DreamCast: Past Lives, Present Messages

Round-Up Your Past-Life Dreams

Have you ever had a vivid dream where you found yourself in a different time period, complete with clothing, activities or surroundings from that time? Such a dream may reveal a past life. Analyzing the characters, situations and feelings in the dream can offer insights about an issue from the past that you’re still dealing with now.

Here are some examples of dreams that are likely scenarios from the dreamers’ past lives.

Bill from Blakely, Pennsylvania writes:

I dream I am living in the 1920s. I have a different set of parents and a brother. They want me to do something I do not want to do, and I rebel fiercely. It feels like a past life experience. Is this possible?

I’d say it’s not just possible, but probable that this dream revealed one of Bill’s past lives. So why did this dream come to him now? The main clue is his rebelliousness when faced with doing something against his will. One of the tests in Bill’s current life may involve being true to himself.

Also, people you were strongly connected to before often come back as a lover, mate, parent, sibling, boss, adversary or someone else who is a supportive or challenging influence in your current life. Because feelings of love, hate and everything in between carry over from one lifetime to the next, past-life dreams can reveal the source of the issues in your current relationship.

Bill’s dream suggests he may experience a clash of wills with the people who were his family members during the 1920s, and who came back into his life this time around. How they handle the conflict will determine whether the karma between them is resolved.

Cathy from Los Angeles writes:

In my dream I am a well-dressed young lady in Nazi Germany. I am not Jewish, but I am trying to escape the Nazis. I have to cross an open field and am very nervous about it. I start running across the open area and about halfway across, I am shot numerous times in the back. I fall face first to the ground and die.

I feel like the dream could have really happened. I cannot forget about it. Could this have been a past life dream?

Such a vivid scenario set in the past certainly points to this being a past-life dream. For Cathy, some of the emotional carryovers from that life may include the need to run from challenging situations, distrust of people in authority, fear of open spaces or qualms about traveling to Germany. She undoubtedly felt powerless in that life, so she may find herself in situations now where she can exercise her personal power, perhaps by standing for herself or for someone she loves, although speaking up may cause her some fear of (imagined) repercussions. All in all, like many past-life dreams, the gift of Cathy’s dream is illuminating the source of her feelings about whatever she’s dealing with now.

Darlene from Huntsville, Alabama writes:

I keep having vivid dreams where I am in a medieval house with my mother and father. I am looking out the window and searching the vast surrounding countryside, when suddenly a man comes riding toward the house. I run down the three steps and out the front door. He rides up to the house and I can see everything clearly about him except his face, but I know he is ruggedly handsome. As he dismounts I go to him with a feeling of dread. What does this mean? I know I love and trust this man, but why can’t I see his face? Is it a memory of a past life?

I’m more intrigued by the combination of love, trust and dread that this man evoked in Darlene. Particularly, why the feeling of dread? I suggest that Darlene meditate on the dreams and ask her guy to reveal his connection to her. She may get an immediate answer while meditating or during another dream later on.

If this man is indeed someone Darlene knew from the past, his face being hidden may indicate some elements in his character that were kept secret from her. Or maybe he is just a symbol for something that took place in that lifetime, like the yearning for a soulmate who may or may not have arrived. In any case, Darlene will likely keep dreaming of her medieval man until she uncovers the message within the dreams.

If you think you’ve dreamed of a past life, try analyzing the feelings and situations within the dream, while keeping in mind the situations you’re dealing with now. This exercise can reveal the connection between the past and present and shed light on any lingering karma that keeps you stuck.

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3 thoughts on “DreamCast: Past Lives, Present Messages

  1. Andrzek

    Amazing these dreams we dream. I had one rlcentey that still boggles my mind during my waking hours.Isn’t it interesting the specifics of a dream and how bizarre they seem. I know that they all mean something… only in a different code that, I guess, we just need to decipher. Some dreams sure make you wonder….

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  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cortney,

    Great example of the remnants of a past life surfacing in a dream in this current life.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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