Your Career Horoscope for May 2013

What Lies Ahead in the World of Work and Career This Week?

We’ve reached lush, lusty May when people feel like indulging in new purchases, generous “me” time, and sexy love and affection. They need to feel the joy of life after the challenges of recent months. Work with people so they don’t “break the bank” but help them indulge their pent up fantasies and needs for self-expression through your products or services.


Sell your high energy in May to people who are exhausted and need a break. You are in the midst of several years when your ideas are truly brilliant. If you can focus on good timing and including other’s needs in your presentations you’ll win. Wait until the middle of the month after listening to clients’ and co-workers’ desires and then make your move.


Taurus, your time has arrived… Your Sun Sign ruler, Venus, is becoming the star of the evening sky again with Jupiter after being hidden for sometime. Taurus is used to being blessed by Venus and she’s back with people open to your most beautiful career offerings. The first week of May, and particularly the 7th through the 10th will be the time for you to really shine.


Begin May relying on inherent talents and freeing yourself from past obstructions to your creative flow. Beginning on May 9 and 10, you’ll break free for some fun times and beneficial networking that brings fabulous inspiration to boost business. Expect to see positive results during the week of May 20 when the Sun enters your sign and creative juices flow.


Creativity and friends are the focus for May. Cancer is the sign of the great chefs, real estate agents and homeowners. The past decade has brought a huge rise in celebrity chefs, but has been tough for real estate. The summer of 2013 will be the beginning of a financial resurgence for Cancers. May 3, 13 and 23 should offer a preview of good things to come.


May begins with huge career and public image demands. You may feel that this takes time away from personal, home and relationship needs. But opportunities are everywhere, and your passion and intensity will be a prized commodity to your clients, audience or employees. By May 16 you’ll really be on your game.


If you have the opportunity for travel, studies or spiritual experiences in early May, go for it! Your life will be truly enriched in every sense and your creativity will be at a real high. Career demands will keep you busy during the last half of the month with special times for success being May 8 through 10 and 18 through 20.


Your Sun Sign ruler, Venus, is being reborn as an Evening Star during the weeks of May 6 and 13, so you’ll be a star at work through your wonderful cooperative and diplomatic skills. This is also a time when you could fall “madly in lust!” Enjoy yourself while you tend to your finances and you will do really well.


The first half of May is the time to really focus on business partnerships. You may have the sense that you are the workhorse during this time, or maybe even the only one who is sane in your professional relationship, but stick with it. There will be real gains for your both spiritually and financially this summer.

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As much as you love your freedom, early May’s emphasis for Sag. is on the workplace and your health. These efforts will allow you to appreciate the rich benefits to feeling more fit and healthy, with the health extending to your bank account. May 16, 17 and 25 are good days for travel and professional training.


People tend to think of you as that hard-working person with a vision and purpose, but you’ve been surprising everyone lately. In the early part of May you’ll be amazing them again with how creative a Capricorn can be. They’ll begin to get comfortable with (even fall in love with) what you’ve created, particularly on May 9 and 10.


You’ve had a rich, creative period for the past year and have enjoyed the benefits of good, even brilliant communications. Early May brings focus on home and real estate, so you may be doing a lot of entertaining or be involved with showcasing properties. Make the most of it, as it can enhance your brilliant networking. You’ll be especially creative on May 10 through 12 and in late May, particularly the 29th and the 30th.


You are known for your ability to romance everyone with your creative efforts and mystical qualities, yet early this month you are communicating in the earthiest way possible. Spirituality with sexual reality or music, art or film with a driving beat or hot, vibrant colors will speak to the masses. May 13 through 15 and the 31st are also good times for creative flow.

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