didnt understand why i was so upset. I remember my parents being so worried, they called the doctor. Since that moment i remember experiencing adult emotions, which is tough to deal with as a child, but they were real, mixed with memories/flashes, triggered by music, and for some reason, lit up buildings/landscapes, and i still dont know what this means. But in later childhood years my parents used to refer to that crying session and they described this girl i was seemingly crying over. Cutting a long story short here, i lived with these flashes/memories all my life (43 now by the way) and they inspired me to become a pianist, playing by ear, once being told by a psychic lady that im “being played thru” or simliar. I once had a psychic reading when i was 21, and was told that in my early 40’s something very significant would happen. I was always very skeptical of all this stuff to be honest, but still couldnt figure out these “memories”. Ive had several relationships which seemed to lack “it” so didnt last, sometimes i’d meet someone who’d “remind” me of the girl who the first girl “reminded” me of, but i turned away from these feelings due to my skeptisism. Last year i noticed a girl in my office, thought the usual “man” things, until i looked in her eyes, then i felt like i’d been stuck by lightning; just thought it was chemistry, tried flirting as you do, and finally ended up after several months of being mad at myself for feeling what i thought was insane attraction with “something else” too, so i just flirted casually as didnt want to feel this intense feelling cos it was almost freaking me out! But Christmas party just gone, when she walked in and looked at me, as much as i told myself to stop being a romantic fool, i just “knew”, thats all i can explain. After finally finding the right moment, (after a few drinks…lots im afraid!) i approached her and the words just came out, telling her she was the most beautiful woman ive ever met, or ever will meet. She looked so happy and hugged me, then said id obviously had too much to drink, and we went our staggering separate ways. From that moment, as much as i truly hate to admit it, i “know”. All those “flashes” are like shadows of what i see in her eyes, since then i feel a huge weight has been lifted. But the worst thing is that i asked her out, and she politely declined, knowing nothing of her “familiarity”, as she’d think im mad, and im trying to pretend my hearts not breaking over this. I never, ever, ever thought id admit this, but “she”, or what i see in her eyes, is what i was crying over when 3 years old, and is the person the other girl reminded me of, if that makes any sense. I now see her casually at the office every day and its painful to say the least. I just come across as being all casual and flippant but i cant stop feeling what i know is 100% real, and i just ask myself why am i one of the ones who this has happened to? I sometimes want to look her in the eye and say “dont you remember” but i’d probably just get laughed at and eventually accused of sexual harrassment! And i dont know why im posting all this, i just feel i “have” to tell someone cos every night i come home, not wanting to meet anyone else, drinking way too much, and crying, which is totally sad, and i just dont want to have to wait, again, til “next time”. If there even will be one. But there you go. Just have to smile and hide whats inside.

  17. Shruu

    Hi frndss!!
    Actully i hv also felt such thngs in past few days..i nvr undrstnd 4 wht rzn dat it comes 2 my mind agn n agn dat my bf with whom m in love snce i ws in std 6..wz my husbnd in my past life(ves)…i feel stongly attrctd 2wrds him n feel him so badly around me almost all the tym..n it’s relly magical..i cn hrdly evr ignore dis nyone plz guide me dat whom cn i consult abt it..ny addrss or any phn nmbr of some psychic…

  18. Caroline

    I have always known that I am an “old soul”. It’s odd but when I was a very young girl, sometimes I used to wonder if I’d go somewhere and someone would recognize me from a past life.

    Reading this article I was only a little surprised to see the part about triggers. When I met my husband, I was INSTANTLY in love with him. We met casually through a mutual friend and I didn’t pay attention to him until he laughed. I looked at him and immediately saw his sweet, child-like spirit and I knew we should be together. We met at the most perfect moment in each other’s lives, it was meant to be. I saw something in him, something genuine and worthwhile.

    Past lives and “soul families” has become an interest all over again, and in my reading I found that one woman believed her husband was her grandfather in a past life. When I read that, I had this feeling that my husband may have been my own child in another life! At first I thought it was creepy but after more reading, I learned that some souls just like to congregate, and play many different roles over the course of time. It was in fact my first instinct, and while I don’t want to sound like a creep, it kind of makes sense to me with how our relationship works. He is a little younger than me, and often times I do feel like my one job is to make him feel like someone loves and cares about him.

  19. renuka

    I got a job four years ago. Since it was far from my hometown, I had to shift and felt very homesick at that time. Later I met a man who was 3 years younger to me. He took very good care of me and was there whenever I needed anyone. We really got very close to each other. I am very hesitant to tell to my parents of the intention of marrying to him so is he. I thought of forgetting him but could not do so I don’t know why. I wanted to know that whether he was a very important person in my past lives?

  20. Leisha Gibbons

    when my dad was a young kid he saw a couple getting married on a bridge that couple were later to be his in laws my mum parents, my dad as a boy was in a boat with his grandma coming form a funeral. Later when mum was 16 doing an exam in a hall my dad age 23 saw a fair skinned skinny lady in the lecture hall and smirked at her. few years later at 20 mum met dad properly and they got married a year later. Dad was shocked who his in laws were when they told him what year they got married and day and he later told mum how he saw her in the lecutre hall and jokes about it how she never saw him that day.

    Here my recent exp I felt thsi huge emotional connection with a guy each time I’d see him I’d end uo crying i confided in my sister psyhcic and others who all said the same thing he was my husband in a previous life who was very abusive towards me.

  21. tbird

    The subject of past lives has recently become very fascinating to me. There was a fellow who I had a tremendous crush on in 10th grade but he never realized it. I didn’t see him after high school until the 30th reunion where we shared a hug, and it was magical. We both went through similar experiences with verbally abusive spouses, we’re now divorced from them and have had increasing contact. We’re in our 50s now and several psychics have told me that we’ll be married. I felt so close and comfortable with him the first time I got to be with him, I knew it was more than just physical attraction. I can hardly wait to marry and take care of him! In a reading a few nights ago, I was told that we have had many lives together.

  22. Rose Cocca

    my past is gone and so the friends in it…a lot had past on to a better life…..i see a few of them time and after time…i have good memories of it….now i look for the future hoping for a happy..but for now i live day after day…

  23. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    Wonderful article !!!!!

    This book, Journey of Souls , is the ONLY book I’ve ever read that describes what I experienced in crossing over twice.

    It was actually written to help the terminally ill AND grieving loved ones of the terminally and those crossed over.

    AND….when I train new psychics and teach Intuitive Awareness I make the reading of this book pre-required material at the start of each class. It teaches all about Karma, spirit guides, soul mates……I can tell where each student’s level of understanding of Karma is based upon their questions asked after reading this book.

    I highly recommend it.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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